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I tried green hair for a week

  • Published on: 09 October 2018
  • I tried green hair...and not just once, but I tried it for a week! It's not the usual color people go for..which is why I wanted to see how I would feel at the end of the week. What were the pros and cons? Watch to see what my week looked like. What else should I try for a week?


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  • Runtime : 22:5
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  • Niki DeMar
    Niki DeMar   6 days ago

    Someone left a comment about how they had green hair and this video made them insecure. First of all— I am so sorry if it came off that way. If you watch until the end of the video, I talk about how dope the color was, and props to people who can pull it off! It’s super statement and unique. I even said myself I enjoyed having green hair. The point of the video was putting myself outside of my comfort zone with blue hair and trying something on the more “different” hair spectrum. From one colored hair girl to another, I was not hating at all. Certain colors others can pull off better than others. Just because I didn’t feel my best with green hair doesn’t mean that you don’t look your best. Everyone is unique and certain things look better on others!

  • Maya S
    Maya S   27 minuts ago

    Not gonna lie I think you look better with green hair than blue and also this videos a bit controversial tbh like you’re basically bringing down other ‘coloured hair girls’ as you call them and it now doesn’t even seem like you care about them and you just say stuff about that bc you want to seem like you’re apart of a group of people

  • caitlin m
    caitlin m   2 hours ago

    everytime she disses the green hair i get offended because i love green hair and wanna dye mine green one day

  • Yes T.
    Yes T.   3 hours ago

    Her hair looks really bad like why would they let her out like that like gir

  • Yes T.
    Yes T.   3 hours ago

    Her hair always looks oily in this video it doesn’t look as bad but in her other videos her hair always looks nappy

  • Diya Nair
    Diya Nair   3 hours ago

    Niki, your going to like totally hate me or love me but I’m being you for Halloween

  • Hais Crozier
    Hais Crozier   4 hours ago

    I personally like the green on you. I haven't watched the whole video so I'm not going to have much judgment. But girl, you shouldn't worry too much about what matches your hair color. It can be flattering to have it correlate. But it's hair. Matching it with every single outfit can be a lot. Hey, but I salute you for being someone who does correlate hair color and outfits. I have had every color in the rainbow and then some. I don't think I've ever truly tried really hard to match my hair color to my outfits because it's just my hair, just as someone who is naturally a redhead. Green was one of my favorite colors that I had. It was my full head. It was cute to style it nicely as like a hair bow or something but never the color of my outfit with the color of my hair. Just know that people will hate but a lot of people will like it too. I'd get compliments all the time from people who genuinely were interested in my hair color and liked it. If you hype yourself up and just own it, people will like it also, that's how it is when you have bright hair.

  • Demond Jones
    Demond Jones   4 hours ago

    Ceap it like that and FYI not liing 😍😇🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😍😋😘🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓👻

  • JoyceisJBT
    JoyceisJBT   5 hours ago

    Try orange next! Deep rich dash of red and brown orange <3, does that make sense? Smokey fire orange? No? Carry on, lol

  • Josie Yeates
    Josie Yeates   6 hours ago

    I like the green eye shado with the green hair

  • Erin
    Erin   6 hours ago

    It looks way better than the blue

  • Quirky Films
    Quirky Films   6 hours ago

    It’s sad because I wore that shirt one time and I have green hair and the thought when you said it was clownish it make me sad I’m gonna change my hair to purple anyways 😂

  • Sam Hawkins
    Sam Hawkins   6 hours ago

    The green looks good on you Nikki I love it you should have it green more often who doesn't love green well I always loved green. Black and green looks good togetherI have all camouflage that is all green 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Gamer Girl 101
    Gamer Girl 101   7 hours ago

    You should of buy blue because it’s better together

  • Nevaeh V
    Nevaeh V   7 hours ago

    I diyed my tips green Like a week a go and i LOVED it and i felt Like a bad girl!! 😏🤗😋

  • Gwyn Sheperd
    Gwyn Sheperd   7 hours ago

    i had green hair for over a year and it's the happiest i've ever been, it's such a calming color wdym

  • Amanda Villatoro
    Amanda Villatoro   8 hours ago

    i still love the green!!!! but blue is soon you!!!Hi guys I'm not as amazing but maybe you give my lame channel a chance!?? it would mean the world to me!!!

  • Adorable Dragon
    Adorable Dragon   8 hours ago

    Can you do more like White hair, hot pink,neon yellow hair for a week like that? Btw you can have any hair color and you woukd look pretty :3

  • orozCOLE
    orozCOLE   8 hours ago

    Is this the hardest thing Niki has to deal with? Matching her hair to her outfits?

  • Vanessa Nevarez
    Vanessa Nevarez   8 hours ago

    I always wanted to try to dye my hair purple or blue!

  • Social WOLF
    Social WOLF   8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she can rock the green hair???? 😂😅😅😅 just saying, she doesn’t look that bad

  • Emely Tobai
    Emely Tobai   8 hours ago

    I feel like you would look way better with purple tryyyyy ittttt

  • Pink Flamingo
    Pink Flamingo   8 hours ago

    Nah you will always be beautiful no matter what

  • Mayraaa 5
    Mayraaa 5   8 hours ago

    Girl, your the queen of first world problems lately lol. I like the green hair though it didn't look bad. I think you focus too much on what ppl think. As I get older the less fucks I give what anyone thinks. Its very freeing lol

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