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20 Things You Didn't Know About Travis Scott

  • Published on: 18 April 2018
  • Facts about Kylie Jenner's baby daddy and Stormi's father.
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    We all know that Travis Scott is dating Kylie Jenner and that they have a daughter named Stormi, but how much do you actually know about Travis apart from that? Today, we’re bringing you 20 things you didn’t know about Travis Scott! Did you know that he actually formed a group with Quavo in 2015 and their song was number three on the music charts? Or that his real name is Jacques Webster? We’ll also spill some secrets on who Travis dated before Kylie, what other rappers think of him, how tall Travis Scott is, and plenty of other things you never knew about this popular musician!

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  • Arlee Dennis
    Arlee Dennis   1 days ago

    He's an idiot who's preference is plastic and culture vulturism.

  • Tristan B
    Tristan B   5 days ago

    Hes from Houston not Missouri

    TIA MARIE   5 days ago

    I know one thing he's not very attractive so I'm wondering what the attraction was was it all the gold plated chains I had listened to his music and honestly it's mediocre I really don't see the appeal of him at all. Sorry not sorry

  • die hard
    die hard   6 days ago

    Ya'll need to Google images of jar jar binks , this nigga looks just like him

  • Jeanette Brown
    Jeanette Brown   1 weeks ago

    He is a young shy man with a good heart I see why Kylie love him. He treats women with respect and he loves Kylie she is more his type.

  • Cienna Gugliemelli
    Cienna Gugliemelli   1 weeks ago

    his parents are well educated and he went to a private elementary and middle school....

  • Swampie
    Swampie   1 weeks ago

    "Facts about Kylie Jenner's baby daddy and Stormi's father." What is this headassery. He's also a highly acclaimed artist with numerous great projects under his belt, you know.

  • xd Nepsty
    xd Nepsty   1 weeks ago

    Me and Travis Scott is the same hight, and im much much more younger then him

  • Sunshine.Beautee
    Sunshine.Beautee   1 weeks ago

    He was only signed to Kanye as a producer not an artist.

  • elmeri
    elmeri   1 weeks ago

    177CM is not tall

  • Rosalyn Boydell
    Rosalyn Boydell   1 weeks ago

    travis and kylie have been dating for 1 year and a half and they all ready have a freakin baby!!

    LEGENDSNEVERDIE   2 weeks ago

    177cm is super short lmfao?? XD where you live midget town?

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi   2 weeks ago

    they prefer white women!

  • Coitus
    Coitus   2 weeks ago

    Who was the mastermind behind this video? Wtf kind of script was this woman given? It sounds like I'm watching a fucking episode on How its Made. "We all know most rappers use fake names that would look good in the celebrity world" shut up, that is the most far-fetched statement. Like we get it, you can use google... No more of these, PLEASE, leave it to the people who actually like their music because they would already know all the relevant shit that they share about their lives.

  • Rick Ortiz
    Rick Ortiz   2 weeks ago

    That boy's from Mo city just like Zro, holding it down for tha H. 🤘

  • M A
    M A   3 weeks ago

    Butterfly symbol connects to Travi$ track called "tHe BuTtErFlY eFfEcT" bro. Its just butterfly effect this video made me cringe so much 👿

  • Marvin Portillo
    Marvin Portillo   3 weeks ago

    Matching tattoos are literally the stupidest shit I’ve heard

  • Jeff Wambugu
    Jeff Wambugu   3 weeks ago

    real travis scott fans already know all of these

  • HN YS
    HN YS   3 weeks ago

    People see Travis Scott as great. I see him as an untalented mumble rapping piece of shit. He is a criminal fucker who dates a thot, welcome to 2018 folks people with actual talent don't get anywhere in life but pieces of shit do. I don't get how people see him as a good rapper, Eminem, Tupac and Biggie will always be remembered and never outdated but nobody's gonna remember this fucking criminal

  • kenz b
    kenz b   3 weeks ago

    He’s from Missouri City, Texas. Real Travis fans where u at

  • STAN.P channel
    STAN.P channel   1 months ago

    I grew up with his sister Rita Scott and his brother Dickjack Scott

  • Doominatrix
    Doominatrix   1 months ago

    "and for those with the metric system" - you mean..the rest of the world? Cause nobody uses that unlogic system, you have anymore. Btw. 1,77 m isn't tall at all. 1,90m is tall.