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  • Published on: 19 September 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm kinda speechless... This is what happens when a makeup review doesn't go as planned. It's the definition of can't relate.

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  • Runtime : 12:3
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  • LexisBaaby23
    LexisBaaby23   2 hours ago

    With Youniques 3D mascar you out another coat of mascar on top of the fibers to seal them in. This is not a good way to do it at all! what were they thinking??!??

  • LexisBaaby23
    LexisBaaby23   2 hours ago

    Those are fibers. Its just like the 3D fiber lash mascara by Younique! But Younique's is Aamazing!! But Younique's EPIC Mascara you would absolutely love! I would love to send you some to try out if i can!

  • Sparkle Boom
    Sparkle Boom   2 hours ago

    🤣💙😂💜🤣💕You 👏 Are👏So👏Funny❣️

  • Wei WANG
    Wei WANG   19 hours ago

    Being a Chinese(coz it’s chinese) I wanna say:how the hell did they manage to find it for ya 😂😂 but Jeffree you’re so adorable 🦄

  • Coen Boulet
    Coen Boulet   23 hours ago

    Why do you have no eyebrows? You kinda look like an alien😂😂😂

  • LeiAnne SW
    LeiAnne SW   1 days ago

    Thank you Jeffree for trying this for us! This is ridiculous! Who on earth would use this! You still look Amazing!

  • Luisa Kunz
    Luisa Kunz   1 days ago

    I die!!!!! Please make more of these like fun videos. Love u 💘

  • Rachel Tolve
    Rachel Tolve   1 days ago

    How does he not know about fiber lash? This looks identical to Cherry Blooms.

  • Ally Daye
    Ally Daye   1 days ago

    has someone send him makeup products from all over the world I want that job please

  • Yana Lovers
    Yana Lovers   1 days ago

    *You have a really good and beautiful eyes*AJDC: Love you JeffreeStar❤️❤️😘

  • Kim Liu
    Kim Liu   2 days ago

    Hi Jeffrey, i know this video is older but wet n wild made a mascara like this one. Have you tried ?.. its called lash o matic😁

  • Five Cents Matter
    Five Cents Matter   2 days ago

    I have three kids. I literally just grab a handful of makeup and slather it on with a handful of SPF. Anything with more than a one step instruction is the end of me.

  • Lindsey B.
    Lindsey B.   2 days ago

    My eyelashes were shivering for your eyelashes.

  • Asianna
    Asianna   2 days ago

    Thats just too much work for me and Jeffree. As I watched this I feel like your lashes are crying and begging not to even try the mascara anymore.

  • Whitney Davi
    Whitney Davi   2 days ago

    What in the actual tarantula dick is happening

  • beaches2006
    beaches2006   2 days ago

    He is hilarious- They look gorg though

  • Izzy Karcher
    Izzy Karcher   3 days ago

    I literally paused the video and prayed for you after you showed your highlighter😂

  • Wendong Yao
    Wendong Yao   3 days ago

    This is a Chinese prank-use mascara....It's not for normal daily makeup 😂 Jeffree is so cute!!!

  • ashley molloy
    ashley molloy   3 days ago

    I use all Sephora mascara I maybe own one or two Walmart mascaras lol 😂

  • 轻舟
    轻舟   3 days ago


  • Nici G
    Nici G   3 days ago

    Lmaoooo omg 😂😂😂 perfect video to be high tooooo!! Jeffree you’re hilarious!!!

  • Bubblegumbutt
    Bubblegumbutt   3 days ago

    I love you so much jeffree❤️ your such an inspiration

  • Caitlin Weems
    Caitlin Weems   4 days ago

    The end result looks like that of a dollar store mascara! 👎