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  • Published on: 25 September 2018
  • HI SISTERS! I've been a little absent from social media for the past few weeks because... I MOVED! No more Downtown LA sirens, scary people at night, or broken WiFi! I'll be moving in and decorating for the next few weeks and of course a house tour will be coming in a few months, but I wanted to show you guys the empty blank canvas so you can see the before and after. Enjoy and welcome home, sisters. :')

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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 19:56
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  • Drew Scott
    Drew Scott   3 weeks ago

    If this comment gets to 100,000 thumbs up, I’ll move in with James 😏

  • Amani Corcoran
    Amani Corcoran   19 minuts ago

    Sister James you definitely deserve this house because you've worked so so hard and it's beautiful like you

  • Eden Newbold
    Eden Newbold   1 hours ago

    this house is so damn beautiful lowkey so jealous rn

  • Hollea Beck
    Hollea Beck   1 hours ago

    that’s exactly the same as jenna and juliens new house.

  • Itz Ari
    Itz Ari   2 hours ago

    My dream is literally to be a interior designer😍😍

  • Jamie Z.
    Jamie Z.   2 hours ago

    love how he was complaining that people would take his laundry out to put theirs in, like honey that's college in a nutshell. if you don't take your clothes out quickly someone else will do it for you🤣

  • Emma Skula
    Emma Skula   2 hours ago

    If you have extra room then you can have a meditation center 👍

  • Andrew Mortier
    Andrew Mortier   3 hours ago

    PLEASE do not put a grand piano near a fireplace or an outer wall.

  • Amy Balonis
    Amy Balonis   3 hours ago

    I would love to teach you to cook I. That kitchen.

  • Celeana Sardothien
    Celeana Sardothien   5 hours ago

    Idea for the James fave wall!!!MAKEUP!!! HAVE UR BEST MAKEUP ON SHOW :3

  • Alexis Hayashi
    Alexis Hayashi   7 hours ago


  • sofia dejesus
    sofia dejesus   9 hours ago

    does james' new house remind anyone else of jenna and julien's new house??

  • Caitlin Pinney
    Caitlin Pinney   10 hours ago

    Please do a video on the equipment you use for your videos and what they all specifically do to aid the content!

  • Abby M.
    Abby M.   11 hours ago

    Who Just watches HGTV Randomly?🙋 Me lol

  • Abby M.
    Abby M.   11 hours ago

    Can WE Have A SISTER celebration for 9 MILL?! LOve u james and Keep on Flying ♥♥❤

  • Thea Madrideo
    Thea Madrideo   12 hours ago

    Please do create a video about production! Very interesteeeeed <3

  • Jada Freeman
    Jada Freeman   18 hours ago

    James you move your hands a lot. We love a handy sister

  • Life With Joy
    Life With Joy   23 hours ago

    I want aalllll of the production videos!!! Love hearing those pieces.

  • Aine Kelly
    Aine Kelly   1 days ago

    I’d say he never had trouble making the word count on an essay

  • man ol
    man ol   1 days ago

    yh please make a video about your studio production :)

  • C W
    C W   1 days ago

    Your home is absolutely stunning and can’t wait for the walk through when you’re set up. Be proud of all that hard work paying off

  • Mariah Garza
    Mariah Garza   1 days ago

    It's a very nice house but the all black and white isnt cute

  • Chali Kayombo
    Chali Kayombo   1 days ago

    James please do make a series on video production!!!

  • Megan Manzanares
    Megan Manzanares   1 days ago

    When your sister sanctuary turns into the new team 10 house 😂

  • Cas Baselmans
    Cas Baselmans   1 days ago

    Wow normaly people would restore their hole hause when they bought a new when and the only thing he has to worry about is dead grass

  • John M
    John M   1 days ago

    You should let Mr. Kate decorate!!!!!!

  • Mikayla Bowman
    Mikayla Bowman   1 days ago

    there is a spot on the camera or something and it’s giving me so much anxiety 😂

  • Cundi1423
    Cundi1423   1 days ago

    Oh James I'm so exited for you! Your house is going to look beutiful. :)

  • 56 57
    56 57   1 days ago

    They don't who you are but I know you who you are

  • Giana Felix
    Giana Felix   1 days ago

    Sister James, you are my life. xoxo sister fan❤️

  • Sara Okurrr
    Sara Okurrr   1 days ago

    Damn you have so many supporters. I haven’t came to your channel in a while and you’ve grown so much. I’m happy for you🧡