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The Shady Truth About Kat Von D

  • Published on: 01 October 2018
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    Kat Von D has never been one to shy away from controversy, but it's hard to tell whether the makeup mogul loves the drama, or if the drama loves her. Either way, it's a marriage she can't escape. Through cheating scandals with award-winning actors and never-ending online feuds with fellow makeup stars, Von D has managed to throw more shade than one of her best-selling eyeshadow palettes. She's the kind of celebrity that always leaves us wondering what spectacularly odd situation she’ll find herself in next. Here’s the shady truth about your favorite tattooed star...

    Competition and cancellation | 0:30
    Giving makeup a bad name | 1:22
    Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star | 2:19
    Logo stealing accusations | 2:51
    Behind the palette | 3:33
    The rebound girl | 4:08
    Deadmau5 drama | 5:25
    Cheating hypocrisy | 5:59
    No Trumps allowed | 6:34
    Romanticizing mental illness | 7:26

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  • Runtime : 8:31
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift   2 weeks ago

    What other inked celebs should we feature next?

  • psychedelic souljam
    psychedelic souljam   2 hours ago

    My friend agreed with everything in this video until the Trump thing. She's a Trump supporter and she lost her mind. Suddenly hates Kat von d. I'd say anybody (including kat) who gets so enraged over a political opinion has serious mental issues.

  • thunder god
    thunder god   3 hours ago

    Her pussie must smell musty as hell. Its been said it looks like carp guts. Or roast beef hanging out in the wind.

  • Sean Joyce
    Sean Joyce   8 hours ago

    WTF!!! I really thought Starr? Was a woman.My world 🌎 is deconstructing.

  • kalanix51
    kalanix51   11 hours ago

    She gets on my nerves and I don’t even know why. But this video kinda just went over my head and she still annoys me.

  • Carmen Nieves
    Carmen Nieves   12 hours ago

    Trash loves Trash. They deserve each other. Sandra is class next to trash

  • Carmen Nieves
    Carmen Nieves   12 hours ago

    She doesn't amaze me. Not pretty and reminds me of Elvira.

  • thedeafgenius
    thedeafgenius   15 hours ago

    LOL Sandra Bullock knew exactly who she was marrying. I have seen this type of couple over and over and over since I grew up around the same type of people Jesse did. Those two types always make for a really good sensual relationship but it does not last.

  • mOhNotone
    mOhNotone   20 hours ago

    Doesn’t she refuse to vaccinate her child?

  • Blizzard ?
    Blizzard ?   21 hours ago

    She is sick and the New palette Fetish half of them name eye shadows are from Jeffree Star lipstick

  • Big Chesse
    Big Chesse   22 hours ago

    I'd date her teach her being high maintenance get u in trouble

  • William Henderson
    William Henderson   23 hours ago

    Meh. Kat von D is a skank. Why is she any different than the other skanks of her generation?

  • Milenko Popovic
    Milenko Popovic   1 days ago

    From German . Her name is translated Katherin of Dragon's hill . Kinda cool

  • IcePrincess751
    IcePrincess751   1 days ago

    None of this surprises me one bit.This woman would knock down her own mother and step over her body just to stay relevant.Definitely one cold-hearted backstabber.

  • bluesgirl
    bluesgirl   1 days ago

    grow up kat, there's a child in the mix now!

  • ryanhenry21
    ryanhenry21   1 days ago

    All these people are very very strange.

  • 88blockNS
    88blockNS   1 days ago

    "Throwing shade"... Can we please stop glamorizing the black people's lack of knowledge of the English language? K thanks bye.

  • Raven E
    Raven E   1 days ago

    She’s still concerned with Jeffree. She’s a little too old to be looking like a Hot Topic shopper. She’s nothing but a poser. If she hates Trump, she can leave the country.

  • Martha Loreto
    Martha Loreto   1 days ago

    Kat Von D, is a satanist.She promotes it and is proud of it. The Devil has given her temporary fame, but the price for it will not be worth it one bit. Stop buying stuff not knowing the background behind it. You worship whatever you want Kat, but I won’t be endorsing it.

  • Bobby Sands
    Bobby Sands   1 days ago

    Listen. Up you I have fuqed Her in my Mind. She loved it yep I'm a stud

  • Stephen Jarrell
    Stephen Jarrell   1 days ago

    Shadiest truth is...She's not getting this D rite now

  • Daniel Lobo
    Daniel Lobo   2 days ago

    I love her♥️😍😘 leave her alone ♥️

  • klimtklavier
    klimtklavier   2 days ago

    Never get tats from skanks... no thanks keep your hep and measles.