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New Rule: Power Begets Power | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Published on: 06 October 2018
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    In his editorial New Rule, Bill calls on liberals to stop chasing conservatives out of restaurants and focus on chasing them out of office.

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  • Runtime : 6:43
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin Pulitzer Prize Leadership in Turbulent Times Jeff Bridges Academy Award Actor Producer Living In Future's Past David Jolly Republican Congressman Florida MSNBC Soledad O'Brien Correspondent HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumble Anchor Hearst TV Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien Andrew Sullivan Writer-at-Large New York Magazine


  • David Drake
    David Drake   2 hours ago

    Liberals are idiots but this one is at least funny. A true one of a kind.

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien   6 hours ago

    A country with an 18th century constitution in the 21st century. The Constitution is a ridiculous outmoded document.

  • Jay Yavid
    Jay Yavid   8 hours ago

    haha he should of said a Moose instead of a bear in the Maine joke

  • Def Misanthrope
    Def Misanthrope   11 hours ago

    I hate liberals. Comedians like Dave Chappelle and the late George Carlin always got applause when they said "I don't vote". Liberals applauding liberals for not voting. The only thing dumber than a Trump voter is a non-voter.

  • Michael Dahl
    Michael Dahl   14 hours ago

    This is some of the worst I have ever seen by Bill Maher. Has he ever read the constitution??? Every state gets 2 senators because every state gets to act as it's own government so long as it's laws do not interfere with the people's life, liberty or property. The word "democracy" does not appear in the constitution! Of course we don't operate as a democracy, because we are not one!

  • shannon moseley
    shannon moseley   14 hours ago

    When deomcrats take rule they need to redraw districts. also get rid of the electoral college

  • K Roon
    K Roon   16 hours ago

    Bill, yous had power for 8yrs. What did yous do with it?

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp   1 days ago

    This idiot is still on TV. Communist play acting for money reveals your true intentions.

  • zsenzro2
    zsenzro2   1 days ago

    So when are we going to fix the gerrymandering?

  • M Boaz
    M Boaz   1 days ago

    We don't have time for this shit, the World is ending. If the Rich ones think that they are fleeing to Mars, they haven't heard that the Martian atmosphere is slowly being stripped off by the sun. Earth is all there is, if we don't make it work here? We are done.

  • 3432919
    3432919   1 days ago

    Do we really NEED 2 Carolina's whose populations are too stupid to move AWAY from yearly hurricanes that all taxpayers bear the co$t of rebuilding? Then repeat the same 2+ more times a year?! I'm ND born, raised in SD; just because they're not overpopulated & overdeveloped doesn't discount their Statehood! Sure they're both "red" states-for now; there's not much "nightlife" up there, farmers need to be up & working at dark-thirty a.m. Both are beautiful in many different ways & in their own right.

  • linshanhsiang
    linshanhsiang   1 days ago

    When Bill gets angry he looks like Bret Kavanaugh....I guess angry men trigger me!

  • Carries Water
    Carries Water   1 days ago

    1:30 we want everyone to vote and they dont😝. Then changes his stance and asks why a state like Wyoming is allowed to vote. Must be a moron not to be able to follow his own logic😂🇺🇸✌P.s. the 1000 state seats they lost occured as result of poor governance and weak ass leadership😝😂

  • yeet skeet
    yeet skeet   1 days ago

    "the Constitution is not on our side" - Bill MaherUmm....... Anti American much?

  • willy wonka
    willy wonka   1 days ago

    Time for the Logicrat party . The democrat party is full of old people and ideas . Biden in 2020 ? Your kidding me and yet this is their answer . Wasted precious momentum on Kavanaugh instead of promoting universal health care and the devastation on families who fall prey to sickness . The Logicrat party . Republicans and Democrats welcomed . USA USA “ US”

  • konanoobiemaster
    konanoobiemaster   1 days ago

    the maine bit was funny but i assure you - mainers are not happy with susan collins - that bitch's career is finished.

  • Lucky Oswald
    Lucky Oswald   1 days ago

    3:00 "It's just a square! It's like they copy/pasted Colorado and then forgot to put people in it!" Bill at his best.

