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Life is Fun - Ft. Boyinaband (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: 19 July 2018
  • :)...just don't think about it too much
    Big thanks to Dave for making this song into a real thing ➤ http://www.youtube.com/boyinaband
    Behind the scene video ➤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqZSV5sFeZI

    ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life-is-fun-single/1413809363?app=music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
    SPOTIFY: http://open.spotify.com/album/7gbrL22nlUn2WGFHX1kA6J?si=7m9-4-G9QR27j-OVVq1OpA

    Animation breakdown ➤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=Xnv7JGqjaAo

    Background art Timelapse ➤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlOeY4BEFUs


    Rushlight invader ➤http://www.youtube.com/user/RushLightInvader
    AntiDarkHeart ➤ http://twitter.com/AntiDarkHeart
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    ToonCee ➤ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9L3VJUMynz7d_L7KXzukIg

    Thanks to Oxygenbeats for the awesome instrumental ➤ http://www.youtube.com/user/OxygenBeats

    Additional help with storyboarding
    ThePivotsXXD ➤ http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePivotsXXD
    GrittySugar ➤ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf5ATQg8F0Hufd1Q3qIIlUg
    Zalinki ➤ http://www.youtube.com/user/Zalinki
    Animated Carl ➤ http://www.youtube.com/AnimatedCarl
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    Ahhh! Such a beautiful day
    The sun’s shining in a beautiful way
    gonna take a shower, brush my teeth and
    Life is ultimately meaningless
    ....Uhh (cough)...

    but I'll get out of the house
    Get on the road, top down, hands out
    Put on my favorite song and nod to the rhythm
    The planet’s being destroyed by your carbon emissions

    But I- I- , I’ll head to class
    try my best on every test til I pass
    and my grades are screaming in my face - Ayyyy
    98 percent of what you learn is a waste.

    I get to hang out with all my friends
    My friends are the friendliest friends
    Can't think of a better way to spend my time
    Your brain is flawed and all your friends will die

    I’m alive in the greatest nation!
    So proud of- the exploitation of natives
    This graceful bird means freedom for all
    Tell that to the slaves and bald eagles aren't bald

    I can live in the moment, milk every second
    at any time you could get clinical depression
    But I'll just be happy, no matter what’s in store
    it’s quite genetic and we have no cure
    uhh- at least

    (CHORUS )
    We are young
    not for long
    Life is fun
    It only goes downhill
    We gotta make the most of it, Make the most of it
    or you'll regret it
    We are young
    For now
    Life is fun
    for some people
    We gotta make the most of it, Make the most of it
    Good luck

    Woo! I got a brand new job today!
    Doin stuff that'll help the economy
    I'll save money and buy things at the store
    Banks can crash and capitalism is flawed

    And it’s all because of my hard work
    And the thousand advantages you lucked into at birth
    I put a lotta effort in my resume!
    Good thing you don't have a black person’s name

    I'm proud to be a functioning member of society
    Finally, I can be the citizen I dream to be
    part of the community, contribute with my tax
    What could possibly stop me?
    The shrinking middle class

    I’ve at least got a nice stable job
    Until it’s outsourced to china or replaced by a robot
    OH GOD- Well then I could relax a bit
    You'll be empty with nothing to distract from it

    But man I'm a passionate graduate
    I can be different and I have a career paths to pick from
    I could be a rapper or an animator if I'm lucky
    Neither of those will make you happy, trust me

    I'm able to choose what I pursue
    You're a slave to people born richer than you
    Then screw it, I'll keep going in
    then I'll party on the weekend and sing

    Thanks to autotune

    (CHORUS )

    Life is a wonder
    You’ll never know the answer

    Nature is a miracle
    Natural disasters

    It’s good to be alive
    You could wake up with cancer

    But I'm healthy
    Healthy people still get cancer

    I love this show
    It’s the last episode

    The sun is shining
    It’s going to explode

    Every species is beautiful and unique though
    Children have malaria thanks to mosquitoes

    I met a cute girl with a ponytail
    Statistically that relationship is going to fail

    I have a wonderful family, it’s like no other
    You're not special and one day you'll bury your mother

    No matter what I can find a home!
    We. Will. All. Die. Alone.

    There’s amazing potential in every human on earth
    There’s no escaping the heat death of the universe

    I don't have to live life based on negative parts
    No matter how bad they are, they're just thoughts

    Yeah that’s fair
    wait really?
    yeah that seems reasonable
    wait-wait-wait-wait but you were just telling me
    whatever man, I dunno, live your life how you want,
    I'm not forcing you to do anything, I'm just saying.
    Oh...Well in that case...

    (CHORUS )
  • Runtime : 4:1
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  • VirtualRealiTea
    VirtualRealiTea   8 minuts ago

    Watched this loads of times but only realised that at 2:39 James as a very shiny butt.

  • 바람
    바람   12 minuts ago

    such a cool video

  • Just a Youtuber
    Just a Youtuber   21 minuts ago

    LLiLifLifeLife i Life isLife is fLife is fuLife is funLife is fuLife is fLife isLife i LifeLifLiL

  • CcPlayz
    CcPlayz   22 minuts ago

    Then you have the realist

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith   23 minuts ago

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    Em and Little   26 minuts ago

    i'm selling re-start buttons0:000:000:000:001like=1 button

  • Martu
    Martu   31 minuts ago

    Hey, i would like if you do a "reacting to: this video" but with your mom, im just curious to see what she said when she first saw it :u

  • Daniel11420
    Daniel11420   33 minuts ago


  • MonkeyBoy Gaming
    MonkeyBoy Gaming   38 minuts ago

    When I wake up I be likeLLILIFLIFELIFE ILIFE ISLIFE IS FLIFE IS FUNah not Today, xD.

  • HermitFox
    HermitFox   39 minuts ago

    That's basically Fuura Kafuka and Itoshiki Nozomu in a nutshell... xD

  • Tomattino Troller
    Tomattino Troller   56 minuts ago


  • Squiddy Cereal
    Squiddy Cereal   57 minuts ago

    Every song is cool and unique though! CHILDREN GET MALARIA THANKS TO DESPACITO

  • toys 4us
    toys 4us   1 hours ago

    Very smooth animation 👍

  • HuyyMoc
    HuyyMoc   1 hours ago

    lunch have A and chair have A+ ;))))))))