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  • Published on: 25 February 2015
  • Runtime : 1:56
  • Banksy Gaza City (City/Town/Village)


  • tajdin t
    tajdin t   2 weeks ago

    fuck zionist israel fuck totalitarian ıranfuck totalitarian china fuck capitalist usafuck imperialist england fuck dictator and facist turkeyfuck isis fuck despots

  • Madmike
    Madmike   2 weeks ago

    Funny how pseudo shitty artists like Banksy can be biased and blinded by truth, as if Israeli’s life worth nothing, well for that I despise you and I piss on your work Mr Banksy !You are taking sides and talking of a situation which you know nothing about.Palestinians are raised in hatred and bloodthirst since birth, their mothers considering their own children as disposable, just good to die as « kamikazes » by getting themselves blown up in the middle of Israeli civilians... While Israeli’s mothers cherish their children and raised them in love, valuing life above everything else... When was the last time you saw an Israeli do suicide bombing attacks in Gaza ? Never ! Israeli’s don’t have kamikaze because they value life and they are educated, unlike Palestinian fanatics.Palestinians are also specialists using their children of ridiculously small age as soldiers and human shields... They teach them to use slingshot and Molotov’s cocktails against soldiers and then they complaint when they get hurt... even sometimes faking their death to influence world’s opinions their favor (Proven with videos !). When Palestinians will stop fanatism being led by Hamas and Hezbollah, then maybe, peace will be achievable.And by the way stop bullsh*ting people with the « Israelis stole the Palestinian’s land » argument ! Because Islam is the lastest monotheistic religion, and is barely 1400 years old.Judaism is 5779 years old ! And Hebrews were living in the land of Israel who was called « heretz Canaan » thousands of years before Islam even existed ! So get educated and shut the f*ck up about this. And let me also remind you that those who refused the resolution 181 of the ONU in order of sharing the state of Israel, were the Arabs ! And that information is accessible to everyone on WIKIPEDIA !!!I will also say nothing about the fact that all terrorist attacks and wars around the world are involving Muslims, not Jews (in Africa, in France, USA, Germany, Canada, Sweden etc you name it...).The problem with Muslims is that they want to conquer the world and they are not peaceful ! They want to rule countries they go to, instead of them adapting to the countries they live in.Look at what they’re doing with India also ! Everywhere they go they try to conquer...These people need to evolve and get educated and maybe we’ll all live in peace !

  • Speedbird
    Speedbird   11 months ago

    Did Bansky actually go to Gaza? This guy is crazy in a good way

  • Geneva Switzerland
    Geneva Switzerland   1 years ago

    Israel’s Arrogance Will Be Its Comeuppance.Arrogance tends to be protective, of itself and of other ills, says a Palestinian proverb once quoted by Leo Tolstoy. ”It hates humility,” the proverb goes, “so it rejects the cure, and hides and justifies the sin.”

  • Geneva Switzerland
    Geneva Switzerland   1 years ago

    The Palestinian of today are direct descendants of the Canaanites. The Canaanites, you may remember, are the people from whom, according to the Torah’s narrative, the Children of Israel conquered the Promised Land.The Canaanites’ homeland was occupied by foreign invaders who claimed a divine right to their country. The Jews of today claim to be the descendants of those invaders.

  • Baron Von Trenk
    Baron Von Trenk   2 years ago

    How can you watch this and not be anti-semitic? Its only human.

  • Mr Skeltal
    Mr Skeltal   2 years ago

    Do people not realize that Israel has said multiple times that they would return the land and stop killing if the Palestinians accept peace. Too bad palestine keeps saying it will eradicate all israelis if they win.

  • hazle126
    hazle126   2 years ago

    I hope Israel gets fcked in the ass man !

  • hazle126
    hazle126   2 years ago

    can someone please elaborate more on the meaning of the quote in the last graffiti ?

  • Darran Whitfield
    Darran Whitfield   2 years ago

    i'm actually banksy. and elvis. and the alien from roswell.

  • Eric P
    Eric P   2 years ago

    Erase ALL the borders in the middle east.

  • sharon f
    sharon f   3 years ago

    one sided ignorance :) thanks banksy. Now I can't look at your art again.

