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The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby

  • Published on: 07 July 2018
  • The guys meet Ned's baby for the first time. Will Eugene overcome his hatred of babies?

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  • An Aspie Fangirl
    An Aspie Fangirl   1 minuts ago

    As Wes grows up, I predict...Eugene would be the one that makes sure he's always in style, and when he's old enough, he'll help him get a girlfriend and/or aid his acts of rebellion without Ned knowing.Zach would be the root of all the fun hobbies he will pick up. When Wes asks to go to the park or to an inflatable jumping gym, Zach would be the driver and would keep him company. Also, I bet Wes would have pretend school classes where he acts like the teacher and Zach be his "student"Keith would be the at home babysitter and general uncle best friend. They would make lots of weird foods and by the time Wes is a teen, there were 4 instances that could have led to a huge house fire.

  • Tumbling Noelle
    Tumbling Noelle   1 hours ago

    Why did Eugene kiss the baby like he was having his first kiss lol

  • DeVine GAMING
    DeVine GAMING   2 hours ago

    Eugene and little Wes is a reference from Maleficent.

  • Krayzlee
    Krayzlee   3 hours ago

    The fact that Eugene didn’t wanna hold Wes cause he was too afraid of hurting him warms my FUCKING SOUL. If Eugene ever has a kid, he’s gonna be a great father cause I think he would be very protective.

  • Steven Lewis
    Steven Lewis   3 hours ago

    After watching the whole video, I can’t tell if Wes looks just like Ned or if Ned looks like a baby.

  • t3 a
    t3 a   4 hours ago

    eugene is me with babies lmao

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard   5 hours ago

    You always have that one guy who doesn't want to touch the baby and stays away from the poor thing and is nervous 😏

  • Daring Darling
    Daring Darling   5 hours ago

    Keith’s facial expressions while driving is everything 😂

  • Judson Swift
    Judson Swift   7 hours ago

    Neds baby looks like a baby sloth which is a complete compliment

  • roshambo baby
    roshambo baby   7 hours ago

    Love seeing our unbreakable baby sunglasses featured right in the middle of your video (4:52) - sooo cute!

  • Macie Smith
    Macie Smith   8 hours ago

    Omg, Ned's Dad looks and sounds exactly like Ned!!

  • walao eh
    walao eh   8 hours ago

    Keith: totally ready to be a dad, look at him he’s so excited!! Zach: it’s cute how he’s so fascinated by the baby XD and he’s especially sweet and encouraging to Eugene when it comes to interacting with Wes! ZACH IS SUCH A SWEET DUDE! Eugene: aw I feel like he’s like that because he thinks Wes is too precious and that’s precious of him to think that way >< Ned & Ariel: PARENT GOALS!!!!!!! Wes: WELCOME TO THE WORLD YOURE GONNA HAVE SUCH A FUN LIFE WITH ALL THESE UNCLES

  • walao eh
    walao eh   8 hours ago

    Aw I love how supportive & encouraging everyone is for Eugene to interact with the baby

  • Boo Crafts
    Boo Crafts   13 hours ago

    Eugene is my spirit animal 😍😂

  • Hazel Mae Barbero
    Hazel Mae Barbero   14 hours ago

    OMFG Eugene is sooo me hahahaha I have no idea how to act around babies! I have no sibling so don't ask why.

  • ChainRad
    ChainRad   14 hours ago

    ned and his dad look so much alike wtf.. I thought it was the same person for a second

  • Kayame Shiro
    Kayame Shiro   17 hours ago

    ned's dad with his try guys shirt omg.... :-D

  • JiMin Seo
    JiMin Seo   19 hours ago

    Wow Wes is the most beautiful name ever

  • Hide on bush
    Hide on bush   19 hours ago

    Maybe you guys have answered it, maybe not, but I'm curious as to why Eugene is like that towards the baby, not hating, just curious though

  • Kat U
    Kat U   20 hours ago

    If Eugene has kids he'll be Amazing with his own don't forget he got a puppy and was Amazing 😊

  • Lovely Leviathan
    Lovely Leviathan   21 hours ago

    It's so cute seeing Eugene with Wes! It was like he was trying not to break a glass doll. You can just see the love for his nephew growing throughout the video. At first, he's like "I am unimpress". He then looked terrified he would hurt Wes when he held his finger, which is where you can definitely see his heart melting and him warming up to the baby, and slowly relaxed when everyone was still. It was when he went in for the kiss, it was like he just didn't want to because he was afraid of working on a beautiful piece of art.

  • Laurbow Wayz
    Laurbow Wayz   22 hours ago

    this from beginning to end was the cutest thing ive seen all month >3<

  • lannahhasola
    lannahhasola   22 hours ago

    ned sounds exactly like his dad. it’s uncanny

  • Reece Butler
    Reece Butler   23 hours ago

    "good job on.. making.. life?" camera pan to keith and zach fangirling

  • Summer Rose
    Summer Rose   23 hours ago

    Zach holds the baby like a hefty bag of rice