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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"

  • Published on: 07 August 2018
  • [MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "favOriTe"

    LOOΠΔ was designed to be at its maximum potential when LOOΠΔ 1/3, LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOOΠΔ / yyxy, and YeoJin combine.

    At its maximum power for the first time, LOOΠΔ's lead single 'favOriTe' declares the signature sound of LOOΠΔ at its complete form.

    #이달의소녀 #LOONA #MV #BlockBerry #BlockBerryCreative

    More about LOOΠΔ/

    iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/favorite-single/1423049627
    Spotify : http://open.spotify.com/album/7cG5ePRgPuSblOX0rHQfuh?si=9DDG97GaRWaf0OKYtFDTPw
    Amazon Music : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G8481NM/

    LOOΠΔ Official : http://www.loonatheworld.com
    LOOΠΔ Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Twitter : http://twitter.com/loonatheworld
    LOOΠΔ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Official Korean Fan Cafe : http://cafe.daum.net/loonatheworld

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  • Runtime : 3:32
  • 이달의소녀 이달의 소녀 BlockBerry BlockBerryCreative LOONA favOriTe favorite MV


  • petya y.
    petya y.   2 minuts ago

    Exactly how much time left till the comeback?

  • Muhd Haziq
    Muhd Haziq   13 minuts ago

    i was confused why the mv is gaining a really low amount of views even tho its trending so high but then i saw that the mv can be downloaded srsly why the company doesnt change the setting ugh

  • Blink Nation
    Blink Nation   15 minuts ago

    Keep streaming guys blinks here helping !

  • DAL
    DAL   22 minuts ago


    BLINK FOREVER   37 minuts ago

    So this is the group that delulu stans on Twitter think is a threat to BTS? Lmao. Even G Friend is better than this ugly hoes.

  • Blink Nation
    Blink Nation   44 minuts ago

    Blik here to support since all you guys ask nicely <3 <3

  • Meloverse Only
    Meloverse Only   1 hours ago

    Congratulations dear orbits and loona for today is your day💗.. It must have been such a wonderful journey since 2016💗💗 .. I must say Orbits are so loyal to their princess👏👏 Stanning since 2016👏👏....Shower them love as much as you all can💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗...Fighting..

  • lauren
    lauren   1 hours ago

    bbc just published an article with behind pics! go support http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=16524703&memberNo=39258591

  • LightningJC
    LightningJC   2 hours ago

    4 Million views by debut for the 4 albums we're gonna buy? :D

  • jcatl
    jcatl   2 hours ago

    I still like this mv because it takes us back to the basics of KPop -singing and dancing...not a lot of scenic production...just talent and beauty on display! Wish the girls all the best on their debut!

  • Allplayah21
    Allplayah21   2 hours ago

    Oh what a surprise, a song about love. Just like EVERY OTHER KPOP SONG; still a good song though nevertheless. Also this group will probably be the female version of EXO, depending on how they last and what kind of fame they’ll get

  • Kim Lippie
    Kim Lippie   2 hours ago

    Remember to stream hi high and buy the ++ album ❤️❤️❤️

  • LOONAisMyfavOriTe
    LOONAisMyfavOriTe   2 hours ago

    GUYS! GOOD NEWS! The pre order sales of the album in Ktown is 2K! Its only in Ktown other stores are not included! LOONA is coming for world domination

  • Hyunjin's Orbit
    Hyunjin's Orbit   3 hours ago

    It's D-DAY my co-orbits! Our queens are going to debut in hours. Who's not ready?


    I just found this group and they seem very interesting and this song is really good I love it I wanna know everything of them😆😍

  • Rebecca Lian
    Rebecca Lian   3 hours ago

    Can somebody guide me plz? I'm trying to get in the fandom

  • snsf 14
    snsf 14   4 hours ago

    3,675,684I'm going to sleep, will wake up for HiHigh

  • ari
    ari   5 hours ago

    9 hours left! *Kim Lip's voice* "Are youu reeadyyy"

  • snsf 14
    snsf 14   5 hours ago

    3,673,790I'm so nervous for debut I will try my best I hope all orbits do

  • dalu ogbuefi
    dalu ogbuefi   5 hours ago

    People have been asking me to stan loona (which is bare annoying btw🙄) but I think I actually will.

  • Usiox
    Usiox   5 hours ago

    Stylish look sooo good btw

  • Usiox
    Usiox   5 hours ago

    I can't wait for HiHigh

  • CoachAndrewV
    CoachAndrewV   6 hours ago

    stream stream stream! lets get this to 4 million before the official debut album release!

  • snsf 14
    snsf 14   6 hours ago

    3,668,24810hrs and a half leftLOONA is a Predebut group

  • zBetax
    zBetax   6 hours ago

    I like the one that was danceing

  • 민윤기Min Yoon Gi *

    Meh, it's not thaaaat cool as everyone says, nothing I haven't seen before, but it's not bad. I hope their debut song will be better. Anyways fighting🤗💜

  • Eros Eduardo
    Eros Eduardo   7 hours ago

    They are awesome!I would not be surprised if they reached 5 million in a short time.

  • Marissa K
    Marissa K   7 hours ago

    Let's get to 4 million before hi high is released!!!!!

  • 니니Bacon
    니니Bacon   8 hours ago

    They'll be a big famous group 💕💕