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I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  • Isabella Shover
    Isabella Shover   1 hours ago

    You obviously weren’t doing keto right if you were so hungry. Also you don’t only need to eat spinach and chicken, you need more fat and nutrients when doing the keto diet, or else you will feel worse. Some fruit is okay to eat on the keto diet. Watermelon, pretty much any kind of berries, and small amounts of pears and apples is okay to eat. Yes chicken and spinach is a very good choice to eat on keto, but you need more then just that salad because it will not fill you up. I’ve been on keto for the past 3 month and I’ve lost 17 pounds. I have more energy then I’ve ever had in my life and I feel amazing. Thanks for trying the keto diet but do more research before you do it next time

  • Kylie Tripp
    Kylie Tripp   1 hours ago

    Im 5 months in on keto.. i luv it😂

  • dancin_aura ,
    dancin_aura ,   5 hours ago

    and i am here eating cookies and cream ice cream

  • Anastasia Y
    Anastasia Y   5 hours ago

    I’m sorry Gabbie for all the hate you’re getting from all these horrible people that aren’t nice

  • Kaitlyn Dawn
    Kaitlyn Dawn   10 hours ago

    Here is my (as everyone else has said) HUMBLE opinion. Diets that cut out any one food groups (excluding meat.. because rotting flesh is indeed not human food) is silly. Eating fruit, vegetables, fats, startch and grain all harmoniously together is in fact very normal. All of these fad diets that humans have made up with numbers and math is so weird.. just eat healthy 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • fawningfangirl
    fawningfangirl   13 hours ago

    I got a keto advertisement watching this video😂

  • Connor Coulson
    Connor Coulson   18 hours ago

    I'm glad all the top comments are in support of keto. This video is a terrible representation of what is scientifically proven to be a superior diet. This is not keto, I don't know what this is.

  • Marissa Harry
    Marissa Harry   18 hours ago

    All of those bad symptoms are what the body does when you try to stop an addictionYour body will make you feel all these terrible feelings so that you’ll cave and go back to your old ways

  • Marissa Harry
    Marissa Harry   18 hours ago

    The reason you feel like shit is because your eating no carbsIt’s the equivalent of quitting drugsYour going to feel terrible at firstBut eventually the symptoms stop and you feel better

  • SB. Yours Truly
    SB. Yours Truly   22 hours ago

    Not being a hater, but This is how Not to do Keto! I’d love to see you do some research, and reshoot this video! Like Part 2? Keto doesn’t mean Starve! Lol it’s not as bad as this video portrays it to be, honestly! :)

  • Alisaishere
    Alisaishere   1 days ago

    I'm going to be super real here. I'm not a fan of yours, no shade, probably would be bff in person. But I didn't want to watch this video no matter how many times it was recommended to me because I'm anti-Keto for so many reasons. But a keto channel reacting to this showed up and I watch half of it. I hated them and I love you for your comment response. Thank you for being real about the diet.Keto is actually a horrible diet. There is so much research proving that high animal product, low carb diets are unhealthy for everyone. My neurologist is very much against it, because your brain runs on carbs. Why fight your brain? The one part of your body that controls the rest of it?!?! I wish more people would discuss this. Eat all the fruit and veggies you want, they are the best thing you can put in your body.

  • Me Me
    Me Me   1 days ago

    Honestly even before this diet she looks AWESOME❤️Gabbie you are so inspiring!

  • Anjonette Pezan
    Anjonette Pezan   1 days ago

    I have a medical problem and have not been able to actually eat correctly for over 6 months and have been on a feeding pump. It started wiht me not being able to eat anytthing, not even being able to keep water down, everything would come back up. I have slowly been adding things back to my diet, the first being carbs and vegetables and fruits, those would stay down, but I could only eat in minute quantities, and you are explaining exactly how I felt, especially when i could not eat at all, I was starving, but yet so nautious that I did not want to eat anything at all. When they add the protein from the pump feedings, it gets so much worse, and some days, I cannot eat or drink anything else. I have finally found a nutritional supplement with antioxidants in it that you add to water, that I add to water that has been helping me feel bettr and making my body start to heal so much that we are talking about taking this tube out as soon as all of the protein supplement that I have is used up. i am excited to eat regular food again with the help of the supplement that I found. I love wtching your videos and what you try, and i had thought of trying keto, and m glad to see what happened to you. I do not ever want to go through all of those feeling if i do not have to, so I will pass on that.

  • Yolandambrosine
    Yolandambrosine   1 days ago

    This diet is actually making me feel so sick 🤮🤮🤮 I’d never do the keto diet

  • Yolandambrosine
    Yolandambrosine   1 days ago

    Am I the only person that actually hates sweets ? But I’m addicted to salt :( and it makes me bloat so bad

  • shelizabeth25
    shelizabeth25   1 days ago

    The ketogenic diet is common for people with epilepsy, like myself. 💜 Your body runs off of fat energy instead of carbohydrate energy. Doing this makes your body create ketones (hence the name) which helps a lot of people with their seizures. For many it can replace medicines, but I do it in combination:). This diet wasn’t properly done, but its main purpose is certainly not just losing weight. Also the stomach pains could be because your body isn’t used to taking in that much fiber either maybe? Sorry it made you feel crappy though 😕 Love you! 💜

  • Angel the Assassin
    Angel the Assassin   1 days ago

    If my coworkers can go on keto for months, then there is no reason that she can't do it. I work in aircraft maintenance which gets pretty labor intensive and requires us to work long hours 10 to 12 and the occasional 14 hour work day. I've spoken to those coworkers about keto. They said that the hardest part is getting past to first 2 weeks. Once you get past that, you won't get sick anymore. Most of my coworkers go on keto to lose weight because the waist measurement on a PT test is the military's way of fat shaming any bigger than a 31.5 inch waist (for women; basically anything bigger than a size 6) and 35 inch waist (for men) points get docked off the final score of a PT test.

