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My First Boyfriend Took Advantage Of Me

  • Published on: 10 September 2018
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    Helen was studying at school when all of her female friends suddenly started finding boyfriends – either the same age or a bit older. Helen looked on them with envy – she wasn’t the prettiest girl, but she was ready for her first romance story as well. She was the only single girl left among her friends, and needless to say she felt really awkward when they went out and they all brought their dates with them.

    But one day, Helen’s prayers were heard. She went to the mall alone, and while she was hanging around a guy came up to her to ask for her number. They chatted for a while; he was quite attractive and seemed to be a fairly interesting person to talk to. When she arrived home, he sent her a message, and they started chatting. They talked and talked for nearly the whole night through, and by 9 am when the time came to go to school, Helen realised that she was head over heels in love. When she finally saw him again, Helen felt her heart beat faster, and it became hard to breathe. Her love’s name was Joe, and he was 19. For Alice, it was pretty thrilling that he was so much older than she was, and yet his attention had fallen on her – and her alone. While they were drinking their coffee, Helen couldn’t take her eyes off him, while he seemed very interested in her life, asking lots of questions. At the end of their date he gave her a slight kiss. Gosh, Helen was now simply the happiest girl in the universe! She took a selfie with him so that she had material proof it wasn’t a dream.

    The next day, Helen simply couldn’t keep these developments to herself. She went to school and revealed everything to her friends, showing them the selfie. They smiled in disbelief and asked if she was certain Joe wasn’t too old for her. She snorted – female envy is just so pathetic. Meanwhile, he kept texting her all the time. When she was in her classes and couldn’t respond straight away, he wrote her angry messages if she took too long. Oh, that’s so cute, she thought, he cares so much! When she arrived home, Helen boasted to her mom that she had found a boyfriend, and told her about him. Her mother frowned, looked at the selfie and frowned even more. “I disapprove”, she said, “he’s too old for you, and you’re going to have problems with him.” Helen ignored her, and her mom didn’t press the issue – she had always given her plenty of freedom.

    And so Helen’s romance began without anyone’s approval, but that was just fine by her – because she had a new boyfriend called Joe who was genuinely interested in her. He kept messaging her and they met nearly every day. Unfortunately however, he refused to meet her friends, and told her that he didn’t want Helen to meet his. She agreed, because she thought that keeping their relationship half-secret was oh so romantic. Sometimes, he got a bit pushy with her. Apart from the fact that she was supposed to respond to his messages at once, he always forced Helen to meet him anytime he wanted – even if it wasn’t convenient for her. It happened pretty often, and she was starting to get a bit nervous about it. And she also didn’t like the way that sometimes when he gave her a lift home in the evening, he would get a little handsy. But she was so in love with him that she accepted it, even though didn’t feel comfortable about it.

    But one day her eyes were opened. They were supposed to meet at 6 pm near the mall, but Helen arrived a little early. She saw Joe chatting happily with some other guys. She felt glad that he would have to finally introduce them to her and she would become his official girlfriend. As she walked over to them, Joe still hadn’t noticed her, and then she heard what he was saying. “You know, I got that 15-year-old idiot who is madly in love with me and she’s sure I’m her soulmate! She’s ready to do anything I want! You know what I mean?” – and they were all roaring with laughter. Helen froze. It was as if someone had punched her hard in the stomach. Her first thought was to leave, but then frustration and anger boiled up in her. She walked towards them and, facing Joe, told him he was a pathetic moron. She said: “You think you’re cool for taking advantage of a nice shy girl? At least I’ve been sincere all the time! And now look at how cool you are with a 15-year-old idiot shouting at you in front of everyone!” and with that, she left with her dignity intact. The last thing she saw was Joe’s face full of embarrassment and the amused expressions of his friends. Helen hoped he would remember that moment for a very long time.

