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  • Published on: 24 August 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Nathan decided he wanted to sit down and attempt to do my makeup! The first time he tried was over 2 years ago and he said he wanted to actually try now that he has a lot of makeup knowledge from being so close to my brand and company! Do you think he did an amazing job or flopped?? We also talk about life, getting a new baby and personal thoughts on change and growth. We can’t wait to show you what’s next for the Star Family!


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    MUSIC: ► Sekai ► ”Running” -
    (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
  • Runtime : 31:39
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  • Farhana Fathima
    Farhana Fathima   8 hours ago

    Nate looks sad. Hopefully he aint met any redhead or blonde girl in the trip and tripping away from Jeffrey.. Whatever I like Jeffreys talking style

  • Nicole
    Nicole   9 hours ago

    Adopt from SHELTERS.. those dogs need homes 🐶❤️

  • Katie Gregory
    Katie Gregory   21 hours ago

    Y’all are so damn cute and you can tell they’re meant to be much love and good luck guys!❤️❤️

  • Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd   1 days ago

    Omg. Love this. Such a statement look and of course you can rock anything. Nate did so good! And the cuteness of you two is overwhelming. I just adore how you guys look at each other

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A.   1 days ago

    ahhhhh there is a show. I gotta see it. so fun. I agree it's vicious out here.

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A.   1 days ago

    what does that mean? you never went to your locker? my son did that he's now in his 2nd year in Northwood! he always carried everything and never went to his locker. lol

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A.   1 days ago

    I love you 2 together! I can't get enough. I would love to have a one on one makeup idea trades. we have so much in common from the 90s. Nate I love how you 2 accent each other!! you're both the best

  • Madison Hale
    Madison Hale   1 days ago

    Girl can you do a video buying Make up from 5 below and trying it and testing it?!?

  • Iman Chehab
    Iman Chehab   2 days ago

    Who else finds Nate’s voice so attractive

  • Mini m&m
    Mini m&m   2 days ago

    This is super adorable! 😍

  • meganJMJ
    meganJMJ   2 days ago

    Love you guys! Jeffree I’ve been following you since your first album and adore everything you do. 😘

  • Erika Go
    Erika Go   3 days ago

    Nate did an awesome job! You guys are so cute together. Definitely my fave couple.😍😍😍

  • Troy Sudarto
    Troy Sudarto   4 days ago

    Not shaming but im not sure of Jefree’s gender. Is he or she actually a boy and acting or being like a girl?

  • Sarah Donahue
    Sarah Donahue   4 days ago

    Aww! Nate looked so cute and nervous when Jefree took a look at the finished result!

  • Stormy Smith
    Stormy Smith   4 days ago

    I cringe when I think of them in bed together😂😂😂

  • Tiffany BeautyTrends

    I like the idea of two matching colors. One on the lower part, the back side burns and another color crowning his crown of hair!!! He’d look so gorgeous for his man! You need to send me a blood sugar palette if he goes with my great idea.

  • Duja Ars
    Duja Ars   4 days ago

    I don’t know but nathan give me Louis tomlinson vibe

  • Viviana Gonzalez
    Viviana Gonzalez   4 days ago

    Omg! Blind fold Nate and have him do your make up as you talk him through it 😍 you both communicate so well I know it would be funny and you two would make it work 😍😍😍

  • sarah hessian
    sarah hessian   4 days ago

    Couple goals. You guys are clearly so in love.

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez   5 days ago

    I need someone that look at me like Nate look at Jeffre :( 💖

  • lucia conard
    lucia conard   5 days ago

    i stg all nate’s i’ve seen are adorable

  • alexis reid
    alexis reid   5 days ago

    Whenever I watch other youtube video, I get bored so I will go back watching Jeffree all day