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Derek Hough's Life Update Vlog | Life In Motion

  • Published on: 21 June 2018
  • Derek Hough introduces his new show, Life in Motion with a "where I am now" update on his life, the house he's building, being a judge on a competitive dance show, and what values he's embracing moving forward.



    In Derek Hough's new series he will show viewers how to infuse energy into every aspect of their lives. Whether it's his top wellness tips, nutritional insights, dance tutorials, fun fitness fads or sharing family memories with his four sisters, Derek will give us an inside look into how he overcomes personal challenges and maintains a healthy lifestyle -- all while motivating and inspiring viewers to do the same.

    Kin Original Series:
  • Runtime : 11:25
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  • Moon Goddess
    Moon Goddess   3 days ago

    Thank you radiant soul brother 🌹 blessings and love 💖

  • omg omg
    omg omg   1 weeks ago

    A body at rest stays at rest. But a body at motion stays in motion. True

  • cathleen johnson
    cathleen johnson   1 weeks ago

    Howdy, Derek! I enjoy watching your dancing. You were my favorite dancer on DWTS due to your amazing ability, but also your choreography. You were able to teach those who did not know how and those who knew some and make them in to wonderful dancers. I am interested in your channel. I had been bed ridden for 3 years and am now learning to walk for distance again. I walk 5 houses away from mine and then back for a total of 10. I achieved this recently. I find I have to walk on 1 day and relax the next or else I hurt myself. Sometimes I get so frustrated! What you said has encouraged me to keep on and not give up. Thank you.

  • Ann A
    Ann A   1 weeks ago

    What an inspiration you are. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lauren Fink
    Lauren Fink   1 weeks ago

    I lovw you so much. And I love that you have your own Youtube channel finally. I would love to hear more about Hayley, about you and Hayley, and finally I would love to hear more about Romie

  • Natarsha Hemara
    Natarsha Hemara   2 weeks ago

    I’d love to know any beginners steps you have for someone who’s older and wants to begin dancing. As in where to start, what classes you would recommend and any beginners exercises/stretches you would use for flexibility... also, how do you stay light on your feet when you’re used to not being that way? Lol any tips would be much appreciated 😊 I really enjoyed the fact that you got up with Keone & Mari and the Kinjaz. I had a newfound respect for you because you were willing to try another form of dance and killed it! Keep doing you dude 🙏🙌

  • Jam27365
    Jam27365   2 weeks ago

    Love your philosophies on life Derek, especially Busy in our Bodies, Still in our Minds.. you’re so right we need to flip that!! Thanks for all your efforts and hope you take your tour to Melbourne Australia!! Sounds incredible! Xx

  • Jawana Homer
    Jawana Homer   2 weeks ago

    I hope I raise my kids as well as your mother clearly did. You seem to be so grounded

  • Molly
    Molly   1 months ago

    I love that, "Busy in our bodies, still in our minds!"It's beautiful to see a celebrity so happy and have a truly joyous life.

  • Monica Licon
    Monica Licon   1 months ago

    What a beautiful family you have and how proud your parents should be to have raised such a caring, well rounded, wonderful son.

  • Jess K.
    Jess K.   1 months ago

    You are the light! Amazing light resonates from you. Love all you do!

  • mizpah1993
    mizpah1993   1 months ago

    Love the golden nuggets of life advice. You’re my life coach! Sending you love from England xx

  • Troy Hagen
    Troy Hagen   1 months ago


  • Glenda relli
    Glenda relli   1 months ago

    Omygoodness. Great channel. Thanks for this.

  • Kevin Cain
    Kevin Cain   1 months ago

    Cool dude, cool and nutrition is something with your sister.

  • Kathie Dorelien
    Kathie Dorelien   1 months ago

    I just subscribe to your channel and I really enjoy watching your because i just started learning the importance of taking care of my body physically and mentally to a deeper level. Thank you! P.S I’m so excited for this channel cause I’ve been watching you grow to an amazing dancer and I’m just fascinated!!!

  • I Remain Anonymous
    I Remain Anonymous   1 months ago

    Wow your family is beautiful! Your parents must be stunners! QUESTION: You, Ne-Yo and JLo all seem to get along so well on the show (I was so glad the LAB won!). You all seem to have a lot of heart. Is that the way it really is or is it just for the cameras? Thanks for starting this channel!

