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I Was Bullied For Being Fat But Later I Became a Model

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
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    This is Margaret. She has a very inspiring story for those who are fat-shamed and feel miserable about it. The thing is that a couple of years ago, she was famous at her school as Fat Maggie, yet now everyone wants to date her. Unbelievably, she didn’t need to lose a kilo to see this turnaround. Here is the story of her life.

    She has always been overweight. Her family, all in all, is quite a slender one, and no one actually knows why she was born plump. They thought it would disappear as the years went by. It didn’t. She didn’t overeat, and was a very active girl. She’d been involved in lots of sports ever since she was a small child. Her parents thought that maybe she had some intestinal or hormonal problems, and took her to the doctors, but they came up with nothing. Then they gave up. She wasn’t actually suffering because of her health, and didn’t consider it a “condition”.

    When she went to school, she stood out of the crowd at once. You know how cruel kids can be, and they sure did mock her. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that apart from being a “lump of fat,” as they called her, she also had a great deal of muscle. She already did rugby and karate, and after a couple of broken noses her classmates learned to show some respect towards “Big M”.

    Things weren’t that bad really. Slowly but surely, Margaret became part of the group, and everybody respected her – although she had no idea whether this was because they liked her, or because they knew she could beat them up. She even made some friends and felt happy enough, until she had to go to high school where she didn’t know anyone. That meant starting all over again. She still had some hope that that everyone would be more mature by this stage, and they wouldn’t mind her looks.

    She was both right and wrong. On the one hand, no one called her a lump of fat anymore. On the other, instead of insulting her directly, they talked about her behind her back and gave her disgusted looks. Those were times when working out had become very trendy, and everyone spent their evenings in the gym. Margaret was still doing lots of sports, and a couple of times she tried to explain to people that she wasn’t simply a lazy coach potato – she was actually an athlete. But they didn’t believe her.

    They became accustomed to the way she looked, but unfortunately she still wasn’t able to socialise much. She was called “Fat Maggie” and became one of the school’s freaks. It’s sad, but true. The worst thing was that at some point, everyone started dating, and she was totally excluded from the process. She knew a couple of boys liked her, but they would never approach her – because who would date Fat Maggie? The thing was, despite being overweight she had always had a well-trained body, and more importantly a pretty face, so she found the whole situation extremely unfair.

    She remembers the day that changed her life very clearly. One of Margaret’s cousins had ambitions to become a model, and she went to a casting organized by a big scouting agency. She was nervous and asked Margaret to go with her. Margaret thought about how she would look among those fitness bunnies, and felt pretty miserable. But her cousin clearly needed support. So when they arrived, she went into the audience hall nearly at once while she was waiting for her in the hallway. Suddenly a woman with the agency badge came to Margaret and asked if she was waiting for the casting as well. “Who, me? No, of course not, I’m here with my cousin.” “Would you like to try?” She laughed. “Me, a model? Can’t you see I’m overweight?” She smiled and answered “Have you ever heard of plus-size modelling?”

    This was the phrase that changed her life forever. She actually didn’t believe her, but as she was already there, she decided to give it a try. Everyone who was doing the casting became very interested when they saw her. “What a pretty girl! Nice curves!” She had a couple of shots taken, and they said she was a natural. Fat Maggie, with an exquisite hairdo and makeup, advertising evening dresses! No way! She started taking modelling classes at the same agency and believe it or not, after a couple of months she had already landed two contracts!

    The best part of it was when her pic was posted as an ad for a big shop in her local mall. You should have seen the faces of her classmates! It turned out that with a bit of makeup and expensive clothes, Margaret stopped being a fat outcast and became an attractive young woman. Obviously, her popularity rocketed, and everyone wanted to make friends with her or go on a date. But you know what? She had lots of interesting work ahead, seeing the world and making new friends. She still studies at that school and works at the same time, and she has learned a very important thing that she wants to share with you: There is a world out there that’s ready to accept you, you just need to take a step forward.
  • Runtime : 6:1
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  • Little Pup
    Little Pup   1 minuts ago

    Thanks this actually helps me as I'm over weight compared to my friends

  • Mudalib Moha
    Mudalib Moha   29 minuts ago

    I got bullied the age of 13, 15 by my cousins because I was homeless and needed to live with them, after a while my life got better and I'm having a good life.

  • Ely Potato
    Ely Potato   1 hours ago

    This video boosted my confidence, but nobody really calls me fat

  • Alisia Thornton
    Alisia Thornton   2 hours ago

    To me there is no such thing as "fat". I say "thick".