  • ronell faria
    ronell faria   1 days ago

    I did it before you I went mad 😂😂 I stopped after 2 weeks

  • Ammonite Ashley
    Ammonite Ashley   1 days ago

    Gabbie I have autoimmune conditions that have only been helped by the Keto Diet.Please don't spread wrong information about this diet when it can be LIFE SAVING .... I am disappointed in this video. You have a responsibility to your millions of viewers to educate yourself before creating content like this

  • Katie Erickson
    Katie Erickson   1 days ago

    This video is totally wrong. You can have berries. You can have some fruits. You can't have starchy foods aka potatoes. You can't have grains. But there are tons of other foods you can eat. There are replacements that you can find for everything. It pisses me off that people are actually taking this video seriously. You need to research before you do any diet or else your going to end up like this. This diet is really good for people that actually take this seriously. You don't starve yourself on this diet. This whole video is what not to do on the keto diet.

  • Savannah Crouse
    Savannah Crouse   1 days ago

    This is completely the wrong idea of KETO!! Absolutely did not do any research. I am almost 16 years old and I️ have been doing keto for 9 months and I️ feel absolutely fine! At first you do have sugar withdraws and you might get symptoms of the keto flu but ive lost 30 pounds!! Definitely do your research before you judge the diet!‼️‼️

  • mumma of 2
    mumma of 2   1 days ago

    Should look into any change in diet, I get that you felt it was very high fat, but not enough fat and salt/potassium. I researched 1st and did not feel that horrid, but I took a few weeks to wean honey from coffee, but you can have strawberries, blackberries, and cream in coffee, build fat up slowly. Now I eat 2 meals a day and a coffee for breakfast, on a hungry day I will have a fatty snack and a small square of 78% choc, still keeps carbs low

  • Celia Garner
    Celia Garner   1 days ago

    “I’m not gonna read the side effects!”*reads side effects

  • Lauren Iodice
    Lauren Iodice   2 days ago

    As someone who's been doing the keto diet for over a year now, it does take a lot out of your body, especially in the beginning. It takes a while to get used to, but it is worth it as much as it sucks. I've lost 45+ pounds. But I've noticed that for the past month I've been feeling like shit so I've eaten more bread and carbs in general and it makes me feel so much better so I think my body's just had enough of it because you're really not supposed to go this long without eating wheat or sugar, especially natural sugar.

  • Elise-Katrina Espinosa

    IF YOURE ACTUALLY CONSIDERING KETO:My Keto meals usually consist ofBreakfast4 strips of turkey bacon2-3 eggs with mozarella cheesehalf an avocadoSnackAn ounce of cheddar cheeseWith a serving of almonds*my lunch is usually small bc I don’t have issues w hunger bc my breakfast is more than enough for me and it ends up being more like a snack than lunch... but if I’m particularly hungry a good example is I’ll stop at McDs and have a bacon McDouble plain w no bun and a side saladDinnerBaked chicken thigh with green peppers, spinach, and cauliflower riceDessert:Keto Mug Cake with Chocolate-Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting and Whipped CreamI’m not bashing Gabbie on a personal level but please don’t take this video as an accurate representation of Keto. You CAN have carbs you just have to get them from good sources and limit yourself to 20-30g net carbs per day. Even in my first week of Keto i didn’t miss the carbs because I made sure my meals were varied and exciting. I found a Mug Cake recipe to help with chocolate cravings, I made awesome Keto brownies, I made cream sauces and taco lettuce wraps. There are OPTIONS. It’s not nearly as restrictive as this video portrays so I urge everyone who is interested to do their own research and speak to a doctor or nutritionist and not base their opinions solely on one misinformed video. The diet isn’t for everyone, I get that. I’m not saying “DO KETO ITS GREAT ANYONE WHO ISNT IS LOSING OUT” I’m just saying if you’re considering it to not base ANY of your opinions on this video.P.S. My macro proportions are 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. Keto is not a high fat, high protein, no carb diet. It is a high fat, moderate protein, and LOW carb diet. High fat, high protein is more likely to cause health issues in the long run unless you are body building and actually using all that protein in which case you should have carb refeeds anyway. The carbs are there. You just cut out the carbs that aren’t even nutrient heavy to begin with like bread and rice and fill up on carbs from veggies, berries, nuts, etc.

  • Sharon Girl
    Sharon Girl   2 days ago

    This is not a true interpretation of Keto.

  • Giddy Pumpernickle
    Giddy Pumpernickle   2 days ago

    Wish I didn’t have to do keto for a month but I gotta I got parasitessss

  • Caitlyn Rouse
    Caitlyn Rouse   2 days ago

    What was I going to say oh yeah I um take some ibuprofen when you have migraines it really helps youit always help me I did this before oh my God I got so skinny and I just ate so much watermelon I love watermelon two and then my head started hurting so much for me and all that watermelon and I am and I took some ibuprofen and then I like fell back asleep and like took some make medicine and then like I wake up and I felt like a brand new person

    THEO LESTER   2 days ago

    This literallly proves how dramatic You actually are aha

  • ThatPastyIrishGirl
    ThatPastyIrishGirl   2 days ago

    So glad I watched this! I was considering trying keto, but I am already especially susceptible to migraines and stomach problems, and I definitely dont want to do anything to aggravate that! Plus, the #1 I CAN NOT stand is feeling hungry. If a diet leaves me feeling starved, I can't do it.

  • Diana T
    Diana T   2 days ago

    Gabby you just helped me make a decision to start KETO..Watching this video you just proved how addictive and bad sugar is in general.. you acted like a junkie getting off drugs! Thanks for your help!