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before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

  • Published on: 10 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 47
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  • Dracula
    Dracula   3 days ago

    I can do without food but I need my ice cold water

  • coxac1
    coxac1   4 days ago

    Oh i love this chubby asian man!! He is so adorable! I just want to cuddle him

  • Christian Hotdog
    Christian Hotdog   5 days ago

    As someone who follows whiskey subreddits and channels I feel personally attacked

  • Rj Lamons
    Rj Lamons   1 weeks ago

    Ive never watched a video more times then this 😂😂

  • Sudhir Panier
    Sudhir Panier   1 weeks ago

    Highland Springs at 10°C for cold climates or Fuji at 18°C for warm climates. For tap water, I think the best I've ever had may have been in New Zealand.

  • MISSed Bandwagon
    MISSed Bandwagon   1 weeks ago

    “Maximum travel velocity down the throat” That’s where I would have left, lmao.

  • 陳威廷
    陳威廷   1 weeks ago

    I watched this video 5 times, not particularly love water but your voice only, you almost convinced me to test my every sip of water XD

  • Takbir Jihadi
    Takbir Jihadi   1 weeks ago

    7ph is the standard but 10 pH is actually better.

  • A. Saleh
    A. Saleh   1 weeks ago

    I actually care about the Ph of water and its source, all my friends think I'm weird

  • Lewis Haoki
    Lewis Haoki   1 weeks ago

    Well, you know what they say...Water is The Shit!

  • CCProductions
    CCProductions   2 weeks ago

    Man fuck Dasani. It tastes like sucking off a terminator.

  • Gentry Dean
    Gentry Dean   2 weeks ago

    Hahaha I love watching and quoting this video.

  • M. V.
    M. V.   2 weeks ago

    Wow! A dude on the internet who is thirsty in the most sincere sense of the word, so far... Well he's probably not that thirsty considering his arcane knowledge of water, but Rome wasn't built in a day. CHANGES!

  • A.L. otter
    A.L. otter   2 weeks ago

    Trying to play fighting games...

  • HeihachiChaolan
    HeihachiChaolan   2 weeks ago

    If you're going for the horis, make sure you get them AT LEAST Sanwa grade, that's the arcade standard. None of that budget ass shit. Early Horis have that budget ass stick and buttons so strike that off your list immediately. Later Horis have Hayabusa parts, which are fine for some people but weird for others. If you don't want Horis, look for either Madcatz or Razer, or even Qanba. They make quality sticks

  • okjoana
    okjoana   2 weeks ago

    "so no.. dasani *snorts*"

  • Azzarock Online
    Azzarock Online   3 weeks ago

    Ok many good points but I’m a level ten so I think I’ve got this

  • Xetheyr
    Xetheyr   3 weeks ago

    ”Not again...” Lol.

  • samareaye
    samareaye   3 weeks ago

    Were those throat exercises the first three chords of the Evangelion OP?

  • braden7180
    braden7180   3 weeks ago

    I want to state as clearly as possible that I have a strong disagreement with 1.1k YouTube viewers. This is hilarious.

  • Joseph Guiste
    Joseph Guiste   3 weeks ago

    Are those The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril, and The End on your bookshelf?

  • Lodestar
    Lodestar   3 weeks ago

    Oh gawd, this water thing is too complicated. Back to the wine...

  • God
    God   4 weeks ago

    I was expecting you to sellout by using water as your sponser but whatever