Gordon Ramsay Cooks Steak On A Shovel

  • Published on: 14 October 2018
  • Surprisingly effective.

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  • Runtime : 3:1
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  • Keith Callen
    Keith Callen   1 days ago

    We did mesquite smoked duck over coals in a stone "oven". Camp cooking is the best!

  • ari spag
    ari spag   2 days ago

    Love it!!!! Greqt inspiration!!!

  • Food Drinkers
    Food Drinkers   4 days ago

    I don’t even know what kinda family is this

  • Cool Kidd
    Cool Kidd   5 days ago

    You can tell that Gordon is a really amazinf father

  • Fraizer
    Fraizer   6 days ago

    yami paint burn of the metal and he put meat on it + aluminuim lol so good cooker lol. a good toxic meat

  • hoopin
    hoopin   1 weeks ago

    Just wrap up some pure Dee dog shit in foil and smoke it !!! should come out ok...like fresh out the asshole!!! Don't forget to pee pee and put a sprinkle of sand and dirt to garnish ......bone -appe -shit!!!

  • Chris Ayres
    Chris Ayres   1 weeks ago

    She has such an annoying voice though lol

  • Lolbringer
    Lolbringer   1 weeks ago

    The girl: ”It’s perfect!”Gordon: IT’S FOOKIN RAW

  • System 42
    System 42   1 weeks ago

    I love eating steak on the coated&painted shovel

  • varunthedoc
    varunthedoc   1 weeks ago

    We used to cook whole chicken stuffed with garlic and herbs in the camp fire. And along with a pint of beer it was an amazing meal. Miss those days

  • Martin Calden
    Martin Calden   1 weeks ago

    if tilly does it, "you're genius"if others do it, "you fucking idiot"

  • Eternaïls M
    Eternaïls M   1 weeks ago

    do y'all seriously need to be reminded this is just a stunt , these shovels look like they're cleaner than the plates and more expansive or as pricy as a regular frying pan ; it's just a stunt : I even felt bad seeing it wear off a little under the fire

  • GTOSH11
    GTOSH11   1 weeks ago

    Eating chemicals, i'm pretty sure there is a coating on the shovel from the factory that nay come off when used this way.

  • AERO
    AERO   1 weeks ago

    Stereotypical family

  • 찬주
    찬주   2 weeks ago

    medium rare? Steak looks burnt to me

  • EagleEye Vlogs Paranormal

    Gordon your daughter is a beautiful girl. She learned from the best on cooking. That sure is a wonderful way to cook stake.... I love my stake medium rare as well, but my husband loves his medium well. I love a little pink or maybe even a little red in the center. Very great video, I give 2 huge 👍👍.... I am even a support of you. I love your TV shows. They are the best.

  • 「SaTE」
    「SaTE」   2 weeks ago

    I like how he complain before about his food served in roof tile.Meanwhile " YOUR DAD IS A GENIUSSSSSSSSSSS" -Gordon while cooking on a shovel

  • nathan hill
    nathan hill   2 weeks ago

    lol dont even wash the shovel, shoes in the house, never wash fruit... white people are so disgusting no wonder they got the plague

  • Zim Min Lay
    Zim Min Lay   2 weeks ago

    While camera man starved 😂😂😂

  • Drew G
    Drew G   2 weeks ago

    Gordon is a giant child.

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