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  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • I ate my Diamond Play Button 3 different ways!

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    I hope you enjoy today's #vlog! What other #food should I make in my #silicone Diamond Play Button Mold?
    xoxo Ro
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino   2 months ago

    I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

  • Tati Tirado
    Tati Tirado   7 hours ago


  • •Keziah Toledo•
    •Keziah Toledo•   14 hours ago

    Hey ro!I wish you can make a play button with melted MILK chocolate and cover it with silver edible dust😊Like if you agree😊EDIT:Im one of you're biggest fann!!!

  • Gorilla Ma'am
    Gorilla Ma'am   1 days ago

    You look super short caompared to the camera person

  • Science Girl 50,000
    Science Girl 50,000   1 days ago

    Is the diamond play button made of real diamonds and if no tell Miranda Sings that there is no diamonds in the play button and make more of these and sell the molds!

  • Eliz Waggy
    Eliz Waggy   1 days ago

    Her dog is not named cookie it's coodie

  • crazy cookie28
    crazy cookie28   3 days ago

    Rosanna oh nana half of my heart is in Rosanna oh nana he took me away from her cooking videos all of my heart is in Rosanna don't know about his manners Rosanna oh nana

    SLIME DOCTORS   3 days ago

    Milk chocolate is my favorite I don’t really like dark chocolate

  • cmc Kim
    cmc Kim   4 days ago

    LOL, at 10:13 you should be brought Justine😅🤣😅🤣😅😅😅

    LIM SHU ZANNE -   4 days ago

    Ro! I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate too!! It's like the best treat EVER 😄!!Edit: I WANT THAT DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON DARK CHOCOLATE 🤤!!!

    LIM SHU ZANNE -   4 days ago

    My cousin once had a pink birthday party and, like, literally everything was pink! So, like, we had pink lemonade, and it was my first time seeing PINK lemonade so i was mind blown or something. But pink lemonade is really nice! I just....LOVE IT 😆!!

  • Amanda Jackson
    Amanda Jackson   4 days ago

    I can't believe that you have 10 million subscribers. I remember finding your channel late at night and watching the OG episodes of NERDY NUMMIES. Thank you for creating this channel