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Dwayne Johnson Five-Timers Monologue - SNL

  • Published on: 21 May 2017
  • Host Dwayne Johnson and fellow Five-Timers Club member Tom Hanks announce their intention to run for president and vice president in 2020.

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  • Runtime : 6:57
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  • JJ Allwood
    JJ Allwood   8 hours ago

    That would be the COOLEST Prez and Vice prez EVERRRRRR!

  • KonElKent
    KonElKent   1 weeks ago

    I get the joke, but it all makes perfect sense. I'm in! Johnson/Hanks 2020!!

  • icetwo
    icetwo   2 weeks ago

    I think President Pizza would be a good choice

  • Tito World
    Tito World   3 weeks ago

    Binge watching all snl skits from the past. There cheesy but gold πŸ‘Œ

  • Aaron Saltzer
    Aaron Saltzer   1 months ago

    Don’t act so surprised, Dwayne. You know you live for the praise. Lol

  • hardy2175
    hardy2175   2 months ago

    Hanks should be the president. I like Dwayne and he should stick to acting.

  • KonElKent
    KonElKent   2 months ago

    I'm in. I'm totally in! I have never, in my voting life, been more excited over a pair of potential candidates. Just once I want to believe in who I'm voting for, and not simply voting for the lesser of two evils.

  • mdub2000
    mdub2000   3 months ago

    Dude I'd vote for them!!!

  • Faz U
    Faz U   3 months ago

    Not a surprise. Thought all presidents were great actors anyway 😎

  • Rosa Fernandez
    Rosa Fernandez   4 months ago


  • cutter
    cutter   4 months ago

    Better than any democrat so its a win win. Trump win. The Rock win.

  • cutter
    cutter   4 months ago

    Theyed have a shot at winning tbh.

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez   4 months ago

    To snl: you cant just get peoples hope up like that. People must have been crushed. And now the reruns are getting the rest of us.. >:/

  • El GefΓ©
    El GefΓ©   5 months ago

    "I gonna break that son-of-a-bitches neck!"

  • April Kester
    April Kester   6 months ago

    I'll vote for a comedian over a politician any day.

  • zabnat
    zabnat   6 months ago

    Maybe they should have ran.

  • Jonathan Crisman
    Jonathan Crisman   6 months ago

  • CubaRican908
    CubaRican908   7 months ago

    At this point a chair has higher poll numbers than our current president so when it comes to the next election if Dwayne Johnson really did run against Trump he would probably win by a landslide and most likely would do a way better job than our current president...... besides you always see Russian President Vladimir Putin with his shirt off flexing his muscles to trying to come off as a strong world leader and intimidate other world leaders would be funny to see him trying to do that next to president Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lol

  • Kenzie Pickford
    Kenzie Pickford   8 months ago

    I wonder if they realize that they would actually probably win

  • Tommy K
    Tommy K   8 months ago

    Wayne The Rock Johnson!

  • Shariska
    Shariska   8 months ago


  • Dominik Serene
    Dominik Serene   8 months ago

    Please tell me hes not joking. Please tell me hes actually running

  • Ullas Shetty
    Ullas Shetty   8 months ago

    I am from India and heck,even I would vote for them.