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Bad Instagram: Fake Fact Accounts

  • Published on: 10 September 2018
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    Today’s video covers two topics: Instagram ads, and fact accounts on Instagram. It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be wild, and it’s gonna be greg!

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  • Runtime : 15:36
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  • Centennial Maniac
    Centennial Maniac   3 hours ago

    for the longest time i thought this guy was in high school, he's way past high school

  • Good Ol' joe vids
    Good Ol' joe vids   5 hours ago

    actually, the law is you cant have ice cream in you pocket on sunday.

  • Naomi Cabello
    Naomi Cabello   6 hours ago

    Can you not come up with a name other than Jonathon?

  • Tyler Dun
    Tyler Dun   11 hours ago

    if you like this comment, like this video and subscribe to danny you are legally skilled

  • Andreas Stock
    Andreas Stock   15 hours ago

    http://thefastestgrowingarmyonyoutube.com/ #prove #notmine #stoleitfromreddit

  • gacha productions
    gacha productions   1 days ago

    When you put the tracker noise my sound was all the way up and now my ears are dead :, (

  • XxxTentacion Fan
    XxxTentacion Fan   1 days ago

    We are Greg united We are Greg uniteWe are Greg unitWe are Greg uniWe are Greg unWe are Greg uWe are GregWe are GreWe are GrWe are GWe areWe arWe aWeWWeWe aWe arWe areWe are GWe are GrWe are GreWe are GregWe are Greg uWe are Greg unWe are Greg uniWe are Greg unitWe are Greg uniteWe are Greg united

  • ZMC
    ZMC   1 days ago

    The website I link in my Twitter: @ZaneWScott

  • AJ
    AJ   1 days ago

    Turned on notifications. I am truly Greg

  • Epic Wolf
    Epic Wolf   1 days ago

    An ad came up on this video and it said “If you land a triple flip you’re legally skilled” Coincidence? Probably yeah.

  • Tarableee
    Tarableee   2 days ago

    i'm wine drunk and this video made me cri

  • Michael Imray
    Michael Imray   2 days ago


  • SlimeyGames
    SlimeyGames   2 days ago

    * guy * Hey, I’m a really caring person and relationships are the most important things in my life.* girl * but are you legally skilled though

  • Lazy Moon
    Lazy Moon   2 days ago

    I was scrolling through Instagram, and I see a game. The caption reads: If you score ten, you can legally go to Disney land. 😂

  • Sienna Aoi
    Sienna Aoi   2 days ago

    everyone who likes this comment is legally skilled

  • Jocelyn L.
    Jocelyn L.   2 days ago

    am i the only one that thinks he looks like charlie puth

  • That Guy Random
    That Guy Random   2 days ago

    Laughing so hard, I have so many questions!!! What the heck instagram!!!????

  • Eveerulzz123
    Eveerulzz123   3 days ago

    it should be google whats the fastest growing army well the army known as Greg is the only army that even exists any more

  • Eveerulzz123
    Eveerulzz123   3 days ago

    i always drink water standing... well guess im gonna die

  • Peanut Free Meatloaf

    Legally allowed to leave is a reference those people that say " if the teacher isn't here in 15 minutes we're legally allowed to leave"

  • Bob Cpeytonseven
    Bob Cpeytonseven   3 days ago

    The reason all of the marketing is the same is because there all made by almost the same company

  • Harman Bans
    Harman Bans   3 days ago

    All those mobile game ads are not what all mobile game ads are like... those are just the most popular ones from this company called Voodoo games. They're a publisher that just publish as many games as possible in hopes that some do well and pour tons of money into Facebook and Twitter ads.

  • yellowbelow 1
    yellowbelow 1   3 days ago

    I have officially sold you my soul by subscribing

  • Seth Kask
    Seth Kask   3 days ago

    Hit like right when he made that 2 topics joke

  • the G
    the G   3 days ago


  • Ash D
    Ash D   4 days ago

    "It's an age old question. Are you math enough?" LeTs TaLk AbOuT tHaT!