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$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

  • Published on: 07 October 2018
  • "Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."


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  • Runtime : 19:14
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  • Scott Swanson
    Scott Swanson   1 hours ago

    Great series, u can drop buzzfeed though, lol

  • Scott Swanson
    Scott Swanson   1 hours ago

    Great series, u can drop buzzfeed though, lol

  • UltiMogr
    UltiMogr   2 hours ago

    Adam has a perfect poker face

  • May May
    May May   3 hours ago

    I use to hate eggs before my pregnancy...and now I have 3 every day!

  • PuraVida
    PuraVida   5 hours ago

    This series is like an addiction.

  • lola tube
    lola tube   6 hours ago

    what about you come to malaysia, try eat at warung

  • Xiaobao
    Xiaobao   7 hours ago

    I would never eat a raw egg.

  • Chewy Pigeon
    Chewy Pigeon   8 hours ago

    you never told me there was sponges made out of eggs for the frist one >:C

  • huy dao
    huy dao   9 hours ago

    Kichi kichi looks amazing

    FAR OUT   10 hours ago

    "What's the secret for your happiness" (chef#2) " crack "

  • Tall Spoon
    Tall Spoon   10 hours ago

    Gudetama also is modeled from egg.We, the Japanese love egggggg♡🍳🍳

  • Tall Spoon
    Tall Spoon   10 hours ago

    Tamaggochi is Tamago(egg)+っち(chi, catchy and adorable suffix like "Mrs")

  • Amni Zahar
    Amni Zahar   10 hours ago

    Yeah Malaysian literally consume a lot of eggs from breakfast to dinner 😂 in the morning we have nasi lemak which is served with hard-boiled eggs; during lunch we may have different kinds of egg dishes such as egg sambal or fried eggs with soy sauce and for dinner some of us would love to have roti tampal goyang (a kind of paratha with half-boiled eggs). Also, we tend to add on eggs if we were to order fried rice or fried noodles 🤣🤣🤣 Eggs are complementary to most Malaysians hahahahaha

  • TheYolo PandaDerps
    TheYolo PandaDerps   11 hours ago

    Does anyone remember Chef Motokichi from Tasty eating your feed?

  • WillzTV
    WillzTV   11 hours ago

    that camera guy had only one emotion!! xD

  • Zung Ru Lin
    Zung Ru Lin   12 hours ago

    5:04 the most embarrassing moment when no one knows how to answer Adam.

  • Shane Roberts
    Shane Roberts   12 hours ago

    When Andrew is stood behind Rie at the Kichi Kichi restaurant, the lighting on Andrew’s face and the way it’s filmed makes Andrew look evil 😂 it looks like he’s the embodiment of Rie’s evil thoughts and he’s whispering in her ear to do evil things 😂

  • dancinqi
    dancinqi   13 hours ago

    18:41 looks like they gifted Kichi-san with a Worth-it tshirt & Andrew got to cook his omurice again for him!

  • chad rossy
    chad rossy   13 hours ago

    Lol cameraman weirding everyone out

  • Krit Waffle7
    Krit Waffle7   13 hours ago

    Yo that man at 1:30 sounds like stan lee wtf

  • Kayleen G
    Kayleen G   14 hours ago

    Chef Yukimura is so energetic every time we've seen him, I would love to meet him or try his dish one day!!

    NZR QTY   16 hours ago

    $1 egg with chemicals and toxins vs $89 all naturals

  • 89amibella
    89amibella   16 hours ago

    I think you got a wrong information. The most consuming egg country is Japan

  • Brij Patel
    Brij Patel   17 hours ago

    You guys are awesome! calm and at the same time so entertaining!! suggestion from my side please visit INDIA.You will definitely love it ,it is a land full of spices!

  • butt3rcup100
    butt3rcup100   19 hours ago

    Will Halo Top ice cream ever let me have peace????