  • HeatherLovesLife
    HeatherLovesLife   1 months ago

    Loved everything you mentioned, especially spending quality time with family - I visit my parents weekly and take a trip with my mom every year. I’m so thankful for the time we get to spend together. I’d like to learn how you create balance in your life while being so busy. Would love to see some of your workouts/routines & healthy recipe ideas /meal planning. Seeing your house come together would be really interesting too. It’s refreshing to find channels focused on healthy living and motivation to live your best life, so thanks for taking it on!

  • Allison Allison
    Allison Allison   1 months ago

    Such a beautiful human being - such a beautiful light!

  • Belateach
    Belateach   1 months ago

    I love you so much! I can't even handle it! you are the best! Please, marry me!!!

  • heavenly8173
    heavenly8173   1 months ago

    You're a nice person thanks for letting us get to know you and you're blessed with a gift from GOD be blessed!!!

  • God's Warrior
    God's Warrior   1 months ago

    What was it like to go to Israel and the Holy Land that's always been a dream of mine!

  • April T
    April T   1 months ago

    How are you so wonderful of a human? God has blessed you in so many ways sir ☺️😁 I needed to hear those encouraging words. This video will be on repeat for when I need to refocus!

  • Melody Hensley
    Melody Hensley   1 months ago

    I love watching you and partner dance. I have always wanted to learn to dance, but I'm too heavy and I have a really bad back. Watching you/partner dance let's me live vicariously through you/partner. I use to watch ballroom dancing competitions and loved every minute of it. Keep moving!

  • Laura Elizabeth Goodyear

    Derek, THANKS SO MUCH for reappearing in my life by starting your own YT channel. Have Sooo miss you on DWTS & JUST 'happened' to find your channel by some fluke bc my primary use of YT is for spiritual anything (yoga, chants, becoming Authentic, etc). SO to me, it wasn't a random thing but synchronicity.. Hey, we live totally connected (by the unseen energies in this Intelligent Universe, so there are no random coincidences!)Your departure fr DWTS was inevitable to be sure (you & Mark both are waaay too creative 'outside the box' innovators for Len's stuck in the past curmudgeon ways, though you, especially,' always showed him respect). Clearly it was time for you to move onward & Ever upward; I applaud you for following you heart's GPS, as you so clearly do Naturally. I Always knew you were special from that show. (e.g. Never saw you be mean to a 'star'-partner like some other pros & you were Always positive & upbeat!) Now you're taking part of your valuable time to connect with all of us & not for anything close to gaining 200K followers or any of that fluff. You sincerely desire a connection/ r'ship w your old & new fans... Way Cool 'Indiana Jones'! I enjoy finding out ab all your interests & diff activities.. Yet another synchronicity: I am a Nature junkie (it's my 1st home & major Source of comfort & 'Reset' for an over vigilant nervous system).Your easy connection with everyone is done beautifully by being Authentic- you don't appear to have ANY problem sharing your vulnerability, which may be due in part to 5 sisters keeping your feminine aspects well balanced with the masculine, yes? Gorgeous family btw.. Not at all surprising that all sisters are like Energize Bunnies (they're all as beautiful as J). Your parents must just be phenomenal, &, now you're Making time to create not just more dance memories, but memories w/ 'Indiana J' Dad! #PRICELESSSO I'm looking forward to having more 'chats'with you & your guests; your a Very giving & support Present host Derek. Again, thanks for sharing your life, experiences & cool adventures with us all. Can't wait to hear your inevitable TED Talk soon. <3 ~*~

  • Linda Plummer
    Linda Plummer   1 months ago

    Love you so much! Your love for dancing gets me so excited and feel so alive! You are always on the move for dance. Just love you for loving what you do.

  • aphidbug
    aphidbug   1 months ago

    Derek, you're inspirational! You seem like such a down to earth person - willing to laugh at yourself, have fun, and prioritize your family relationships. Thanks for being a good example as a celebrity who hasn't allowed famosity to change you in a negative way, but instead push you to challenge yourself and grow as an individual! You've long been my favorite choreographer on DWTS and I'm so glad to see you on the panel for World of Dance. Keep doing life well! ~April

  • Marisa Boyance
    Marisa Boyance   1 months ago

    As I told you before, admire your dancing and great coreography

  • Eliza6ethIII
    Eliza6ethIII   1 months ago

    Love you Derek!! This is a condensed version of your book!