Owner Breaks Down Into TEARS After Gordon Rips Into His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on: 28 March 2018
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    Decor that hasn't been touched for 30 years isn't a good sign.

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  • Runtime : 7:31
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  • Niels Verrydt
    Niels Verrydt   3 hours ago

    Lol how old is the chicken? 4:46 Almost 14 years old..

  • Spooky
    Spooky   3 hours ago

    “Fucking grow up you pussy” GOT ME DHSJSGSJ

  • Duckspy
    Duckspy   8 hours ago

    “I do not like to clean, to me that’s a 4 letter word” well shit someone failed their maths exams

  • kungfooJOE
    kungfooJOE   11 hours ago

    To me that’s a four letter word- NINOOO

  • yonder biscuit
    yonder biscuit   11 hours ago

    They’re doing really well now, their reviews are up to 4 stars, and their food is supposably much better.

  • Bailey Rowe
    Bailey Rowe   1 days ago

    i agrée sometimes the food is juts répulsive but i feel really bad for the owner maybe gordon is just to used to his $900 caviar he just thinks everything else he eats that’s not his is gross

  • crymsun
    crymsun   1 days ago

    They needs to grow some serious balls.

  • Val Sahota
    Val Sahota   1 days ago

    Okie they really do need to clean up this place. ALSO the piZza thO!! I’m wow

  • Chipsahoy Boi
    Chipsahoy Boi   1 days ago

    You don’t microwave meatballs😤😤 especially at a resturant

  • NJohn1605
    NJohn1605   1 days ago

    I will never understand why these restaurants are alright with microwaving food for Gordon. You would think they would try to make it really high quality.

  • aboates
    aboates   1 days ago

    These guys should be getting carts out of the local grocery store parking lot, not cooking my dinner!

  • Ashiqur Rahman
    Ashiqur Rahman   1 days ago

    Call the ambulance!!Ambulance: NINO NINO NINO NINO

    MANAN   1 days ago

    The are so innocent

    MANAN   1 days ago

    Well that was sad and rude

  • chlor k
    chlor k   1 days ago

    Is no one gonna say anything about them handling his sandwich and stuff without gloves

  • Bearo Tales
    Bearo Tales   1 days ago

    Jeff the owner looks so innocent and sad

  • hifaz
    hifaz   1 days ago

    Those three are way too adorable

  • Ashmelia
    Ashmelia   2 days ago

    When I saw him cry I wanted to cry they are like innocent twins with a sister I would not say that mean words but I felt so bad ☹☹☹

  • I Like Elaine
    I Like Elaine   2 days ago

    I feel deeply bad for both brothers, especially Jeff. He was crying hysterically that his restaurant sucks. Like if you agree with me or comment if you agree with Gordon Ramsay

  • Nima Gyaltsen
    Nima Gyaltsen   2 days ago

    I feel bad for that guy which cryed Gordon Ramsey sucks he is a stupid idiot

  • Delwynlouis Legion
    Delwynlouis Legion   2 days ago

    How that guy say to him like thay that chef was innocent i just cant stand over himm i feel bad about him

  • Amelie XOXO
    Amelie XOXO   2 days ago

    I actually felt sorry for the one who was crying I thought he was nice but I didnt like the other one

  • Björk A
    Björk A   2 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for the owner he was just crying

  • PiXEl
    PiXEl   2 days ago

    I feel so bad

  • Ghostgamingent
    Ghostgamingent   3 days ago

    We really need to get Gordon to go try different school lunches lol

  • Luke Mamaril
    Luke Mamaril   3 days ago

    1:13 I thought He was going to lick it!😂😂😂

  • Katherine Baek
    Katherine Baek   3 days ago

    You are s{oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean u don't have to yell what if someone did that too u I can't stand u with your meaness

  • ReydyAtion
    ReydyAtion   3 days ago

    I feel bad for Jeff at the end 😢

  • ilovetech
    ilovetech   3 days ago

    I feel sad for them, I know the restaurant looks gross but u shouldn’t do that to them. It looked liked that was their dream

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