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My Crazy Stalker Became My Roommates Boyfriend

  • Published on: 02 August 2018
  • Your True Stories
    Story By: Gemmadarling

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    Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/8vp6sn/my_stalker_became_my_roommates_boyfriend/
    Names used in the video are changed.

    Several drawings consists of references from anime/ shows or images I find online. I do not claim them as my own.
    facepalm: http://imgflip.com/memetemplate/7339663/Anime-face-palm

    I animate using Animate CC and draw using a Wacom Tablet

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  • Runtime : 7:44
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  • Swayanshi Patra
    Swayanshi Patra   2 months ago

    Idk why...ButThese stalker stories are really interesting....

  • Midori Yoshinaga
    Midori Yoshinaga   2 hours ago

    Why.... He really loves him.. Awwww i really like this kinda man

  • Jamie The Fallen Fairy
    Jamie The Fallen Fairy   10 hours ago

    Maaaaaaaaaan.... It's so creepy......I LOVE IT! Ok, don't get me wrong guys.... I just love creepy stuff, I'm a horror fan. And this so Interesting. And also Awsome Great job on the Narrating!

  • FeetTheFlow NicolaLandaverde

    Pretty cool channel, i subscribed after it i watched a first video fr you, does it take you days to make an animated video of a true story? You make your animations pretty good.

  • Angel Foster
    Angel Foster   14 hours ago

    He was actually stalking her because she was special....she loved the God forsaken tootsie rolls

  • Jad Ackerman
    Jad Ackerman   19 hours ago

    Time to kick ass with them creepy stalkers

  • Jen Potato :3
    Jen Potato :3   1 days ago

    Ya know what they sayIf someone is staring at you!look at there shoes!that will make them cray cray!

  • nathan delariarte
    nathan delariarte   1 days ago

    so so creepy you can put guard dogs cctv a giant wall and gurads and lasers lol so secured hahahha

  • Ayako Chan
    Ayako Chan   1 days ago

    Wow... Remembers me future diary and yandere simulator...

  • Scooby -Doo
    Scooby -Doo   1 days ago

    R I P . Good Dreams (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)P.S. I’m probably going to have sleep paralysis. For the first time! :( . Wish Me Luck! ;( . Please like to make me feel better when I wake up by liking this comment.

  • Maureen Michelle
    Maureen Michelle   1 days ago

    Before watching this vidMe: tch, stalkers dont exist.After watching this vidMe: Closes all windows and doors.Me: There, much safer.Hears door knockesPerson: Sweety! Im home! Its mom!Me: NOPE.

  • Lol unknown
    Lol unknown   1 days ago

    Honestly, I would go straight out and ask him if he was a stalker. See the reaction.

  • Torya Blair
    Torya Blair   1 days ago

    I dont gotta worry, im too ugly for a stalker

  • Floof Doggii
    Floof Doggii   1 days ago

    Uhm....my name is ashley. WILL THAT MEAN I’LL DATE MATT NEXT?! Nah im too young

  • Michéle Renner
    Michéle Renner   1 days ago

    That is so creepy. I am shaking and almost wet my pants.

  • Nisa BTS
    Nisa BTS   2 days ago

    This could be a movie holy shit so creepy 😵

  • sara X
    sara X   2 days ago

    "What?" "Belive what?" Lmaooo that sounds rude 😂😂😂

  • Luna Martinez
    Luna Martinez   2 days ago

    This video gave me goosebump's and i feel bad for jennifer that she had to go through that.

  • fujoshi yû
    fujoshi yû   2 days ago

    The stalker is a phsyco OMG... He even had a Starbucks lid with her lipstick... Wonder that he did to her undergarments 🙄

  • Yaralyz Show
    Yaralyz Show   2 days ago