Fortnite #FallSkirmish - Week 4 | BIG BONUS (SOLOS)

  • Published on: 13 October 2018
  • Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Runtime : 8:59:25
  • Fortnite Epic Games PC PS4 Xbox One Battle Royale Unreal Tournament Unreal Engine Minecraft Plants vs. Zombies


  • Greysonator Vlogs
    Greysonator Vlogs   1 weeks ago

    The last number of likes is who you are1. Noob2. Pro3. Unlucky 4. Tfue5. Camper6. Builder7. Noob8. Ninja9. GOD0. MythNumber nine is GOD because that means you guys are liking the commenting

  • Arenki1992
    Arenki1992   2 weeks ago

    3:07:11 he didnt kill him, but gets credits. Someone else noticed?

  • Lmacaree
    Lmacaree   3 weeks ago

    The way myth pronounced tinnys name as Timmy, tiny and tins 😂 overall tho he’s a good caster

  • Wyatt Gordon
    Wyatt Gordon   3 weeks ago

    Here’s an idea for this on the leaderboards they should show what place they were before the Match next to there ranking and a last round points column next to the total points so we can see how the leaderboards change better

  • Ally mclay
    Ally mclay   1 months ago

    Make lemons out of lemonade 😂😂, surely it's the other way around

  • HULKshooter32
    HULKshooter32   1 months ago

    I want the fall skirmish roster music and replay music where can I find them???

  • Daniel Atkin
    Daniel Atkin   1 months ago

    Drink every time they say “rotation” jeez how many time guys

  • nora fernandez
    nora fernandez   1 months ago

    pon armas nuevas y es quines gratis plisssssssssssssss

  • LightlessDark
    LightlessDark   1 months ago

    If they bring back og music remixed, then can they bring back the real og music?

  • Temaran
    Temaran   1 months ago

    Finally more insightful commentary. Thank you Myth. Play-by-play is fine, but it does get old kind of quickly :(

  • Lorry G
    Lorry G   1 months ago

    Tf is my boi Ninja? :(

  • Garrett  Pritchett
    Garrett Pritchett   1 months ago

    it’s so hard to enjoy these with zeke saying stupid stuff constantly

  • SANS
    SANS   1 months ago

    28:15 where it starts

  • Roxanne Goslee
    Roxanne Goslee   1 months ago

    I go to the Edit house northeast of wailing woods all the time

  • Beau Selby
    Beau Selby   1 months ago

    Dude. Was never much of a Myth fan, but this showed how likable he is. Also, pretty much a pro-level broadcaster. Great work, Myth.

  • NotChingy
    NotChingy   1 months ago

    Thanks for the upload fortnite!

  • Andre Brito
    Andre Brito   1 months ago

    i'm with daequan. myth looks like a frog

  • Aj Brown
    Aj Brown   1 months ago

    9 hours ago I was wondering if I could finish this video.I did, and I regret it.

  • Someone 5173
    Someone 5173   1 months ago

    Honestly, Fortnite on PS4 is pretty bad, first of all it is supposedly 60 fps, but that doesn’t really help when it constantly drops to 12-20 fps all of a sudden, also sometimes on PS4, YOUR ENEMIES LITERALLY DISSAPEARS, and no I’m not talking about the rendering distance, I’m saying that your enemy literally sometimes vanishes on screen.Also on PS4, your enemies in the distance move like they have 2 fps, they move SO robotically, like you only see them change every 0.5 seconds as a picture.Pls fix because sniping is pretty hard when you’re enemy literally stops moving and then is suddenly 10 meters forwardLet’s talk about the 50v50/20v20 modes, THIS GAME LITERALLY CAN’T HANDLE IT, I swear you need to fix these modes because when it’s like the last circle and almost everyone is still left, the game basically goes 1 fps, this is one of the reasons why pro scrims are always so laggy end game, because SO MANY PEOPLE just in one area, improve this.PS4 should get graphical options because I don’t need shadows and I want this game to actually run 60 fps which it is not doing at all times on PS4New mode Disco Domination.Great mode although huge problems, when you die you should basically get lama loot, so 200 mats for everything because end game nobody has mats and it basically becomes Pubg.Weapons should automatically get reloaded when dying.Or you could get mats too from killing people, so that you can stay alive in the game, and that when you kill someone, that you get 50 shields, and then you know for 2nd kill you get full shield.Except for all of this, it’s just a great gamemode.

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