The Truth About Former Disney Star Debby Ryan

  • Published on: 08 November 2018
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    Debby Ryan grew up on TV, transforming from child star to bonafide actress, singer, and style icon — and while her path has been rife with challenges, she's come out on top. Here's everything you didn't know about Debby Ryan...

    Out of her shell | 0:14
    Everyone sees differently | 0:52
    Flipping the script on bullies | 1:38
    That front row life | 2:26
    A dangerous friendship | 3:03
    A rushing of calm | 3:57

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  • Runtime : 4:23
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift   1 weeks ago

    Which former Disney star should we feature next?

  • ak2304
    ak2304   1 days ago

    I can fap to this.

  • sworr.
    sworr.   5 days ago

    She looks like selena gomez

  • Sheldon Loyalist
    Sheldon Loyalist   6 days ago

    I like how they said the mighty med actress when she was known more on Jessie and the sweet life on deck

  • ohohvalerie
    ohohvalerie   6 days ago

    Ugh. And I wanted to hate her so badly.

  • Lori K.
    Lori K.   1 weeks ago

    Who was/is Debby Ryan???

  • Mia
    Mia   1 weeks ago

    Poppy’s friend

  • Terry Sweeney
    Terry Sweeney   1 weeks ago

    She doesn’t care what people say and is unbreakable? But has body dysmorphia and depression ... ok

  • Justė_St
    Justė_St   1 weeks ago

    Boooring. Where's the juicy stuff?

  • justin daniels
    justin daniels   1 weeks ago

    Debbie Ryan my wife has the same thing I tell her she's beautiful 100 times a day but at the end of the day your opinion is what matters

  • ringoinah
    ringoinah   1 weeks ago

    Rip tide was literally the worst movie and the worst acting I’ve ever seen!

    COLTON   1 weeks ago

    She's not a Disney star lol, Disney actress yes, but not star!

  • Dylan Tono
    Dylan Tono   1 weeks ago

    I have manic depression too it makes me love her even more... well as much as a gay guy can

  • Philip Moore
    Philip Moore   1 weeks ago

    I’m happy she’s living her dream but if I’m being real, she was never my favorite Disney actor

  • Jessica Coy
    Jessica Coy   1 weeks ago

    Not everyone can afford to put their kids in acting . Take out acting what do you got human . We’re all human . Just because you put some in acting and they become famous they need to know . Your still like everyone family was so broke I was in and out of school.Wow I was bullied and still being bullied for being fat . Even if I lost my weight . There is something called pcos not everyone can loose weight even if they tried they just get bigger.and their are a lot of people that come in different shapes and size color . We are human but putting on shows where over weight people loosing weight and killing for revenge is not going to help either.A lot of people killed their selves because of it and depression from the movies directors are putting out . With out the truth

  • Kimmy Jimmel
    Kimmy Jimmel   1 weeks ago

    So she is human like us but a successful one

  • Ana Tapia
    Ana Tapia   1 weeks ago

    She's gorgeous but such a bad actress...

  • aj nelson
    aj nelson   1 weeks ago

    Blehhhhhhhhh. Do a Disney Star we care about

  • darkashtar
    darkashtar   1 weeks ago

    So she went from having body issues and went on to do a show that is built around body shaming with insatiable where skinny is the only thing that matters. #hypocrite

  • Claire Scott
    Claire Scott   1 weeks ago

    There are a lot of things I don't know about Debbi Ryan...I only ever heard of her a few months ago in the first place...

  • Siggy Odom
    Siggy Odom   1 weeks ago

    Way to keep it real girl. Thanks for sharing, thanks for making and keeping us entertained. You rock weather you know it or not.

  • Uneica Garrett
    Uneica Garrett   1 weeks ago

    This is titled “The Truth....About Debby Ryan”. Yeah.. you forgot the part where she was driving drunk and got a DUI a few years back..

  • shi Shi
    shi Shi   1 weeks ago

    I actually really liked insatiable and Debby Ryan is a great actress

  • P S
    P S   1 weeks ago

    She’s josh’s gf so she’s automatically a legend ✋🏻||-//

  • thebeatnumber
    thebeatnumber   1 weeks ago

    Here's hoping she doesn't end up a train wreck like Lindsey Lohan or Demi Lovato, or a caricature like Miley Cyrus

  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina   1 weeks ago

    I doubt her career will go far with the disney kid shadow and that she is in her mid 20s and still doing teen roles.

  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan Cross   1 weeks ago

    I just lost minutes of my life almost caring. How did i end up here WTF .......

  • mimi ar
    mimi ar   1 weeks ago

    Remembers mean girls 2~traumatic flashbacks~

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