  • jakayceia Alston
    jakayceia Alston   2 hours ago

    Nah girl they probably jealous of ur body ur slim thick I love itt 😍😍😍

  • melanija Belova
    melanija Belova   3 hours ago

    Actually happend if you want to hear my story and earn some money give me a sign ok?

  • Henna Luisa
    Henna Luisa   8 hours ago

    I have been bullied since primary school for being a little over weight. Those kids from my class were so rude and destroyed me. Now I struggle so much with my looks I tried starving and all those shitty diets but nothing worked. I do sports everyday. This video made me feel slightly better. I am glad you shared your story.

  • Pastell Mochii
    Pastell Mochii   9 hours ago

    And I’m just likesees something fatmeh this is normal

  • Smol_Art_Bean 1987
    Smol_Art_Bean 1987   9 hours ago

    Story of my life....Just without all the modeling and all the fun stuff.... But damn! Good for her! Good job!

  • Fitri Khairul
    Fitri Khairul   12 hours ago

    I was get bullied also people always call me fat like a pig 😭

  • ice wolf Gamer
    ice wolf Gamer   13 hours ago

    If you got bullied for being fat tell themATLEASE IM HEALTY NOT ANYONE SKINNY LIKE YOU!

  • Bianca Mendoza
    Bianca Mendoza   15 hours ago

    Ur not fat ur curvy I'm flat 😬😬😬😂😂😂😭😭😭😣😣😣

  • Martina Alvarado
    Martina Alvarado   16 hours ago

    I'm Martina and I got bullied for being ugly. At 1-6 grade but now, at middle school everything changed. I wanted to fit in so I started acting cool but then I realized I wanted to be who I am so I stopped and be myself. People accept me for me and I love it I was worried my life will be horrible. People, kids, teenagers, listen to your heart, don't give up, speak up, and always be you because you beautiful the way you are. I never stood up for myself but now I do because if you don't do nothing, nothing will happen. People want power and people to be sad but don't give them power. Speak for your self. You, yes you if you getting bullied or someone you know is getting bullied stand up and speak up. Violence and staying quiet is never the answer go ahead be you because you beautiful the way you are don't change your self the world can change it's heart. Listen to "scars your beautiful" and read a nice qoute and you will understand you beautiful just the way you are.

  • Suzy Ven
    Suzy Ven   16 hours ago

    Your not fat, your THICC

  • virginia richeson
    virginia richeson   17 hours ago

    Same thing escept the modle part also i like one pumpkin🎃

  • Wizard6171 Infinite army

    I feel over wait sometimes but I don’t really think that I could EVER have a happy ending like this girl... it hurts sometimes because I have all ways been made fun of... I am all so called leprechaun because I have extra cartilage on my ear that I was born with.This story touched me on a personal level thank you for sharing...

  • Neon Bug
    Neon Bug   18 hours ago

    Your not fat your just a adult. You see when your a adult you look like that.

  • Sama gamiez
    Sama gamiez   19 hours ago

    Big M...Wow...NOW CALL ME BIG S ;-;

  • Castiel Potatoe
    Castiel Potatoe   20 hours ago

    My story is quite the opposite I get ignored because i'm fat

  • JoGaming P
    JoGaming P   20 hours ago

    Nahhhh u thick maggie, gurl yo body look amazing, don't let em judge u

  • Marcos Tellez
    Marcos Tellez   21 hours ago

    Don’t say your fat if people judge you that’s what they think it only matters of what YOU think not what they think and don’t say your fat

  • MoonLight Attack :3
    MoonLight Attack :3   21 hours ago

    U know what's weird? They bullied u in high school HIGH SCHOOL they are almost adult...

  • Gacha Lyra
    Gacha Lyra   23 hours ago

    I am too overweight! I am in the middle school! And most of the people are nice to me in my face, but in my back they are super rude and mean! And a phew people didnt even look at me! When they see me the first thing they do is beat me up and calling me very meanie names! Right now i am very sad and i hate myself! And i cover my body everytime! This is my story!

  • moonisaloser
    moonisaloser   1 days ago

    Girl you were not fatYOU WERE SLIM THICC BITCH

  • Souna Xiong
    Souna Xiong   1 days ago

    Im fat too😢😭☹ all my siblings ate like me we are all chuby but expect my littlest brother he is skinny as a twig