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Robin Williams Roasts Richard Pryor

  • Published on: 26 February 2015
  • Robin Williams Roasts Richard Pryor
  • Runtime : 1:43
  • Robin Williams (Celebrity) Richard Pryor (TV Writer) Comedy (Theater Genre) roast


  • Steve BB
    Steve BB   1 weeks ago

    never found robin williams comedy funny. he was a great actor tho, his finest work is his serious roles. RIP.

  • Silvafox
    Silvafox   1 weeks ago

    Robin Williams wowww joking with Richard Pryor so amazing

  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle   2 weeks ago

    Only Robin Williams could pull off the ribbon joke...RIP Mr. Williams & Richard Pryor!!! You're very missed.💜🙏💙

  • Serpentine Wolf
    Serpentine Wolf   3 weeks ago

    Always liked Robin Williams. He was funny without resorting to cheap laughs from being filthy. Can't say the same about Richard Pryor though. He was filthy and not very funny either.

  • Jon Teague
    Jon Teague   3 weeks ago

    Back when people would laugh at themselves back then if someone made fun of you youd go home and think of a good comeback to use not go cry on the computer that someone made fun of you .you actually couldnt wait to use it lol the 70s and 80s were funny times people had funny senses of humor

  • Samuel Stag
    Samuel Stag   1 months ago

    jonathan winters rip off but still crazy like jonathan his idol

  • Nick N.
    Nick N.   1 months ago

    Can we trade in Paul Mooney so that Pryor (or Williams) can come back to us?

  • Sarah Gregory
    Sarah Gregory   1 months ago

    they don't roast people like they use to.then it was funny now it's dirty talk.

  • Jack Ridge
    Jack Ridge   1 months ago

    Why the hell was RW reading his notes ? Too coked out to remember ?

  • George Glass
    George Glass   1 months ago

    Makes me kinda sad to see the two legends. Classy roast tho. R.I.P.

  • Scott Camp
    Scott Camp   1 months ago

    Real comedians. This was when we could laugh at each other. Their antics would be consider bad in today's society. What a shame

  • zyxmyk
    zyxmyk   1 months ago

    pryor was genuinely amused.  what a classic moment in comedy history.

  • MrYellingdingo
    MrYellingdingo   1 months ago

    Neither of these 2 comedians would fly in today's PC infested culture. As Mel Brooks said,' PC culture will be the death of comedy'. Happening as we speak and how true it is.

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi   1 months ago

    Two brilliant comedians who did not have to worry about offending someone.

    SAM SMITH   1 months ago

    he was so young and respectful....his day of greatness and the room was still to come.

  • Evelio Herrera
    Evelio Herrera   1 months ago

    If you really watch it with a critical eye, the actual jokes he's telling at 100 mph aren't funny. He's just coked up and acting spastic and people are laughing because they've been told he's funny, and they've been conditioned. Over time, the fact that he wasn't very funny became like the Emperor's New Clothes. Lots of people thought it to themselves secretly, but were afraid to say it out loud.

  • Rae-rae Davis
    Rae-rae Davis   1 months ago

    I think the poor darling was a little nervous......flubbing his line and had to resay it...love him ....what a great man.

  • Safaa shalabie
    Safaa shalabie   1 months ago

    Didn’t offend anyone, didn’t say disgusting things, didn’t curse or use too much vulgarity....not like today where roasting is just offensive, hard to watch and can never be a family entertainment...

  • J.A.G.
    J.A.G.   1 months ago

    Wow robin was so sharp that he made a punch on the spot out of mispronouncing a word. He was a true legend, rip Richard and robin.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   1 months ago

    i think Robin was amazing person, but, in terms of fun, i never found him really funny

  • Ken Ciboch
    Ken Ciboch   1 months ago

    they got away with all the jokes like carlin did back in the day...now somebody would protest an fuck everything up...have a sence of humor lifes too short to be so fuckin serious an worry about affending somebody if ur offended fuck off have a coke an a smile an shut da fuck up!! rip rich

  • Terry Blanton
    Terry Blanton   1 months ago

    Weren't both of these dudettes found with cross-dressers in their cars late at night before it was the thing to do in the damocrap party? Now if you're a damocrap in any of the damocrap professions and are not caught with a transgender late at night you are doomed.

  • Darrin Ros
    Darrin Ros   2 months ago