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What Has Made Me Successful, Working With Rick Ross and Diddy, and Future Business Move...

  • Published on: 27 June 2014
  • Best of French Montana:
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    Music Bed Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox
    Introduction produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox
    French Montana sits down with @247HH to talk about what made him successful, what he has learned from Rick Ross and Diddy, why you should not just depend on rap as a career, and what other things outside of music he would love to do. #247HHEXCL
  • Runtime : 2:20
  • French Montana Talks about What Has Made Him Successful Working With Rick Ross and Diddy Future Business Moves (247HH Exclusive) 8tivlabs Rap/Hip-Hop


  • FrenchMontanaVEVO
    FrenchMontanaVEVO   11 months ago

    Watch this Best of French Montana this French Montana - Jungle Rules this French Montana - MC4

  • Agnes Nygard
    Agnes Nygard   1 years ago

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  • Agnes Nygard
    Agnes Nygard   1 years ago

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  • saâd jaïd
    saâd jaïd   2 years ago

    believe me he dont give a fuck about haters

  • The Weeknd IC
    The Weeknd IC   2 years ago

    Morocco Karim 😉😉😉😉😉😉😘😘😘😘

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown   2 years ago

    truth ! Follow my graphic design art

  • HectorG CashMoney
    HectorG CashMoney   2 years ago

    Yo French we need to link up one day that is my biggest dream if my dream come true then I'll be very successful no joke I am very serious😉

  • SwagMan
    SwagMan   2 years ago

    Dat Man U sweater on

  • f. clarke
    f. clarke   2 years ago

    Yo Montanna You CoolThat Man Utd Top Shouldn't be WoRn ..Not Even In PubliC ...Matter a FACT SPECIALLY NOT IN PibliC ...LFC Y.N.W.A My BRuDDa .. Merry Christmas One♥

  • Keelonn  Thompson
    Keelonn Thompson   3 years ago

    Chec that shit, share 4 share, it ain't gone disappoint you

  • PushPlayTv
    PushPlayTv   3 years ago

    And linkin with Max B don't forget that

  • Sami C
    Sami C   3 years ago

    Why is he wearing a manchester united top?😕

  • Niko Belic
    Niko Belic   3 years ago

    Your actually blessed if your AWAY from Rick, you have a less chance of getting squashed.

  • Notagamer
    Notagamer   3 years ago

    Yo I don't hate french montana I hate the garbage ass music he releases for you stupid brainwashed fans nas said it hip hop is dead and from what I see there is no reviving it

  • Twist930
    Twist930   3 years ago

    French support Man U yh ?

  • RGooch92
    RGooch92   3 years ago

    What made him successful....MAX B!!!!!

  • Jusst
    Jusst   3 years ago

    Name of the intro music please.

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez   3 years ago

    If it wasn't for gucci this nigga would not b where he at now. ..

    mr AMENBREAK   4 years ago

    fair enough some good advice and hios right , screw depending on others who secretly doesnt want anyone yo be successful, gktta get shit done urselves

  • ShortNWeird Talks
    ShortNWeird Talks   4 years ago

    French got that Manchester United top on, Red Devils for life

  • kobeismeifuknowme
    kobeismeifuknowme   4 years ago

    thats a scarface face right der, nigga was hustlin like uoeno

  • James Duro
    James Duro   4 years ago

    Just cos you got a lil money don't mean you're successful son! How many classic albums has this goof dropped? None cos his "music" is retarded materialistic swag garbage with ZERO CONTENT!

  • RM14..
    RM14..   4 years ago

    Makes all that money yet can't afford to buy the new Man UTD shirt hahahaha

  • Khalid Baligh
    Khalid Baligh   4 years ago

    Thats what it is man ... I'm proud of u man.. Keep it up!#Aintworry'boutnone Ur homie from the homeland ... Morocco, Rabat :)