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Princess Eugenie, Jack Brooksbank depart after royal wedding

  • Published on: 12 October 2018
  • Crowds waited outside St. George's Chapel in the U.K. for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank to depart after their wedding.

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  • Lilly Dr
    Lilly Dr   1 days ago

    It's not "gioujini", but "evgeni'a" which in (ancient)greek means:[ ev (ευ) + genia/os( γενος)]= those who comes from good generation, a noble/ an aristocrat.

  • John N.
    John N.   1 days ago

    Disgusting royal pigs. Call me crazy but I could never marry one of my cousins. Gross...

  • frizbeee
    frizbeee   1 days ago

    Did they invite Epstein I wonder.

  • Shell By The Sea
    Shell By The Sea   1 days ago

    It's a very very plain dress but at least it is fitted to her perfectly and the cut of it and style is pretty. I could of done with a bit of sparkle or some sort of decoration

  • Alexandra Cuco
    Alexandra Cuco   1 days ago

    to both the all hapiness in world...have nice day...

  • Mabel Ƥιηєѕ
    Mabel Ƥιηєѕ   2 days ago

    Nobody wanted to talk about this event being the 2nd time Prince George wears trousers instead of shorts? Alright then.Anyways, congrats to Eugenie and Jack.

  • Chicky0708
    Chicky0708   2 days ago

    This looks more royal and people look happier compared to Meghan's wedding. 😐

  • John Culley
    John Culley   2 days ago

    Princess Eugenie made a spectacular statement about body shaming when she chose to forego a veil and wear a wedding gown that revealed the foot long scar on her back from scoliosis surgery. Jack Brooksbank immediately grasped her meaning and handed his glasses to his best man. Later in the most romantic gesture of the wedding ceremony he reached over to lovingly grasp his new bride's hand while she was in a contemplative mood and was rewarded with a glowing smile from his courageous bride who is an inspiration to women and girls everywhere.

  • rosario schmidlin
    rosario schmidlin   2 days ago

    I admired much the Papa Prince Edward.,how he attended , concerned and proud of his Princess daughter , even the cape, he fixed in carousel!...

  • Cornell Howard
    Cornell Howard   2 days ago

    This nonsense should not still be happening on earth!

  • Tima Taan
    Tima Taan   2 days ago

    Good luck beautiful princess..I wonder why the boring crowd didn't cheer!!! They are stupid as hell

  • eli Idowu
    eli Idowu   2 days ago

    Congratulations. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • X marks Again
    X marks Again   2 days ago

    This is pathetic! And clearly not a video royal experience.

  • The Magician
    The Magician   2 days ago

    People homeless and using food banks and we the tax payer have to fund £2m+ security for this I don't get the government I just don't get them Conservative defo for the rich man the poor man just keeps getting screwed over and over

  • Tulip Flower
    Tulip Flower   2 days ago

    She was the most beautiful of all things dress hairstyle crown and make-up already look princess successful and I wish you all the best and happiness from algeria

  • Jennifer Yearwood
    Jennifer Yearwood   2 days ago


  • Ophillia Ophillia
    Ophillia Ophillia   2 days ago

    PE looked beautiful in a beautiful dress. Very brave of her to show her scars

  • Bosede
    Bosede   2 days ago

    so beautiful. wonder why she didnt wear a veil

  • Claudia S
    Claudia S   2 days ago

    She looks stunning and classy. A real princess with a gorgeous tiara.

  • Ruzica Suta
    Ruzica Suta   2 days ago

    Gefällt Tool hübsch Prince Prinzessi 👑🤴🏽👰👑💕💕💕🌷

  • TheRange
    TheRange   2 days ago

    Beautiful dress! Good job not TOO windy, as fear Fergie would take off with that hat!!

  • ohwell94
    ohwell94   2 days ago

    Now this is a Royal weddingDignified classy elegant Not like that red carpet deal in May

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon   2 days ago

    I think in todays age the times come when proper security forces should be used. Bobbys and the black haired guards are past there time imho.

  • page Turner
    page Turner   2 days ago

    No TV in the USA is Carrying this Wedding, Not like Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

  • Anastasia Greyson
    Anastasia Greyson   2 days ago

    Princess Eugene's Dress is so Beautiful * she was definately a Stunning Princess today & so was her Husband Jack, Congratulations to both of Them, May their Future be ever so bright & Beautiful Many Blessings From Australia with Love xo