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Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

  • Published on: 18 April 2018
  • I can't handle this right now!

    Special Thanks: http://www.23andme.com/

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    3D Animation of Immigration and Global Migrant Routes
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  • Shweta Ghosh
    Shweta Ghosh   2 hours ago

    It's quite fascinating but why does it matter you are 100% Human or not that matter

  • Kernow Forester
    Kernow Forester   6 hours ago

    Error: for that Michael dude, British contains Scottish, at 22.9%, not the NW Europe at 4.1% The woman on the other end of the vid link needs to learn her geography, Scotland is part of Britain. Also, the genetics of Britain and Ireland is not homogenous, the west tends to originate more from Iberia and the east more from mainland Europe and Scandinavia, but just a generalisation.

  • 최애리
    최애리   11 hours ago

    Almost all koreans have japanese and chinese and mongolian

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy   13 hours ago

    What difference does it really make? Everything is a subset of the one race..human

  • Jonny Aks
    Jonny Aks   19 hours ago

    You dont look like french man your asian AF

  • Jason HP
    Jason HP   21 hours ago

    Those Asians live together for so many years. There’s is no such thing called 100% Blablabla

  • Deshawn Blake
    Deshawn Blake   1 days ago

    That Indian wanted to be white so badly she could taste it....🤣🤣😂

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace   1 days ago

    How about we stop caring about aesthetics and just focus on the content of our character. We belong on Earth because we're human.

  • William Espinoza
    William Espinoza   1 days ago

    A few of you Asians are a bit surprised knowing that you have some Native American DNA. Remember, there's ONLY 3 races - Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Native Americans come from Mongoloids, due to the fact that many Asians crossed into the America's via the Berring -Strait...hence Eskimos have Asian features...Native American's ancestors are the Eskimos.

  • william chearanai
    william chearanai   1 days ago

    I'm an Italian Thai mix race living in Britain, love being a fusion but love more being a Thai boy

  • Shockadelic
    Shockadelic   1 days ago

    "You're 100% Indian"Ah, do you wanna break that down a little? There's dozens of ethnic groups in India and the main branches, Indic and Dravidian, aren't even related. I thought these tests had comprehensive analysis.

  • Workin Alday
    Workin Alday   1 days ago

    23 and me is only rated at 50% accuracy! These people should all try testing their DNA themselves instead of leaving it up to one of these hack places!

  • Deven Hull
    Deven Hull   1 days ago

    I'm pretty certain I'm that guy who's half Indian and half white (We have really good records on both sides, so I'm pretty sure I'm 50% Indian, 12.5% Irish, 12.5% Scottish, 12.5% English, and 12.5% German, but that's just based on where people are from).

  • Svsca
    Svsca   1 days ago

    Indian woman was so insecure she didn't have white in her lmao 😂

  • GamerDaddy
    GamerDaddy   2 days ago

    I always ask. It's too hard to tell now. Everyone's mixed a little bit.

  • Minty Borro
    Minty Borro   2 days ago

    Came down from the mountains 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luculencia
    Luculencia   2 days ago

    Why does almost every mixed race American think that their white component comes from "Britain and Ireland" ??? They think only British and Irish people are white in Europe or what? They're almost always "French & German" instead too, then they act all shocked and say something like "But my grandfather came from England!" as if no French or German person has EVER set foot in the UK or stayed to raise a family there -_-

  • Satixa XR
    Satixa XR   2 days ago

    That India girl was so cringey, you’re 100% Indian be proud of that

  • takesinoyan 6123
    takesinoyan 6123   2 days ago

    Asians don’t have to have small long eyes,I don’t have them but I’m still really asian!

  • NPC 60429
    NPC 60429   2 days ago

    That girl is gonna try and tell people shes a native American now. SMH

  • NPC 60429
    NPC 60429   2 days ago

    That one dude is 53% oppressor.

  • Madzie 2000
    Madzie 2000   2 days ago

    I did an Ancestry DNA test and before it updated, I had 52 different nationalitiesNow it says I'm 46% Italian/Sicilian/Maltese on my Mum's side, plus some Germanic and welsh from my Dad despite being told my great-grandmother was Indigenous Australian

  • Raven Roth
    Raven Roth   3 days ago

    I’m more French than you. Sorry, Kevin. It’s only 3%, but still.

  • Ruiz Rz,enato
    Ruiz Rz,enato   3 days ago

    The whitening cream on the Indian broad is so cringe.

  • Ruiz Rz,enato
    Ruiz Rz,enato   3 days ago

    About to watch this. Please Baby Jesus, let one of them have black dna.

  • KRay9ooo YT
    KRay9ooo YT   3 days ago

    Anybody else got a dna ad before the video started

  • NeoBulRheGhi
    NeoBulRheGhi   3 days ago

    wow more Korean than I am. My results were I am 89.7 percent Korean and 9.0 percent Japanese. other broadly.. Tundra desert Asian. lol

  • Darafsha Scarlet
    Darafsha Scarlet   3 days ago


  • Gaby Young
    Gaby Young   3 days ago

    “My entire family is really pale and I’m like, tanned. Why am I tanned?!”Well, uh... 😅

  • NinjaVlog s
    NinjaVlog s   3 days ago

    Im 25% crosiant 50% human 15% myself 10% myself

  • James_T
    James_T   4 days ago

    Even if there was a 0.1% European heritage in the 100% Indian girl, she’d boast she’s mixed race like Elizabeth Warren claiming Native American 🤣🤣