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  • Published on: 07 July 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to another first impressions video! Today I'm filming all the way from Punta Cana in the gorgeous Dominican Republic where I'm gonna test out the entire new DIOR Backstage makeup collection! Inspired by runway shows this collection has so many products, including a new Backstage Foundation, highlighter and contour palettes, and new lip products.. I give them a 10 hour wear test through the DR humidity and see if they REALLY do they claim! What is Jeffree Star Approved and what flopped?? Watch and find out!

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    Outfit by: CHANEL
    Boots by: DIOR

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    MUSIC: ► Kozah ► ”Travel Again” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEAoPiZWnsQ
    (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
  • Runtime : 35:1
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  • babygrlz cakeface
    babygrlz cakeface   9 hours ago

    Me watchin this 😍😍😍My budget 10$Pray for me so i can get rich one day

  • Claire Wright
    Claire Wright   15 hours ago

    Jeffree is it true that sweating can age you as am 40 had no wrinkles i have been ill 2 years and sweating like a pig everyday i am going for botox as a crows foot is on my face

  • Ashleigh Valle
    Ashleigh Valle   1 days ago

    I’m living for this Dior, they have made my soul pallet.. great look for us more natural look girls! Thank you Jeffree!

  • alter BOY
    alter BOY   1 days ago

    Hey Jeffrey you know that sponge that looks like an egg well that one you can buy at Dollar Tree for a dollar so just tell you you're sick because sometimes you find them sometimes you don't

  • Herlyn Torre
    Herlyn Torre   2 days ago

    hello jeffree big fun here nice the make up hope u have more give aways make up im from philippines here take care always....😍😘

  • aliana echenique
    aliana echenique   3 days ago

    Love you Jeffery you are amazing and love the way your boyfriend sticks by you

  • mary jane
    mary jane   5 days ago

    You have such beautiful warm brown eyes!!

  • Spuffy Latino
    Spuffy Latino   6 days ago

    OMG i want that bag with All in!! Could be a dream. I cant Even imagine how expensive it is... 😫 that PR bag is fantastic

  • E P
    E P   6 days ago

    Kinda new here...did Jeffree ever review any UB Naked palettes? I'd love to see what his thoughts are!

  • Marion Archambault
    Marion Archambault   1 weeks ago

    love the look just can't afford the best like you wish i could wish you could make all of us look as great...

  • Daisy
    Daisy   1 weeks ago

    Thanks boo I’m quaking ur face

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence   1 weeks ago

    Jeffrey Starr inspires me in so many ways ❤️❤️❤️

  • Talena McCowan
    Talena McCowan   1 weeks ago

    That contour shade made it look like you had a bruise on your cheek :( I love that foundation though ❤️

  • Sammy Brown
    Sammy Brown   1 weeks ago

    As a person from the deep south I'm like "only 85% humidity?? " then I realized most people aren't use to baking alive instead of just the face. Love you so much xoxo you keep things 100% real. For me I use the urban decay setting spray. Biiiiitch that shit keeps your war paint on place even if you're having a mental break down in the shower. Facts. I might buy the Dior foundation.

  • Bladimir Estrella
    Bladimir Estrella   1 weeks ago

    There is something about the beauty of the Dominican that makes the child in us wake up. I also do jump and cartwheels when I go down there. Love you guys

  • Grace Hefner
    Grace Hefner   1 weeks ago

    14:36 confirmed. Jeffree Star sweats. Illuminati unconfirmed.

  • susan wright
    susan wright   1 weeks ago

    You really look beautiful in the peaches pinks amd i love the reds my favorite color xxx

  • Emma Heymans
    Emma Heymans   1 weeks ago

    Loved this video ❤️ Quick question...Anybody knows what Jeffrey does with all that extra make up?? Like all those foundations and stuff? Cuz donating the ones that are not open could really benefit other people idk

  • Stela Nikolaeva
    Stela Nikolaeva   1 weeks ago

    i watched this while eating insant ramen. boy, do i feel poor........

  • Lexie McCarty
    Lexie McCarty   1 weeks ago

    "oh hi Dior wrapper, get out of my drink" I just died 😂😂😭😭❤️ that was awesome

  • Fercho Veneno
    Fercho Veneno   2 weeks ago

    27:17 his reaction was so funny jajaajajajajj

  • m.s. mary
    m.s. mary   2 weeks ago

    You are gorgeous, funny and a SHOCKER!!!!! I loved the Soft Serve with your track suit--xo

  • Jasmine Friend
    Jasmine Friend   2 weeks ago

    You know Dior was shiting them self when they heard about the 85 humidity

  • ILikeFoodAndYouDoToo
    ILikeFoodAndYouDoToo   2 weeks ago

    The palettes are translucent because since the models are in a rush, then can see whatever colors they want without having to open 1000 palettes

  • Shann
    Shann   2 weeks ago

    “So if you have smaller hands and you’re not a man, you might like this” omg I cat breath 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Ajay Let
    Ajay Let   2 weeks ago

    You make me so happy 😀

  • Selina Jalink
    Selina Jalink   2 weeks ago

    When he said: We love a sweating whore.. OMGG