  • Dustie1984
    Dustie1984   3 years ago

    And how is it that the people who this is targeted to - the average persons - are supposedly siding with the powerful? Yes, we do nothing, this is true. PLENTY have spoken about this before Banksy, plenty have taken their time to speak about how "we aren't doing anything". Anyone care to say WHAT SHOULD we do? And I mean this question, really. What should we do, what can we do?.. Send money to either sides of the conflict, will this help? Reach out and take those families out of there and bring them to our homes? Is this possible? Really... so much talk about "we aren't doing anything, we haven't done anything, we should do something, we have to do something". Any guides as to WHAT exactly can be done?

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins   3 years ago

    Why kick someone out of your curated space for doing what you do..

  • Valeria delPilar
    Valeria delPilar   3 years ago

    Ok so if you fire a rocket from a school it makes it a target? REALLY? What's wrong with you people? What's the point of having a hell of an army is your service of intelligence is so shitty that you can't individualize your enemies? And that being the case (which is not) your solution is to fire without discresion, without any respect for children life's? No because it's seems that the life of one Israel citizen is worth 100 of a palestine, that's what this "war" is, is pure discrimination. After WWII Jewish people got their land, thats remarkable and awesome...but they decided that they wanted MORE, so the have been pushing the Palestine borders, and other countries too, so the could get bigger and better at any cost. THE MADE A WALL BIGGER THAN THE BERLIN WALL, THE SAME PEOPLE THAT SUFFERD FROM THE HOLOCAUST!!! Those people that in their origins CAME FROM PALESTINE ('cause before 1945, Isreal DIDN'T EXISTED) Am sorry but if you think that all of this is OK, then this world is over and the history of those who have suffered are worth nothing to you. PD. This is only been a racial matter because the mighty land of Israel has made it so, just because some odd aparent reason the can't bear the fact that palestines come from the same racial origins. BUT WAIT IF YOU DEFEND THE PALESTINE CAUSE YOU ARE ANTI JEWS? Fuck you, sionist...yeah that's what you're defending, the POLITICAL NATIONALIST MOVEMENT of Israel...let's see how that works for you, morons.

  • T vd
    T vd   3 years ago

    thank you for that!

  • karmastar06
    karmastar06   3 years ago

    http://www.bdsmovement.netThree objectives of BDS:* End the occupation and dismantle the Wall* Recognize the fundamental rights of Arab/Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality* Respect the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes (as stipulated in UN Resolution 194).It's working and thats why they are trying to stop it.

  • Ciii Ell
    Ciii Ell   3 years ago

    Holy Pshit says a lot!Like how the comments add to it. Can « Subtitles » please be added, so we can start translate them for non English viewers??

  • Brad Ferguson
    Brad Ferguson   3 years ago

    you da man, Banksy!!!!if you read this, I need help persuading the people of the US to elect BERNIE (the truthinator) SANDERS - any help is appreciated..........

  • Reggie Watchowtnow
    Reggie Watchowtnow   3 years ago

    "they say sticks and stones might break your bones , but my 9 milimeter , it'll blow your dome...talkin about the toe taggin' huh body baggin'.....I'll sign name in your book at your funeral ..." at least Banksy listens to good shit....East Flatbush projects ....whut you know?

  • Mark Tele
    Mark Tele   3 years ago

    Banksy rocks! He got a lot of morons hittin' their keyboards, spewing nonsense about propaganda. This IS art, people! and Bansky is a modern day master.

  • Lain Kenna
    Lain Kenna   3 years ago

    I'm sure you're all exactly what Banksy was hoping for....

  • duck
    duck   3 years ago

    the least thing we can do is not make war here in the comments

  • Mr Berry
    Mr Berry   3 years ago

    This is dangerous bullshit, not "dangerous" that it is KeWeL art, but that more people in the world that fall in to this can encourage more people to join the islamic state or other terrorist groups and make attacks against people who have NOTHING to do with the fucked up tribal and islamic law abiding world which force their own world into third world status based on their backwards cultures and philosphies. You're an idiot "Banksy" go follow Raqqa_SI on twitter to see how your pets would treat you if you got caught doing your "art" upon their turf.

  • Josh Mcgirr
    Josh Mcgirr   3 years ago

    Hearts filled with hatred = destruction! We are all brothers and sisters mothers and fathers it's only money power and religion that devides us! We all love we all have families we are the same we are manipulated into this hatred towards one and other from the rich and powerful! WAKE THE FUCK UP!! It's not real! the system is fake! As it stands, we are here to serv them as they get rich we suffer. FACT

  • gohouen
    gohouen   3 years ago

    im japanese artist who live in Bali Gods island anyway i really Respect about your art activities and get a lot of Energy thanks lot!!