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A Book I Made as an Adult

  • Published on: 16 June 2018
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    Mad lib book report

    Big thanks to GingerPale and Zalinki for voicing parts of the video
  • Runtime : 4:54
  • Cartoon Animation How to be cool book book report How to be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up novel author funny lol


  • Felis
    Felis   2 hours ago

    His leg at the beginning looks so uncomfortable

  • rachel zeggane
    rachel zeggane   5 hours ago

    I really want the book but I don’t have money 😅😢

  • Haley Campbell
    Haley Campbell   6 hours ago

    It’s about time this was published 4 months ago and I finally got the book today

  • Breezilla 24k
    Breezilla 24k   9 hours ago

    I think getting the book automatically makes you cool

  • Ozzie Copello
    Ozzie Copello   10 hours ago

    10000000000000000%of popeple that Love it :)1%of popeple that hate It. >:(

  • PixelatedCake YT
    PixelatedCake YT   12 hours ago

    Wait is that gingerpale checks discription oh it is....NEW IT!

  • godf3
    godf3   12 hours ago

    Anyone else seen the ''is this loss" easter egg in 3:24 ?

  • Lps Catgirl598
    Lps Catgirl598   22 hours ago

    I BOUGHT IT😏heheheEdit: Wow I sound creepy XD

  • Rachel Drenthen
    Rachel Drenthen   1 days ago


  • Vanessa Navarro
    Vanessa Navarro   1 days ago

    James I have watched all of your videos, please make more I really like them :)

  • superfan67
    superfan67   1 days ago

    2:01 will see its just like that video called Brent Pella - Why You Shouldn't Fly on Spirit Airlines and then a lady says will see lol

  • christina Cendejas
    christina Cendejas   1 days ago

    Is it weird that am 29 and i love watching this? It brings a lot of memories 😂

  • Shadowswimmer :P
    Shadowswimmer :P   1 days ago

    i bought the book about a month ago and ive read it 10 times already

  • BigBitch
    BigBitch   1 days ago

    Anyone want a signed copy? Thinking about selling on EBay.

  • Add G
    Add G   1 days ago

    My mom made a book about me called Unapologetically me and she also made another book called sometimes I'm sorry and there on amazon

  • CoolCatUnicorn 24
    CoolCatUnicorn 24   1 days ago

    Aww man I wish there was an Estonian version of the book too: '(

  • Leah Carey
    Leah Carey   1 days ago

    I'm ordering your mug for Christmas and I'm also getting your spoinkles t-shirt too YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  • DrMr Bossman
    DrMr Bossman   2 days ago

    Did somebody say sequel of first vid ever