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  • Published on: 25 July 2018
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    This is Layla. When she tells people that she’s lived in a haunted house, the most common reaction she encounters is “Wow, cool”. Well, guys, she’s here to tell you why she wouldn’t call the experience “cool” at all.

    Layla has a friend, Sarah. They’ve been together since early childhood; they studied at school together, and after school they went to the same university. The thing is, the university was in another city and they had to move there before the semester started. They didn’t want to move in to the dormitory, so they looked for a small two-bedroom apartment.

    There was always something that wasn’t right with the apartments they were offered, and soon they became pretty desperate. Then all of a sudden they came across this house – a two-storey old house almost in the center of the city, but in a quiet district. And what was even more attractive was that its price was negligible.

    Layla and Sarah couldn’t believe how lucky they were. When they were moving in, they were greeted by nice people – their neighbours. One of them, smiling, gave them a strange look and asked if there were any special reason why they had chosen the house. They laughed in a silly way and thought nothing of it. Looking back on it, Layla thinks they should really have asked for an explanation, but at the time they couldn’t wait to move in and just thanked him for the warm welcome.

    The entrance to the house was in a spot that wasn’t visible from the main road. When they went up to the stairs, they saw a nice old woman with a paper bag in her hands. “Hello girls! My name is Ms. Hopkins. I want to welcome you to our neighborhood. I’ve brought you my famous apple pie for lunch. I guess you’re far away from your parents and haven’t had time to cook yet”. They thanked her cordially, and since they were going in themselves, they decided to invite her in for a coffee. But when they turned back to her, she was already gone. Well, they had a lot to do and decided that they would ask the neighbors about where she lived later on.

    So, they were independent for the first time in their lives. They were ecstatic. The only thing that irritated them a bit was that they didn’t manage to get a good night’s sleep, but they decided it was the result of first semester nerves. On the bright side, a couple of times a week they would find a new package with a pie inside from Ms. Hopkins on the doorstep.

    Soon, they were becoming a bit too busy to think much about Ms. Hopkins. Meanwhile, their sleep problems were becoming pretty overwhelming. Often, Layla would wake up in the middle of the night covered in a cold sweat after having a nightmare. When she went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water, she would find Sarah there with black circles under her eyes, looking close to tears. This sounds like something trivial, but you try not getting a good night’s sleep for a couple of months and you would struggle too. What’s worse was that they were starting to hallucinate because of sleep deprivation. Sometimes, one of them would go into an empty room and pick up the scent of someone’s perfume. Layla often felt a cold draught even when all the windows were closed.

    Once when Layla was in the bathroom, she saw the handle of the locked door move slightly, as if someone was trying to open it. She yelled “Sarah, I’m in here!” and...then she heard Sarah’s voice from downstairs: “What did you say?” Layla felt goose bumps march across her body. If Sarah was there, who was trying to open the door? It took her half an hour to come out of the bathroom, with pure terror in her eyes. They decided that it was time to look for a new home, above all because they still couldn’t sleep there, and the lack of sleep added to their anxiety when they noticed those small things happening inside the house.

    In the morning, she and Sarah went to the neighbour who had greeted them on the first day with the strange question to get some answers. Layla asked him straightaway: “Where can we meet Ms. Hopkins?” He looked at them with a strange expression, and answered “There’s no one called Ms. Hopkins in the neighbourhood. Why do you ask?” They were shocked. “But we met her the first day we came!” “You must be mistaken. Ms. Hopkins used to live in your house, but she died several years ago after getting sick. She was famous for her baking, by the way.”

    Absolutely speechless, Layla and Sarah emerged from the neighbor’s house and walked slowly towards their own. As they were going up the stairs, they saw another paper package with an item from Ms. Hopkins’s bakery. Layla was so horrified that she could hardly take those couple of steps towards it. There was a handwritten note with it that said “Girls, come visit me some time”.

    At that point, they rushed into the house and packed their things in a total panic. It took them three minutes to pack everything they needed.
  • Runtime : 6:37
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  • BlooVe
    BlooVe   8 minuts ago

    Haunting of the hill house?

  • alexa castillo
    alexa castillo   2 hours ago

    I would've been like ,"LET ME PACK MY SHIT AND GO !!!"

  • Cara Le
    Cara Le   2 hours ago

    I have a tall window at my bathroom and im scared someone is watching me

  • im nobody
    im nobody   4 hours ago

    This is storybooths video they stole it!

  • Zane Fraser
    Zane Fraser   5 hours ago

    I'm scared of 3:00 am you think ghouls wandering around my immobilized body is anything better

  • Raman Raju
    Raman Raju   6 hours ago

    even i lived in a haunted house.the name of the house is banyan condo in singapore groundfloor

  • Minathecutiepie hEaRt

    when i was playing computer i heard someown knocing on my window i said to my mom ma i heard someown is knocing in the wndow i was freaked out and i saw a girl look like betty from glitctale shes pink i was freaked out i preadend i was sleeping and my mom came and i open my eye and my mom said wath are you doing i look behind and there was nothing i look on my tv and she was theremy mom and me was alone i was freak out cose i came out of school thats the 2 storys like the coment pls im the real cat box pls cat box is copyng me help who ever like the coment i will help you to find the flipaclip soooo like the coment XDDDDDDDDDDDD.................................................XD

  • Ahana quazi
    Ahana quazi   8 hours ago

    I was alone in my room. but I was so scared. I came on this room where mom is beside me... 😱😱😭😭

  • kila tal
    kila tal   13 hours ago

    One day in our house my grandpa died well the pc complety of when i was eating with my family i thought it was a ghost but was maybe my ghost grandpa he was great R.I.P

  • ShadowSamurott
    ShadowSamurott   14 hours ago

    But hey.... Ms.Hopkins makes a killer pumpkin pie, that’s for sure

  • jeffrey alberts
    jeffrey alberts   14 hours ago

    This is my scary story .I couldn't go to the bathroom!!!

  • ImADeer
    ImADeer   15 hours ago

    He could of been lying of her death or the story was fake

  • 2010zenitram
    2010zenitram   15 hours ago


  • VII · XII · MMXI
    VII · XII · MMXI   15 hours ago

    Im so lucky i didnt live in a haunted house,my mom n dad told me not to trust anybody.also dont be curious for what your hearing,im sometimes curious for things also.

  • zik nick
    zik nick   20 hours ago

    that ghost isn't creepy man... free food

  • Theresa martin
    Theresa martin   20 hours ago

    I got scared because you might die or something like that I think I was scared when I was small and I can't sleep without my mom or when I was alone and in a dark room I like watching scary stories but when it's night time I still remember the ghost story so I have to sleep with my mum and that how I got scared of ghosts

  • Theresa martin
    Theresa martin   20 hours ago

    I got scared because you might die or something like that I think I got scared when I was small

  • Arlyn Rodriguez
    Arlyn Rodriguez   21 hours ago

    Ones i was takeing a shower and sum one had touch me🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • J J
    J J   21 hours ago

    I live in a haunted house but I need to move right NOW!!

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin   21 hours ago

    Why are they scared of Ms Hopkins? Tell her about your nightmares and talk to her