Shawn Mendes - "Illuminate" Live Concert & Album Event @ MSG

  • Published on: 06 July 2016
  • For Details & Ticket Info:
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  • Mrs. Benito
    Mrs. Benito   3 months ago

    Zaten büyük ihtimal her şeyimi vermiş olurdum yani oha Shawn fiyatları düşür bro fakiriz

  • Mrs. Benito
    Mrs. Benito   3 months ago

    Orda olmak için her şeyimi verirdim

  • mayafurlan furlan
    mayafurlan furlan   6 months ago

    Good music Mendes 🎶🎶🎶👌💝💝👏👏 blessing

  • Dodie Mendes
    Dodie Mendes   1 years ago

    Omg I remember being excited as hell for the new album and now it's been one year already wtf

  • TJay Winfield
    TJay Winfield   2 years ago

    Zerkaa make a illuminate trailer 4 years ago

  • megan marie
    megan marie   2 years ago

    Wow, so proud of you Shawn. You are incredible.

  • Dakota Rea
    Dakota Rea   2 years ago

    yesterday was July 19 I was so happy that I had gone to his consert I was amazing I had vip passes and it was amazing to meet u I hope I can see him again I have a letter man jacket that was 100 buck a sweater for 60 a shirt for 30 and a ruberbaclet 5 and got to see u live in conert with a vip pass

  • Emily Moe
    Emily Moe   2 years ago

    so super proud of you I hope to be there :)

  • Holly D
    Holly D   2 years ago

    what I didn't understand him?

  • SKOGEL International
    SKOGEL International   2 years ago

    hi Shawn i have never been to a concert before and my friend invited me to yours and my parents are debating wether or not I should go and I just really want a chance to go to yours and it's actually making me cry. the tickets r almost sold out and I am dying to go. I hope u see this:(

  • Maya
    Maya   2 years ago

    Seeing him go from the goofy boy from Magcon who'd upload covers on Vine, to an international superstar performing at MSG messes me up. I guess he really isn't out little secret anymore

  • Emily Zeyer
    Emily Zeyer   2 years ago

    When is your next tour to germany? Love you❤️

  • Lilly S.
    Lilly S.   2 years ago


  • Eva Sanchez Rodriguez

    OMG my mom told me that if the tickets are cheap we are going to the concert

  • Naomi L
    Naomi L   2 years ago

    I'm sooo exited for illuminate! ❤️❤️❤️I've been listening to Handwritten 24/7 and now Ruin! I love him so much and I'm so proud of how far he's come! I still watch his YouTube videos from when he was 15! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mathilde
    Mathilde   2 years ago

    I'mm crying ... He is too famous rn

  • TheSimcraftFixion
    TheSimcraftFixion   2 years ago

    I'm excited for this but... if you change the "E" in the title to "I".... You'll get.... Illuminat_

  • maggie14235
    maggie14235   2 years ago

    17 years old, performing in MSG ! I'm so proud of him 👏🏼

  • Lu-Cia S.
    Lu-Cia S.   2 years ago

    I❤️U and #ArgentinaNeedsShawn 🙏🏻

  • Anna L
    Anna L   2 years ago

    It's not tears, my eyes are just sweating😭 so proud of him😭😭😭😭

  • Simona Payne
    Simona Payne   2 years ago

    I'm crying. Little boy grow up. From Vine to MSG😭 Can't be prouder😭❤️

  • Kavya gera
    Kavya gera   2 years ago

    omg I'm so proud my baby ily💙💙😭😭

  • Jose Malara
    Jose Malara   2 years ago

    I've been watching him since he was just a boy performing at Magcon and now he'll be performing at Madison Square Garden. He's come so far, it's crazy

  • Fabs
    Fabs   2 years ago

    i'm so proud, love you shawn❤️❤️

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