CIARA - DOSE [Official Video]

  • Published on: 25 October 2018
  • Ciara's Official Dose Music Video Premiering Exclusively on Youtube!

    Stream/Download Dose Now:
  • Runtime : 4:8
  • Ciara Dose Official


  • chris coley
    chris coley   1 hours ago

    She’s back and she’s on fire 🔥

  • Trigger Finisher
    Trigger Finisher   8 hours ago

    What the hell? African im black but the African music doe.

  • Quay Carter
    Quay Carter   9 hours ago

    Shout out to traci young byron ( A.K.A Supablackgirl ) for being 40+ keeping up with the young girls & still following her dreams and letting us have it ♥ #LoveYCDT

  • Saad Saad
    Saad Saad   10 hours ago

    this better than style by taylor which has 400m views

  • Tonia M
    Tonia M   12 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 as always!!

  • Marino Sanchez
    Marino Sanchez   13 hours ago

    Why Destroy Something Beautiful With Negative Comments. SOME OF you MFs DO TO DAMN MUCH. SHE DESERVES THE ACCALAIDS. Can you do what she does??? Thot Not ...there will NEVA be another MJ but you can see his influence in her showmanship. Stop tearing OUR FOLKS DOWN and CELEBRATE EACH OTHER'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS #win-bihh

  • Mesheka Nelson
    Mesheka Nelson   14 hours ago

    This sounds kinda similar to :”Beyoncé-lose my breath “

  • jamrockprincess
    jamrockprincess   17 hours ago

    Soooo did someone forget to pay the light bill or something? Why the hell is the video so dark????! @[email protected] ...... Regardless LOVE YOU CiCi!!! <3 ,3 <3 <3

  • KEY M
    KEY M   18 hours ago

    I luv her skin the most

  • tiffanie g
    tiffanie g   1 days ago

    Comment if she can sing and you say no you have no music taste

  • Kinho Cartoon
    Kinho Cartoon   1 days ago

    She dance more than Beyoncé. She rocks and has a beautiful voice !!

  • ImaWiccan
    ImaWiccan   1 days ago

    I dislike recent songs but I love this! ♡

  • Nyla Harris
    Nyla Harris   1 days ago


  • Aubrey Sky
    Aubrey Sky   1 days ago


  • Banzy Frankly
    Banzy Frankly   1 days ago

    am I the only one who enjoy the band at the beginning of the video....I keep repeating the beginning part I love it so much

  • Mona Rout
    Mona Rout   1 days ago

    So damn sexy and most beautiful

  • fred d
    fred d   2 days ago

    CiCi can't do no wrong

  • Moe H.
    Moe H.   2 days ago

    Song should be called OVERDOSE.. 😂❤️

  • Alex Hutchy
    Alex Hutchy   2 days ago

    Pls guys we need to make this trend !

  • Silly Panda
    Silly Panda   2 days ago

    To me, Ciara will always be QUEEN 💖💖💖

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