Spicy Black Beans With Feta & Avocado | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on: 18 August 2018
  • A quick and easy meal to prepare.

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  • Runtime : 1:1
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  • anon ymous
    anon ymous   2 weeks ago

    Is cameraman ever gonna get it thru his head that zooming in like that is dumb?

  • Somkid Chamnansilp
    Somkid Chamnansilp   1 months ago

    If this guy makes me French Toast then I would be in heaven before I die

  • arizona tea
    arizona tea   2 months ago

    Can he take an extra 30sec to detail the process?

  • JT
    JT   2 months ago

    People complaining about the close up....if you don't know what black beans, avocado, onions etc etc look like then there's a bigger problem

  • Red The Gamer God
    Red The Gamer God   2 months ago

    the food looks amazing and ill try to make it when I have time to.

  • Fire Dragons
    Fire Dragons   2 months ago

    Your the best in the world 🌍 I will become just like you

  • Graemeska
    Graemeska   2 months ago

    I’m in Crete want me to farm any feta

  • Maria Biss
    Maria Biss   2 months ago

    Is the crunchy tortilla like a taco ? Can i use a soft one ?

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez   2 months ago

    So how much of each individual ingredient do we use?

  • Cup
    Cup   2 months ago

    We're still doing the zoom thing huh.

  • Ahmad Albazzal
    Ahmad Albazzal   2 months ago

    That’s a lot of work I’m just gonna have cereal

  • scuffed meme
    scuffed meme   2 months ago

    Get your pan nice and hotOlive oil inSeason itSalt and pepperDone

  • Brian Hathaway
    Brian Hathaway   2 months ago

    Sooo .. this is his recipe for Epic Nachos? He probably doesn’t call it that though. Just a hunch.

  • Cole Pratt
    Cole Pratt   2 months ago

    Dude, I can't even see the subatomic particles

  • Tody Rodgers
    Tody Rodgers   2 months ago

    I watch Gordon Ramsay videos only for the comments.

  • T0X1F GT
    T0X1F GT   2 months ago

    I made this the stuffing of the taco and it's very good and cheap

  • I'm retarded
    I'm retarded   2 months ago

    This guy is highly talented, he should open a restaurant

  • Honest Ulquiorra
    Honest Ulquiorra   3 months ago

    Gordon ramsays food porn is the best makes me want stuff id never eat

  • TopicRuben
    TopicRuben   3 months ago

    Very cool. Short and sweet (the video). Big fan here Gordon

  • khazix sm
    khazix sm   3 months ago

    Gordon teach me how to cook dog

  • Horse lovers nh
    Horse lovers nh   3 months ago

    At this point I feel like a snake eating a mouse... one bite and I’m done The Who.e thing

  • Sean Ramos
    Sean Ramos   3 months ago

    I know this is a stupid idea but you should make a series called cruise ship chaos

  • Fatima Vazquez
    Fatima Vazquez   3 months ago

    It's a Tostada, we put fried tortilla, beans, cheese, lettuce, slices of tomato and sour cream. Delicioso.

  • Indian youtuber pooja
    Indian youtuber pooja   3 months ago

    hello frind my chanal nema is indan youtuber pooja plz subscribe my chanal and mere chanal par ap ko indan food ki recipi mile ge thankyou....

  • Mkat Fiend
    Mkat Fiend   3 months ago

    Fucking Gordan Ramsey cooks you a steak and you don’t eat it. ARE YOU MAD!!!

  • Nick
    Nick   3 months ago

    Camera man pls use a Microscope now we need to see atoms isn't it I'm here to see atoms.

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