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  • Published on: 31 March 2017
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  • Runtime : 8:59


  • LeXx0r
    LeXx0r   1 hours ago

    Missing the best one: Patrick Reis - Get lucky voice of switzerland

  • Lamonte
    Lamonte   16 hours ago

    Were my man jordan smith at? Like if you agree he should be in the vid

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera   16 hours ago

    Anthony Riley to me was the best performer they ever had on the show. I did some research on him because he just disappeared from the show. He was a poor street performer and I believe he ended his talented life due to pressure from the show. That man could sing and perform anything. It's awesome that they recognize him as one of the top performers on the show. I'm sure his family is truly grateful. He damn sure would of made it to the top.

  • YouGotNoJams ARMY
    YouGotNoJams ARMY   16 hours ago

    That first girl tho❤️❤️❤️she was on FIREEEE🔥🔥

  • Madison McKeavin
    Madison McKeavin   17 hours ago

    I think I will need to go to ear doctor and get my ears checked because I cannot believed what I heard just now

  • Lotta Sunshine
    Lotta Sunshine   17 hours ago

    I am glad to see that someone listed Anthony Riley as #1. He was one of my favorite singers on that show. Sad that his life ended at only 28, but he had been fighting the demon of drug addiction and depression and lost the battle. He dropped out of the competition voluntarily to seek help but was later discovered dead. So sad.

  • Marco Waschinski
    Marco Waschinski   1 days ago

    man klickt auf das video ...bekommt eine werbumg ....NEVER KLICK AGAIN ;P

  • eliott A
    eliott A   1 days ago

    The reason I click on it, it was because i thought selena was there as a judge so I was like what...

  • Saskia Jacobs
    Saskia Jacobs   1 days ago

    Rita ora looks like Rihanna and Adam Levine looks like Maroon 5 like if you agree

  • Joe Cloud
    Joe Cloud   1 days ago

    Only one good singer on this list and that's number 1 but u wanna see better then him look for the guy that sung dream on now that's a number 1

  • ChinkMink
    ChinkMink   1 days ago

    We got click baited hard as fuck. D:

  • Emily Lehnhoff
    Emily Lehnhoff   1 days ago

    I didnt like the beginning of the 1st one. Sorry but girl the original is no where near that.

  • Yonnas Zeus
    Yonnas Zeus   1 days ago

    No Judith? Get outta here these were good but this is always number 1

  • DerDoktor
    DerDoktor   1 days ago

    nice vid'. dislike for clickbait

  • DerDoktor
    DerDoktor   1 days ago

    i've never heard a better " and i'm feeling good!"it's amazing.

  • Ionut Ghita
    Ionut Ghita   1 days ago

    The girl with Shakira's song doesn't belong in any top..

  • kozakrob98
    kozakrob98   2 days ago

    that last guy killed it :O both with his singing and dancing production as well