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Pier Pressure

  • Published on: 30 August 2010
  • Runtime : 35


    RON KALKHOVEN   4 days ago

    The seas are full of old fishing nets where sealife gets entangled in and drown....the barrel...and the petrol puddle.....sea look at the nice dolphin again..

  • Art Hoe
    Art Hoe   1 weeks ago

    Goes to show how ignorant and desensitized this generation really is.

  • Eric P
    Eric P   2 years ago

    I've been watching too much Wile E Coyote. I thought those floats on the net were weather balloons. Kept waiting for them to inflate and lift the net up to trap the kid.

  • Scott Xavier
    Scott Xavier   3 years ago

    I am the sound of banksy when he is asleep!

  • d74g0n
    d74g0n   3 years ago

    Banksy makes me grin so hard.

  • irthomasthomas
    irthomasthomas   3 years ago

    Please keep in mind that we are viewing this through the lens of a Banksy YouTube Chanel. As opposed to those people in the film who are just walking around a pier looking at shit. If I was just walking past this, I might not get what it was straight away, but if I saw the camera there, I might stop and look, and then I might spot the nets and figure it out. Then I would probably jump on too, and get my mates to record me whilst I ride that dolphin to freedom.

  • Coda DeMarco
    Coda DeMarco   4 years ago

    these comments fucking daft. i would hate to be you banksy, the sheer irony of it! 

  • Shaun Sim
    Shaun Sim   5 years ago

    I don't get what i just saw...

  • trentonx
    trentonx   5 years ago

    the mom doesn't seem to either

  • dogdemon62
    dogdemon62   5 years ago

    They're kids, they don't understand what happened.

  • pam Johnson
    pam Johnson   5 years ago

    How do you know the mom doesn't see the irony in the situation and wants a photo?

  • DPTKids
    DPTKids   5 years ago

    Hey - you're a kid, you have a chance to ride a dolphin...nothing else matters. Nothing.

  • Beach Goth Gay
    Beach Goth Gay   5 years ago

    Yeah but if Robbo made a children's ride it'd be called vandalism.

  • Leibinz
    Leibinz   5 years ago

    Read 'Lord of the Flies'. Kids don't give a dam.

  • ura soul
    ura soul   5 years ago

    japanesish folks are not interested.. no dolphin blood was smelt. is that racist to your mind? ask a dolphin.

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller   5 years ago

    "Alright Kids look at the camera and say, dead dolphins! "

  • W
    W   5 years ago

    People don't even notice. "Ride the dolphin sweetie!!"

  • BlairDrager
    BlairDrager   5 years ago

    You think a film posted by this Banksy person would at least be in 720p. Shame banksy, shame...

  • Matthew Henington
    Matthew Henington   5 years ago

    I don't think anybody actually notices the oil barrel or anything... oblivious...

  • themamman1
    themamman1   5 years ago

    he does art exhibitions that ironically only the rich, powerful and privileged get to attend. Original banksy artwork is quite valuable.

  • Aleksandar von Zimmer

    i love dolphins. can we get this thing in germany as well? my kids would love riding it. the net provides more safety as well, and the barrel is a nice step for smaller children. nice concept for future playgounds.

  • unity1nz
    unity1nz   5 years ago

    people don't look let alone see

  • Thaluckysun1
    Thaluckysun1   5 years ago

    yea jus noticed the nets.. love my "tuna"

  • TouristTrophyRecord
    TouristTrophyRecord   5 years ago

    O_o how the hell is possible that the people don't notice the oil barrel, the petrol puddle and the net that tangled the dolphin?! such a sad view...

  • 0valle0
    0valle0   5 years ago

    He's based in central London.

  • Lucie W
    Lucie W   5 years ago

    is Banksy based in Brighton? i never knew :) cool

  • 33hartz33
    33hartz33   5 years ago

    kann man mal sehen wie blind der mensch sogar dem offentsichtlichen gegenüber seine blindheit nich verliert :( :(

  • gossfunkel
    gossfunkel   6 years ago

    you must be trolling. SURELY. Dunn? I mean... could you really have meant dumb? A pier is a thing by the sea you tether boats too. Peer pressure is when your peers pressure you to do something. It's a pun.