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Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop - US Trailer

  • Published on: 01 April 2010
  • Website:

    This is the inside story of Street Art - a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide. Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world's most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

    One of the most provocative films about art ever made, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a fascinating study of low-level criminality, comradeship and incompetence. By turns shocking, hilarious and absurd, this is an enthralling modern-day fairytale... with bolt cutters.
  • Runtime : 1:17
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  • Ki Hyun Kang
    Ki Hyun Kang   4 years ago

    anyone knows the name of the song in this video +wilcop  said this is dj babus beat. let me know plz

  • Jared A. Wignall
    Jared A. Wignall   5 years ago

    This should have won the Best Documentary Oscar. Great film.

  • Greg Ports
    Greg Ports   6 years ago

    wtf kind of black magic is this?

  • Arthur Hecquet
    Arthur Hecquet   6 years ago

    The intro song alone makes the trailer awesome. And the movie is great

  • brainzrightside
    brainzrightside   6 years ago

    A documentary that makes you realize that business men assholes exists, and they steal the idea of art to make money... f*ck mr. brainwash. he is no artist... real artists knows....

  • MakeForceZ
    MakeForceZ   6 years ago

    mr brainwash suck... BANSKY is the best!!!

  • SpartanM621
    SpartanM621   7 years ago

    @Qoazar The Creators - Kronkite Instrumental

  • Ghost
    Ghost   7 years ago

    banksy is so badass mmm

  • edgarSmile
    edgarSmile   7 years ago

    mr brainwash is a fucking poser !

  • edgarSmile
    edgarSmile   7 years ago

    mr brainwash is a fucking poser !

  • tntbomgraff
    tntbomgraff   7 years ago

    song banksy is The Creators - Kronkite (Instrumental)

  • jonisafreak3
    jonisafreak3   7 years ago

    Unused footage of thierry going out at night

  • jonisafreak3
    jonisafreak3   7 years ago

    @PhantomAct Your completely right and from viewing this trailer before the actual movie i thought it was gonna be some crazy story of taggers and spray painters and the struggle they have to deal with and the culture of street art from one mans digital crappy camera, i mean it was kinda like that but it wasnt and the opening for the film made me more stoked until ya know they introduce brainwash. I thought this movie would be some raw shit and if this isnt "fake" i would love too see all of the

  • NightPredator888
    NightPredator888   7 years ago

    Banksy is getting paid for his art because it is being sold in galleries and auctions. All I am saying is if he is so hardcore anti-establishment and money he would put it up on YouTube for free. Or do what Radiohead did sell the album themselves and let people decide that is anti-establishment. Not trying to start a fight this is just my view.

  • Leighton Brown
    Leighton Brown   7 years ago

    @NightPredator888 most of what you pay in cinema's is for the cinema anyway not for the movie creators.

  • Chris
    Chris   7 years ago

    @NightPredator888 haha.. Banksy painted walls all over the world since many years. And now he made a Movie and you must only pay few dollars. I Think this is a very good deal, for all the Art he made every year .. dude

  • NightPredator888
    NightPredator888   7 years ago

    If he was really anti establishment he would release the movie for free

  • Alan
    Alan   7 years ago

    @MrRoachclips The film is actually real. You know, all the footage Thiery filmed is there (the scene where he meets Shepard Fairey in LA is at least 9 years old) and the show of Mr. BrainWash in LA was real, too. Maybe not the 100% of it is real, but most of it is. The only thing is that Banksy is actually a great filmmaker and he knew how to give form to a genuine, great story.

  • Slim TheChemist
    Slim TheChemist   7 years ago

    everyone, who ever wants to meet banksy in person, thumbs up !! :D

  • thebryanexperience
    thebryanexperience   7 years ago

    the whole movie is just a whole bunch of cats eating ridiculous amounts of dog food.

  • PyroNinja713
    PyroNinja713   7 years ago

    @MrRoachclips any proof of this? i had that suspicion, but I'm going to go under the presumption that it's real until I see some evidence or one of the people in it admits this. But still I admit that there is a good chance that this is just as "real" as the Blair witch project.

  • cam warren
    cam warren   7 years ago

    @xCODxGLITCHERx you can buy it at

  • PyroNinja713
    PyroNinja713   7 years ago

    I just watched this and I really want a follow up on Thierry. I want to know how he feels after seeing this film and knowing how everybody else views his "art". I mean he's a nice guy and all, but he's borderline retarded and his "art" was shit. There's no way he should have been remotely successful. I'm with Banksy. Either MBW is the luckiest moron alive or he's a fucking genius. Regardless of all that, this was a GREAT film.

  • payntballman
    payntballman   7 years ago

    MR brainwash is a complete idiot, making art that looks like other artist work. REAL ORIGINAL. Mr brainwash should go lay down in the middle of the 405

  • JQuile0881
    JQuile0881   7 years ago

    Hahaha....he really got American film culture down...violence and stupidity....the other trailer is a lot funnier still.

  • AxcelKaru
    AxcelKaru   7 years ago

    Aw yeah, preording a US copy of this off amazon

  • sunyken
    sunyken   7 years ago

    @emomuffinxD123 that's the freakin' 'i am a person with colored fingers' attitude!