  • negromermaid 420
    negromermaid 420   2 days ago

    hell, I think less people should be able to vote. raise the age to vote to 30.

  • Brett Barnes
    Brett Barnes   2 days ago

    You're a clown Maher. All you really do is parrot MSNBC talking points in a kind of "comedy" version of the mainstream media.

  • BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    Maher's problem isn't with Republicans so much as the Constitution. Two senators per state, the Electoral College...it's all there written down and everything. Also, it's doesn't look so good that Maher is banking on the Felon vote to turn Florida blue, but given the intellectual honesty of his writers, what do you expect from a California-based show... You know, California: "Bill Maher, two surfboards, three fags and a case of wine."

  • MovieGuy666
    MovieGuy666   2 days ago

    It's more entertaining to spit in their food and sit back and watch them enjoy eating it.

  • zero fuks
    zero fuks   2 days ago

    So let's give some ex cons the vote my guess is most are not voting liberal Bill. Most ex cons who actually stay out are very conservative

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas   2 days ago

    Every once and a while you make sense.....but mostly YOU ARE A FUCKING CHUCLEHEAD.

  • Hobby Vaping And Variety

    So the new term for ASSHOLES is LIBERALS??......Sounds about Right!!! But, I'm Canadian....So, You know...TRUDEAU!!!!!

  • Loren Young
    Loren Young   2 days ago

    Why does Bill not rail against two Virginias, or two Carolinas?

  • David McConville
    David McConville   2 days ago

    The problem is that Democrats are paid to lose. They want to give lip service to worker issues and social programs but still want to be on the take for corporate donations. That's why they're wishy washy and fight half baked.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie   2 days ago

    If you have to ask why liberals keep losing power, watch this video over and over and maybe it'll sink in.

  • Missy V
    Missy V   2 days ago

    Until we live under an intelligently structured socio-economic structuring and not a POWER structured design origined by aristocrats...pissing in the wind for solutions in a power struggle. NLRBE

  • Alix Mordant
    Alix Mordant   2 days ago

    When women got rights (and blacks became real citizens), that is when "tribalism" started. Gay rights just made the divide bigger. Liberals cannot and should not take back this progressive achievements. Tribalism stays a problem as long as religion is "poisoning" the minds of millions. It is the religious mindset that keeps this issues (that seemed to be settled a long time ago) on the agenda. Religious people do not accept the equality of men and women. They do not accept women`s rights. They deem gays as sinful. There is much racism out there. But in our times, anti-women and anti-gay sentiment, rooted in "traditional" religion, is driving the Republican voters. Open racism is still a taboo. Nobody is running on some kind of new Jim Crow rules. But being against Roe v Wade, or even modern contraceptives, is socially acceptable. Those are "family values" (newspeak code for "women back into the kitchen"). Discriminating against gays is also acceptable as a political program. Why is this not getting exposed in the media? Why is everyone so afraid of confronting the religious right?

  • Arthur Mwabulambo
    Arthur Mwabulambo   3 days ago

    Hell bound Maher. Satan incarnate. Very laughable indeed. What a high paying job he does making people laugh for some payments.

  • Robin Turner
    Robin Turner   3 days ago

    I actually didn't realize most felons are Democrats. They should teach that to kids in grade school,help divert children from a life of crime.

  • Doris Lo
    Doris Lo   3 days ago

    America probably needs a revolution

    FLY BY CARS   3 days ago


  • brendan n
    brendan n   3 days ago

    there would be no U.S.A if states were not given equal senate posts . why join the union,why become frontiersman . if no senate equality you just get a new europe . if u take the senate apart now u get a Cali and N.Y duopoly . they try to eradicate 2nd amm and u get civil war . you lose your resources and then u realise why states wanted equal state representations in one house of congress. this is not a marxist peoples republic.THIS THE U.S.A ,,,,,, U MYOPIC NARCISSIST ,WITH URE ECHO AUDIENCE

  • atomic3939
    atomic3939   3 days ago

    Bill Maher is the biggest tool on television.