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Keith Eats Everything At KFC

  • Published on: 26 September 2018
  • Keith tastes everything on the KFC menu. The Try Guys and one special guest join him this time! Dig in! #EatTheMenu

    *All leftovers were eaten across the next few days at lunch by the Try Guys' staff. The staff begged for alternatives, and they were given none until all the tasty, tasty chicken was gone.*

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    Chris Reinacher - @chrisreinacher

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  • Runtime : 18:27
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  • Dava Adlain
    Dava Adlain   7 minuts ago

    I volunteer for the Popeyes version! But only if it comes from Popeyes in New Orleans.....

  • David Honore
    David Honore   14 minuts ago

    Where’s your original ingenious side kick?

  • christabel foo
    christabel foo   1 hours ago

    He kept saying "national"hot instead of "Nashville "hot.

  • Maritza Padilla-Horta

    I love how his favorite was the pot pie because of the chicken if he knew that the chicken in that pot pie is just shredded left over chicken from the day before that is sometimes kept up to 3 months in the freezer. the chicken from the end of the day thats left over so breast thighs legs.

  • Soft Jimin
    Soft Jimin   2 hours ago

    Um hello where is the extra crispy chicken? (read: the best chicken)

  • c Lee
    c Lee   2 hours ago

    Is that what Keith thinks Georgians sound like? 😂

  • jason grass
    jason grass   3 hours ago

    Your table manners are absolutely intolerable. Your parents failed raising you. Chew with your mouth closed, ugh. I couldnt even make it all the way through your vile eating habits.

  • Anne Grey
    Anne Grey   3 hours ago

    Does Australia have a completely different KFC menu because I don’t recognise any of the items

  • Qjz ↂ
    Qjz ↂ   3 hours ago

    Shiiiii gimme 2-3 phattt blunts I’ll finish it all

  • alice zhang
    alice zhang   5 hours ago


  • Kalamite
    Kalamite   5 hours ago

    Fact, juiciest and most flavourful part of the chicken are the drumsticks. Hence why they’re the most readily available at almost any deep fried chicken location.

  • ThatJ4ke
    ThatJ4ke   6 hours ago

    5:33 shit myself for a second lol

  • *Shi gal*
    *Shi gal*   6 hours ago

    This taste test needed KFC chicken from Trinidad and Tobago #shutitalldown #nocomplications

  • E
    E   6 hours ago

    I want kfc now pls

  • Quaiah Conner
    Quaiah Conner   7 hours ago

    That chicken lesson was amazing. Mind blowing!!! Lol

  • Nick Ring
    Nick Ring   7 hours ago

    You should do Keith eats the Wendy’s menu

  • Mr cookies
    Mr cookies   8 hours ago

    If you bring your kids here just get them a bucket of chicken

    GNIKULODEON   9 hours ago

    Ever since when did you have your own channel guys?

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood   9 hours ago

    If you type in "kfc, la la la" it comes up with the right video I'm dead 😂😂

  • kas g
    kas g   9 hours ago

    this has made me want kfc now :,)

  • Emily G.
    Emily G.   9 hours ago

    The chicken in the pot pies is just shredded fried chicken... I know... I work there