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iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.

    iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max:
    iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9:
  • Runtime : 11:22
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  • ツDominikDestroyerツ
    ツDominikDestroyerツ   10 hours ago

    So Iphone X still king? Because i am buy iphone X a year 2019 XD btw i am still using iphone 6s ❤️

  • ILLuZzionZz Zz
    ILLuZzionZz Zz   23 hours ago

    I am watching this video on the I phone Xs ❤️

  • Cameo Baggett
    Cameo Baggett   1 days ago

    I jus upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to a iPhone X and I’m loving it. No point of spending even more money for the iPhone xs or xs max when they do the same things

  • OmegaMan
    OmegaMan   1 days ago

    It’s not an upgrade. They’re just different models of the same line. That’s why they’re both X’s.

  • jair alfaro
    jair alfaro   2 days ago

    I Feel like everyone should upgrade everytime they bring 5 new iPhones or if your phone is broke then i would say to upgrade

  • Saurabh N
    Saurabh N   2 days ago

    I don't knw abt u guys bt it's around 1819 US dollars in India 😒😒

  • idip4fun
    idip4fun   2 days ago

    i still use my iphone 7 plus an six just fine with no slow down speed

  • idip4fun
    idip4fun   2 days ago

    if apple users got with the programs they wouldn't fall for the new phone when there i phone works well and nothing wrong with it and would not make money coming out with a new phone every year

  • Francois Blair
    Francois Blair   2 days ago

    Going for the Iphone X model, upgrading from my 7 plus

  • Caleb
    Caleb   2 days ago

    Just stick with iPhone x

  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez   3 days ago

    Got the Note 9 with a Stylus, bigger battery, better, faster everything (CPU, GPU, RAM, MP front cam, rear cam f-stops....), lighter than the XS MAX, Headphone Jack and included Headphones, 128GB included storage expandable up to 640 GB with an SD card, fingerprint sensor, no stupid notch on the screen, and for $140 less than the cheapest 64 GB iPhone Xs..... but hey, you can do whatever the phone you wanna do

  • autumn rain
    autumn rain   3 days ago

    I have an rose gold 16gb iPhone SE can’t wait to upgrade

  • Diego Atanacio
    Diego Atanacio   3 days ago

    I’m watching this review not to compare X with Xs but to see their difference.Just incase i may not be able to buy Xs, then my last resort would be to fall and buy the X. Currently on iPhone 6, so yeah prob need an upgrade.

  • Zayto TM
    Zayto TM   3 days ago

    I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and you've think I should upgrade to X or Xs?

  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady   4 days ago

    I want one but Ian get money😭😭

  • deepesh singh
    deepesh singh   4 days ago

    Apple iPhone X - The game changer .

  • Michael Huff
    Michael Huff   4 days ago

    You mentioned the xs max is a worthy upgrade but does the size of the phone throw things off at all? The iPhone x felt like a small phone in my hand.

  • Hydraz
    Hydraz   4 days ago

    I know that I don’t need to upgrade but I’m going to upgrade to a xs max from a 7

  • Mette Jonsson
    Mette Jonsson   4 days ago

    What if you dont have a IPhone x is so whort it

  • yedija luhur
    yedija luhur   5 days ago

    Most modern full frame or aps c camera should use smartphone imaging technology to produce better JPG image rather than just improving the RAW quality.. or maybe there aren't enough processing power to deal with full frame sensor? lols

  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris   5 days ago

    So I just bought a iPhone X 64gb for $900, did I do the wrong thing, should I take it back?

  • lil San
    lil San   5 days ago

    «Most durable glass ever in a smartphone»He haven’t seen Nokia phone lol...

  • Kermit’s life
    Kermit’s life   5 days ago

    Am I the only one who has a iPhone 5s? I’m broke so I can’t afford anything... but I want a iPhone X

  • Scoring Point
    Scoring Point   5 days ago

    Apple iPhone XsClick the link for exclusive

  • Hugh Russell
    Hugh Russell   5 days ago

    If they don’t bring a dark mode to iOS 13 I’m switching to android

  • gabby mlambo
    gabby mlambo   1 weeks ago

    IPhone x would be lovely please give it to me

  • Brianna
    Brianna   1 weeks ago

    I'm thinking about jumping up (tmobile program) from a Galaxy S9 to an iPhone 8 or X. I previously had an iphone 7, and being honest, I miss ios. The reason I'm thinking about upgrading is because of some mechanical issues I'm having, such as draining battery life only after 4 months. I need some advice on what to do if y'all wanna help :)

  • kiro
    kiro   1 weeks ago

    "time is money" ... yeah cause i need that .1 extra second

  • Rick E
    Rick E   1 weeks ago

    the 6s lasted me almost 5 years and its still running strong. s models are seriously something else! im considering upgrading to the xs cuz i know this shits gonna last me long time (and it should for the price)

  • Fact Reveal
    Fact Reveal   1 weeks ago

    Watch these surprising facts about Apple iphone.... I'm sure you'd be surprised...

  • Dan Tech
    Dan Tech   1 weeks ago

    I hope money is not an object for me as well. 😂😂😂

  • Uttam Dwivedi
    Uttam Dwivedi   1 weeks ago

    Really stupid video. Just vomited out the specs for both from the announcement. No real comparison... Just dumb video