• Published on: 23 May 2016
  • New single “Treat You Better” out now!
  • Runtime : 17


  • Valerie Ayala
    Valerie Ayala   7 months ago

    I remember the first time I saw this! I was losing my shit that it was only one line of a teaser!

  • Paty Riaño
    Paty Riaño   8 months ago

    Tu música nunca pasará de moda Te amo

  • [caz]
    [caz]   1 years ago


  • Sofia M
    Sofia M   1 years ago

    I bet it physically hurt Shawn to drag the guitar across the ground 😂

  • Jay Time
    Jay Time   1 years ago

    when treat you better has been out for a little over a year but he looks so hot in this video so you watch it anyway

  • Bernadette
    Bernadette   1 years ago

    how can a 16 second video affect me this much. HOW

  • Michael G
    Michael G   1 years ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the performance of the 'nice guys' national anthem. So, Mr. shoulder to cry on guy (Shawn Mendes) decides that he's sick of the friend zone and makes a play for another guy's girlfriend, trying to convince her that her current boyfriend is no good. This is a scumbag move, because it suggests that the ONLY reason this guy (Shawn Mendes) is sticking around listening to this girl complain to him (Shawn Mendes) about her crappy relationship is ONLY so he can get in her pants. Just listen to his lyrics: "Don't waste time crying, just date me", and guess what, ladies? Your favorite male crying towel, HE'S doing the exact same thing. They are pathetic little vultures, circling dying relationships and just waiting to swoop in. Listen to his other lyrics, "I won't lie to you, I know he's just not right for you", no, Shawn Mendes, you ARE lying to her. If you were truly being honest, you would tell her exactly what game you're playing. His music video actually tries to illustrate that her current relationship is actually an abusive one, and that the ONLY thing that can save it is apparently Shawn Mendes's cock, and even if it IS an abusive relationship, why is Shawn's FIRST thought that comes to his mind, "You should date ME instead", instead of, "You should get out of this relationship, and take some time for yourself"? Well, THIS is why. Listen to THESE lyrics: "Baby, just to wake up to you, would be everything I need and this could be so different, tell me what you want to do". Everything YOU need? What about everything SHE needs, and maybe, just MAYBE, you're just not her type. Ever think about THAT, Shawn? No, you haven't thought about ANY of that. All you're thinking about is how you believe the girl whose Facebook profile you probably beat off to every night should be with you instead of the guy she's with now who YOU think is an abusive jerk, because without the pathetic music video, what this really sounds like is a guy trying to steal another guy's girlfriend, but failing miserably at every turn, because even though YOU think you can treat her better, HE can fuck her better than you can.

  • Emily R.
    Emily R.   1 years ago

    I can't watch the video 😞why???

  • Nat zone
    Nat zone   1 years ago

    I can't watch this video, but I think it is beautiful like the other videos from You 💛

  • emma
    emma   1 years ago

    I still remember what I was doing when this came out and that was months and months ago!

  • mxrxexlx _
    mxrxexlx _   1 years ago

    Dieses Video ist nicht verfügbar.

  • Jhanna M.
    Jhanna M.   2 years ago


  • Ashlyn Minnie
    Ashlyn Minnie   2 years ago


  • Isabella Newcomer
    Isabella Newcomer   2 years ago

    I am from the future....This is just the start. These 16 seconds will become the most amazing album ever!!!! aka Illuminate

  • kalylascope
    kalylascope   2 years ago


  • Oh Jenna Joseph
    Oh Jenna Joseph   2 years ago

    Did anyone else think this was what the video was gonna be like? XD

  • shawnsarmyx
    shawnsarmyx   2 years ago

    I live this song so much, Shawn! :) I love ALL of your songs. But this is special 😪❤ When I listen to your song, I get some special feelings. :D Its so..woah!😊 5 minutes ago, this song was in the radio and I turned it so loud and sang it with you I was so happy! I'm so lucky cause I can hear your Songs!👋😭😳❤ I want to thank you for this great music you give to us. To your Fans. WE LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!💋 (sorry I'm from germany and my english isn't so good 😫) lena :)

  • Belén Figueroa
    Belén Figueroa   2 years ago

    hola! :Duna pregunta esta es la segunda cuenta que tiene shawn aparte de la de VEVO ?

  • Fenja Hopp
    Fenja Hopp   2 years ago

    my Fanpage instagram: @shawn.loves.you.and.muffins

  • safa
    safa   2 years ago

    please upload the full song

  • Robyn Steel
    Robyn Steel   2 years ago

    DAMMIT i thought it was gonna be the whole musuc video. Love you shawn!

  • Anna Wojtas
    Anna Wojtas   2 years ago

    Shawn, Poland waits for you❤ Visit our country, please 😙

  • Ava Esmaily
    Ava Esmaily   2 years ago

    I'm seriously bummed the one time you come to San Antonio I'm gonna be on the opposite side of the world☹️

  • Izzi Playz
    Izzi Playz   2 years ago

    Q: is covering stitches a copywrite

  • Sarah Lynn
    Sarah Lynn   2 years ago


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