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15 Amazing Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened

  • Published on: 16 July 2016
  • Image Credit for 2:06 in the video : Lucas Sicurella, Aryius Alves, Liam Cook, Chloe Suntovski, Bianca Ruleska and Robbie McBride

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    Narrated by: Darren Marlar

    Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Runtime : 14:23
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  • mike grace
    mike grace   9 hours ago

    How can you drop a baby by no means

  • Ar-15 Lover
    Ar-15 Lover   11 hours ago

    I know some one in wwll who was on 4 ships in one day because they got distroy

  • Pancakemaster
    Pancakemaster   14 hours ago

    Please help me!I am named Hugh Williams and i just tried to commit suicide by tying a noose around my neck but i won't die and now I'm stuck up here! Send help and also kill me!

  • Pancakemaster
    Pancakemaster   14 hours ago

    8:08 if you look in the right side of the fire you can see a huge skeleton face looking right thats weird i made this comment bcuz another person pointed it out

  • biskitz86913
    biskitz86913   15 hours ago

    ...and some of us say that the people who organised 911 are into predictive programming and are in cahoots with the entertainment industry, including games developers, and the developer deliberately didn't put the towers in, either under order or by freewill so that Deus Ex could be yet another piece of predictive programming that reaches people that the rest of the outlets (Simpsons etc) didn't reach. But who knows, right? I suppose forgetting is totally, potentially, almost, a little bit possible....

  • Toygamecar 34
    Toygamecar 34   20 hours ago

    Number 11 scared me1: My birthday is in 11/11/182: YouTube I’m dying

  • Shotz
    Shotz   1 days ago

    Im gonna change my name to hugh williams if i ever go on ship

  • kathy wathy
    kathy wathy   1 days ago

    My coincidence:My uncle fell off his motor bike at exactly 11 am on July 20th 2015 around a corner going towards my farmAnd then my other uncle fell of his motor bike on July 20th 2016 at 11 am! While going around the EXACT same corner What a coincidence

  • Ricardo Barban
    Ricardo Barban   1 days ago

    Search my username and theres a another person that haves the same name

  • Nate Gamer
    Nate Gamer   2 days ago

    How do you manage to let your baby fall out of the window

  • Kalib Uribe
    Kalib Uribe   3 days ago

    They forgot how Dwayne Johnson looks like the rock

  • Math Kinger
    Math Kinger   3 days ago

    For number 3, just change your name to Hugh Williams

  • 24Clari Magic
    24Clari Magic   3 days ago

    Omg I just studied about Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination... COINCIDENCE

  • Love Life
    Love Life   3 days ago

    What if people with the name Hugh Williams are just murderers?

  • Mike B
    Mike B   3 days ago

    First: Who were the babies as adults? 2nd, name your kid Hugh Williams.

  • A-don
    A-don   5 days ago

    his nephew is also Hugh Williams!!!!!!