    Helen came home in tears and ran straight to her mom for support. She was a wise woman and told her she’d get over it, but also said she hoped Helen would learn her lesson. And indeed she did, and it proved to be a useful one for all the relationships that would come after. From that moment on, she was more attentive to what her partner really represented, and what her friends and family thought about him.
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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED   1 months ago

    1 LIKE ON VIDEO = 10000 punches to that creep1 COMMENT = 20000 kick to that creep

  • Daniel -
    Daniel -   1 hours ago

    This is so cringey. And also that girl is fucking retarded.

  • Annie Senpai
    Annie Senpai   1 hours ago

    She had a same expirience that I had just a week ago, when that man tell the truth about what do he do ugh, I rather being with someone that is younger than me than being with him 😒😑

  • Everlyn Snowy
    Everlyn Snowy   3 hours ago

    I know "head over heels" is just an expression...but just imagine a head over heels...with no body.....please end me now

  • stephfranks83
    stephfranks83   4 hours ago

    Leave that jurk aside and find someone better

  • Jacon Risk
    Jacon Risk   7 hours ago

    Reads the thumbnailME: oh that’s cute

  • ruth_loveSNSD 9IRLS'6ENERAT10N

    You got those guys because you're too pressured because people around you has one. haaaaaays. 😧Im lucky even tho my friends have a R. and I dont. They are cool with it and fine. they are so good and also I dont envy people. Thats hella the key. Dont be envious or jealous. 💁 Okay!!!EDIT: I've mever had any R. like ever. and I dont think I will ever had. I've fall once or twice. And I still fond bout it. so I think I'll live like that. So I can still say Im inLove. but One sided. oh ohhh... it hurtd but evntually you'll be used to it. Im still NBSB( NoBoyfriendSinceBirth) And dont talk to a random guy and fell inlove. coz I swear they will play with you.

  • lmao okay
    lmao okay   8 hours ago

    haha,,,, thats also,,, kinda,,,,,uhhhhillegal

  • Max T.R
    Max T.R   8 hours ago

    Stop making these videos. Its like whe man are so horrible. You girls only like bad guys right. Well, choose for the nice guys.Whe do evrything for a u girls.Just know who you dealing whit.

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale   9 hours ago

    Me and Efrain are in love and still together,he doesn't take advantage on me 😘

  • Jeidy Perez
    Jeidy Perez   9 hours ago

    Omg I'm so sorry to hear that you Brock up with your boyfrend

  • Kami Rain Lasas
    Kami Rain Lasas   10 hours ago

    My friends are 11 12 13 and there dating eachother and were in grade 5

  • Emcee Darra
    Emcee Darra   10 hours ago

    1:31 her eyes dead ass look like smiley faces

  • Minnie Films
    Minnie Films   10 hours ago

    “I was the prettiest one”Dosen’t seem like a nice thing to say and it makes her seem arrogant

