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Colin Jost and Michael Che Are Back - SNL

  • Published on: 01 August 2017
  • Colin Jost and Michael Che anchor Weekend Update Summer Edition, Thursday, August 10, live, at 9/8c on NBC.

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  • Runtime : 41
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  • Adrien Berard
    Adrien Berard   1 years ago

    why are the new videos not available in France ?

  • Anthony Felos
    Anthony Felos   1 years ago

    That was great, glad they are here for the summer :)

  • Linda Bender
    Linda Bender   1 years ago

    I love SNL since 1975. So suck it losers.

  • CastleIsLife Katic
    CastleIsLife Katic   1 years ago

    finally seeing Colin's beautiful face again. all is right in the world

  • teenygozer
    teenygozer   1 years ago

    These two were hilarious on MSNBC during the months before the presidential election. They attended both the Republican and Democratic conventions and their commentary was on-target, cutting, funny as hell. This show is a great idea.

  • TheCar454
    TheCar454   1 years ago

    oh great more leftist p.c. "humor", ugh..... remember when Saturday night live used to be funny? now it's nothing but a thinly veiled mouthpiece for leftist bullshit.

  • D.J.S.
    D.J.S.   1 years ago

    Jay and Taryn are back and better than ever!

  • DR Doctor
    DR Doctor   1 years ago

    can't wait! I've missed SNL, Michael, Colin, the whole crew!

  • tyro244
    tyro244   1 years ago

    Wait... It's on Thursday? :: Sets VCR ::

  • hotriffsofthrash
    hotriffsofthrash   1 years ago

    Years ago I loved watching SNL but it's just not funny anymore. Honestly, it just plain sucks. Alec Baldwin is not funny. None of it is funny. Sad to see how it went south.

  • mark paulsen
    mark paulsen   1 years ago

    I swear weekend update has been the best part of snl for a while now and could totally be its own thing

  • Carl F7
    Carl F7   1 years ago

    Wait, so we're getting that vanilla backup, delicious coconut milkshake back soon? Hell yeah, bring Leslie Jones with 'em

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker   1 years ago

    they are the worst ever. by design. dumbing us down.......good job SNL skumbags

  • Tiffany R
    Tiffany R   1 years ago

    the only weekend update anchors that I have ever enjoyed! so glad they're back.

  • k f
    k f   1 years ago

    I hate snl fuck off already

  • Abel Guillen
    Abel Guillen   1 years ago

    I wonder if Trump is watching this and just says "Fake News"

  • riffer madness
    riffer madness   1 years ago


  • Cari Schneider
    Cari Schneider   1 years ago

    Now that the two of them have found their footing, they've really gotten great

  • Christopher
    Christopher   1 years ago

    If these two are back, clearly, having talent, or actually being funny, are not job requirements at SNL.....

  • Amanda Rae
    Amanda Rae   1 years ago

    What a surprise, satire conveniently displayed as a news source.Constantly shitting on white people is absolutely abhorrent.I wonder (((who))) is responsible.Promoting interracial relationships and having sections of your show committed to anti white propaganda is a red flag to anyone who takes pride in their European heritage.

  • cheesegyoza
    cheesegyoza   1 years ago

    SNL hasn't been funny since the early 90's.