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The Bachelorette: JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Interview

  • Published on: 02 August 2016
  • The Bachelorette Finale: JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers are live in Times Square to discuss the choice she made and all the drama of the season.

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  • Runtime : 4:53
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  • bridget beresford
    bridget beresford   1 years ago

    Why the fuck is there so much hate!? They obviously are in love and still together after a year! No one knows them personally so can’t say that they won’t last because one won’t stay faithful. I think they will last but I can’t say I “know “ they will because I don’t. Why can’t you just be happy that they found love! If not why are you even watching!

  • PreciousKeesha
    PreciousKeesha   1 years ago

    this show is racist. and never had black people on it. they trying to trick black peoiple and say that bitch JOJO aint white. talking about she half 'perisan'. well thats white enough. that bitch dont fool nobody . she white as hell. fuck this racist ass show.

  • Dontell Demus
    Dontell Demus   1 years ago

    fuck these white motherfuckers. the bacherotte is a racist show that aint never had a colored contestant.

  • Fabulous
    Fabulous   2 years ago

    too bad, watch hit fall apart, momma saw the hubby material in other one and she fell in lov with this guys face and his d(((( , the interviwe renunion was awkward af with robby there still hoping and her rambling on about, i didnt want hurt u. she has this banana chin,she male face goin on sometimes..drag like! shes idiot.

  • blondie
    blondie   2 years ago

    Jordan didn't even like her that much, JoJo is a bitch so she deserves him. The way she treated all the other guys.. Ugh

  • Annie Stevens
    Annie Stevens   2 years ago

    Woohoo, congratulations Jordan you well deserve it..God bless you both

  • Naly K
    Naly K   2 years ago

    Ugh they're so good looking I can't

  • Harambe
    Harambe   2 years ago

    im so glad it was jordan good pick jojo that is my favorite thank god he got picked because i love him and you do not no house much i love you guys cute couple and i live in teaxas

  • Sophia Li
    Sophia Li   2 years ago

    I was so shocked when she sent luke home...luke seemed more genuine :/

  • Jaime Woods
    Jaime Woods   2 years ago

    All of you need to chill the fuck out. Why are you so opposed to two people you don't even know being together? It's their lives, they can be with whoever the hell they want. Besides, they seem happy, so let them live :)

  • yo
    yo   2 years ago

    its soo romantic when they have to take a second and shoot the neil lane ad - mid proposal.. gets me every time

  • seynab ali hasan
    seynab ali hasan   2 years ago

    Jordan has every things women can fall in love whith him

  • Madison M.
    Madison M.   2 years ago

    All of these Bachelor and Bachelorette relationships are fake, these two soggy paper towels are just really bad actors

  • candyvodka
    candyvodka   2 years ago

    she went with her heart and when her family chose robbie she knew she wanted jordan

  • Leticia Albitos
    Leticia Albitos   2 years ago

    Jojo picked Jordan because it is her life not yours. She is going to live with him not you. So shut up. If she made a mistake then let it be. At least she tried.

  • Mil
    Mil   2 years ago

    All this hate, oh my fucking god stop. This was her decision not yours. If you don't think they're a good couple that's your opinion, you don't need to leave hate comments. They're happy together! I loved Luke so much & I hope he's the next bachelor for sure! But I love Jojo & Jordan! They're adorable & they seem happy together so just leave them alone!

  • Caesar Fiorini
    Caesar Fiorini   2 years ago

    Aaron be tappin' that ass before the end of the summer .................

  • Arna Wong
    Arna Wong   2 years ago

    People stop posting rude comments about them. Let them be happy and enjoy life, they don't need you to tell them they won't last, and that its all fake. Jordan might of cheated in the past, but thats a past, he has an amazing girl now so let him be. Love you too hop everything works out.

  • Max Bui
    Max Bui   2 years ago

    Producer: "Hey Jordan propose to her so we can get more viewers. And make sure it looks real this time"

  • Journee Tant
    Journee Tant   2 years ago

    OK so why does everyone say he did it for fame if u really watched it u would know what he did and acted like was amazing he actually cared about her and they both love each other and one more thing if u don't like it don't wacth it or keep your comments to yourself

  • srercrcr
    srercrcr   2 years ago

    I wanted Juan Pablo for her!!

  • EvenWeave
    EvenWeave   2 years ago

    was hoping for Robbie but they're rubbing on me now

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White   2 years ago

    I'm so glad she picked Jordan because he is the safe loving choice

  • GiaGuitar
    GiaGuitar   2 years ago

    The last thing Jordan wants is to be a married man........three girlfriends in 6 months is more like it.

  • Julie Van Meerbeek
    Julie Van Meerbeek   2 years ago

    Jordan is not the same person when he's on "live telzvision" he plays such a role to come over a certain way... I think jojo will be tired of that acting

  • Destinee Rueda
    Destinee Rueda   2 years ago

    Lmao all these rude and negative ass comments 😂 I love Jojo and Jordan , then two are just so cute 😍🙌🏽

  • Summer Xo
    Summer Xo   2 years ago

    I don't see them lasting 😢

  • Oumer Hab3shi
    Oumer Hab3shi   2 years ago

    look how the way he kisses and acting like. fake fake fake.

  • Oumer Hab3shi
    Oumer Hab3shi   2 years ago

    Well the only reason she didn't chose Luke is because her ultimate goal was engagement thing. U can see on episodes how many times she was talking about it. well she really made a huge mistake of her life in my opinion. she should have chosen the real love rather than bare ring. she is idiot hidden in smart tongue!!!!!!

  • (((Soundafek)))
    (((Soundafek)))   2 years ago

    Jordan stop riding Aarons coat tail, get your own...

  • L l
    L l   2 years ago

    I wish she chose Luke :-// he genuinely cared abt her. I feel like Jordan's just gonna break her heart and I get a hunch they're not even together anymore