  • Joy A
    Joy A   11 hours ago

    My boyfriend is like a dream but sometimes he's a peace of crap

  • Jan
    Jan   13 hours ago

    I'm a guy 17 years old and haven't even had a girlfriend yet

  • Suraiya Baldwin
    Suraiya Baldwin   13 hours ago

    i dont know if this counts as toxic or even a relationship but it hit me pretty hard.i met this guy at a course i was doing and it almost seemed like fate. Im not one that believes in love at first sight but something about meeting him just seemed meant to be (cheesy, i know). That was the beginning of my crush on ,lets call him Dan. Over time Dan and i became casual friends, there were all the signs he liked me and i definitely liked him, after every time i saw him i would be over the moon with happiness. On the last day of our course we exchanged social media info (finally), i had stressed so much about this step in our friendship because i didnt wanna leave the course knowing i could never talk to him again if i didnt get any contact info at all. I had organised our friends from the course and us both to hang out all together so i could have an excuse to see him. a lot of our friends couldnt make it and i felt too guilty to go without them so i cancelled the hangout, besides i was super anxious about seeing him. Not long after this, Dan and i had been talking over snapchat and i decided to confess. he felt the same way. i was beyond happy and he asked me on a date, this is where it got tricky for me. i was so nervous and my anxiety was so bad i didnt wanna even go. however i did agree. i still dont know why but he and i were horrible at planning dates and we could never actually plan a date completely thus how we got stuck in a loop. the loop consisted of us planning a date, saying how much we wanted to see eachother and having great convos, and then forgetting all about it. this went on for 4 or so months and believe me it was having a very big impact on me. i absolutely hated this loop, one recent night i was moping about it while out with my friends and i just broke, i confessed how i was feeling to Dan and requested he ells me what he thinks and it was a mess, i thought it was going to end and i hated the thought of losing him. i constantly worried about the loop situation, i felt anxious and confused all of the time and even though it was so stressful, i would have done anything for him. I was just waiting around for "us", i wouldn't even think about another guy. And then, Dan confessed to me he hooked up with a girl at a party. He checked in with me to see if i was okay with it and because i had been so completely devoted to him i wasnt okay with it. its not like i was controlling him, i told him i knew i had no right to control him and who he hooks up with, but he admitted all he cared about was if it hurt me. he said he wouldnt do anything like that again to avoid hurting me. Ofcourse, i felt special when he said this. what girl wouldnt? we had a discussion about boundaries and he said it would be fine for me to date other guys. and so i did. i went on 1 date and he hated it. he asked me nicely to not go on another date and with him being Dan and all, how could i refuse? then came the week we were meant to go on a date, this was the last chance i wanted to give us. if i didnt see him this week i would be done trying. Guess what? i got sick. I got really sick and had to cancel. a realization hit me while i was sick though, could've just been the meds but it happened. I realized how much stress I've been putting on myself, how much weight i was carrying on my shoulders for all these months, just waiting for us to work it out because i knew he could make me happy if he we could just get the first stage done. but i also knew it wasnt right, it all just felt like a bad fit. like i had tried on a new top and i was just swimming in it trying to make it work or atleast look good. but i got tired of trying. They always say you should try and work hard to be with someone you care for, but i was trying too hard and he wasnt trying hard enough. maybe you cant tell because theres so much detail you're missing but i lived it and i honestly believe im better off without him. dont get me wrong hes an amazing person who doesnt deserve this either, but for me i just felt like i was in a constant battle and not only was i idolizing him but i also lost myself. I've always been able to see the bigger picture in these situations but i was blind and i became desperate to make things work. at one point i think i began making reasons as to why it wouldnt work anyway and i think thats because i knew it wasnt right. its different for everyone but for me, i knew i didnt recognize the girl i had become throughout this experience, i didnt want to be that girl. So i let him go. it sounds like it would be hard considering how much effort i put into holding on, but once i hit reality, i knew it just wouldnt work and it was time to let him go so i could hold onto me instead.its been almost 2 weeks since i let him go and im doing okay. he messaged me for the first time in 2 weeks and we both only said "heyy". After i replied with my heyy he didnt say anything else. its probably better that he didnt. i still care about him a lot, i would love to be friends but only once i get over him. for now, im gonna work on myself and becoming someone i can love 100%. thanks if you read all this xx

  • Hassan King
    Hassan King   17 hours ago

    If i were you i would call the police and throw him into jail!😡 Who cares?😒 HE IS 19 YEARS OLD AND THAT BOY SHOULD GO AROUND THE TOWN(you live in) WITH BIG ROCKS!😠😠😠

  • zainab zin
    zainab zin   18 hours ago

    I like this video Is the best video ever

  • immystee_ g
    immystee_ g   22 hours ago

    I hope every mom will be like that , when I had my first boyfriend it was a secret because I wasn't allowed to have one. When my mom knew about it she wants me to break up with him and so i did

  • Loren Grey
    Loren Grey   1 days ago

    1 i had a biyfriend when I was 13 and he was 14 and we were reletionship goals but in October he liked soneone else so i wont be dating anymore in younger age

  • Lucky Amanda
    Lucky Amanda   1 days ago

    that's why lover yourself more than others

  • IrulanTheArtist
    IrulanTheArtist   1 days ago

    15 year olds dating 19 year olds aren't even legal in the us