The Champions - Episode 4

  • Published on: 08 October 2018
  • It’s Oktoberfest! 🍻Can Borussia Dortmund get through the party without losing another player to Bayern Munich?

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  • Runtime : 4:4
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  • Iota Omicron
    Iota Omicron   8 hours ago

    It was rainingChris gets the inviteIt’s not raining anymoreFast weather

  • Firaso Tv
    Firaso Tv   17 hours ago

    2:19 wtf is the 🇩🇪 thing doing here

  • CJYC
    CJYC   1 days ago

    2014-Germans:Beat Argentina BEST WORLD CUP2018-Germans:Lost to Korea WORST WORLD CUP EVER

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman   1 days ago

    "Don't go to dive bars!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Humza Mohsin
    Humza Mohsin   2 days ago

    this is literally the best series on the internet

  • MP2S
    MP2S   3 days ago

    Did reus's hair go up off his head on 1:02

    PAZER   1 weeks ago

    dortmund won 3-2 against bayern

  • shaolin1200
    shaolin1200   1 weeks ago

    My favorite episode Yes I’m a Dortmund fanPulisic was so funnyBayern was hilarious

  • daGloiner
    daGloiner   1 weeks ago

    heja BVB...hehei don't know why but this was fucking hilarious

  • Adi Kurbegović
    Adi Kurbegović   1 weeks ago

    1:49 is that Wagner?Wagner is in Bayern.Or is it just someone who looks like Wagner.

  • von Purr
    von Purr   1 weeks ago

    This is fucking hilarious

  • Dochido
    Dochido   1 weeks ago

    I learned german from this video

  • Ser Petiks
    Ser Petiks   1 weeks ago

    "As your captain, I say NEIN!" hair hops a bit

  • Brixxdon_ Gvming
    Brixxdon_ Gvming   1 weeks ago

    Y'all trying to say pulisić ain't worth 70mil 😂😂😂

  • Munashe William
    Munashe William   1 weeks ago

    i dont really consider us in ze bundesliga we're sort of psg in ligue 1 hahahahahaha out of this world

  • Sugoi Ryan
    Sugoi Ryan   2 weeks ago

    I'm not bald yet but when I get old I want my hair to fall back on my head like Reus's

  • Sugoi Ryan
    Sugoi Ryan   2 weeks ago

    Why does everyone sound gay in this episode

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