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  • Published on: 11 September 2017
    Today I decided to go pick up my cousin from school and get some peoples reaction to the Lambo! The cop wasn't too happy about it though... Let me know what you guys thought of the vlog! And also, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON TO SEE MY OLD TEACHERS REACTING TO THE LAMBO!

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    If you read this far down the description I love you!

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  • Runtime : 12:20
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug   1 years ago

    WHY DID I GET IN TROUBLE FROM THAT COP?! Wow.Comment down below if your school has a bunch of FaZe Rug fans and I might surprise you in class ;)

  • Ali A
    Ali A   1 days ago

    I was born on September 11

  • Isabella Adelmann
    Isabella Adelmann   5 days ago

    I go too McGuire middle school but it's in Lakeville MN so you probably won't show up ❤️❤️😞😞

  • Dope songs
    Dope songs   5 days ago

    My elementary school has over 100 kids that watch your vids but mine is in ohio :(

  • Dope songs
    Dope songs   5 days ago

    Faze rug: Say Something to the vlogEveryone: WHAT'S UPThe one guy: hi

  • Chango305
    Chango305   6 days ago

    That cop is a hater. He probably didnt eat donuts that day 🤣

  • Detective Fried Chicken

    Don’t ignore this comment had earrings for about 9-10 years if you move a lot in your sleep take them off it’s annoying finding them your welcome!💯🙏🏾

  • Ayden Thomas
    Ayden Thomas   1 weeks ago

    I am a big fan I live in Kotzebue,Alaska please please come to my sccool I am in 5th grade go to room 222 please

  • Jaycob Dickson
    Jaycob Dickson   1 weeks ago

    Hey Faze Rug. You can stay at the school. It is public property. You can stay all you want. Lot of cops think they can cite people for no reason

  • itz kacee
    itz kacee   1 weeks ago

    September 11th is my birthday oh my God oh my God oh my God

  • ROBLOX Girl
    ROBLOX Girl   1 weeks ago

    The cop was mad because he doesn’t have a Lamborghini like you, just a jealous cop... btw I love those earrings FaZe Rug and you didn’t deserve that! Where is the late squad? Like the comment if you are in the late squad... btw subscribe to my channel to get subscribed to! Jk I am NOT the type of person who says that shit.

  • jaylandlemon
    jaylandlemon   1 weeks ago

    the goofy looking kids always have rich parents whats up with that

  • Marisol Rico
    Marisol Rico   1 weeks ago

    I wish u can come to my school and great ear rings.

  • Julia Walker
    Julia Walker   1 weeks ago

    Can’t stop looking at his brows. They’re perfect

  • hampa34
    hampa34   1 weeks ago

    If I saw a Lamborghini at a high school I would pass out

  • Sage21
    Sage21   1 weeks ago

    Gorning everybody.

  • Michelle Bazert
    Michelle Bazert   1 weeks ago

    If you were holding the camera with your hands and saying peace out with your hands who was steering the steering wheel

  • Michelle Bazert
    Michelle Bazert   1 weeks ago

    Marc T Atkinson Middle School in Phoenix Arizona look for a kid in gym at 3:50 named dana a African American black boy orange bus if you cant find me