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Reading More Fables (I swear I'm not a furry)

  • Published on: 26 September 2017
  • Gather around once again my children and hear the somewhat exciting stories about talking animals.
    The first 'Reading Fables' video ➤

    Rush light invader ➤
    Vopse ➤

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  • Runtime : 9:4
  • fox fable reading story book asope goat crab moral lesson grapes scorpion furry cartoon animation lol theoddonesout theoddisout theodd1sout


  • Baby Bear
    Baby Bear   19 minuts ago

    I did a play on the Fox and the grapes

  • Chaoscrafter_HD
    Chaoscrafter_HD   1 hours ago

    Suuuureere Grapes grow on trees... we have a grape vine at our house

  • Dipper
    Dipper   1 hours ago

    3:05We had that in school once lmao

  • Izzy sings
    Izzy sings   1 hours ago

    We learned not to hear story's from a person named james

  • gh057
    gh057   2 hours ago

    Please, read some Krilov's fables

  • Poopy di Scoop
    Poopy di Scoop   4 hours ago

    Hey James that friend zone vid with Katzun says otherwise about being a furry

  • Kate Tillyard
    Kate Tillyard   8 hours ago

    I love arctic foxes 😍❄❄🦊🦊🦊❄❄

  • foxylover 59
    foxylover 59   9 hours ago

    I just saw foxy from fnaf and clicked on the video #dtfp dtfp=death to furry porn

  • X30 gamer
    X30 gamer   10 hours ago


  • BrantGames
    BrantGames   10 hours ago

    2:18 Like if u think he was gunna say the tortoise and the hare.

  • j reggi
    j reggi   10 hours ago

    YOU ARE DEAD( you lied abouy the fox died)

  • j reggi
    j reggi   10 hours ago

    A furry is a human animal

  • j reggi
    j reggi   10 hours ago

    I wuv foxes!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheAmazingBlueCrocrodile

    Asop has to make just ONE more to have a certain number that is related to a bad devil thing

  • Drew7408
    Drew7408   11 hours ago

    What to know what makes someone a furry... they just say they are... mind blown 🤯

  • Hallo Khalil
    Hallo Khalil   14 hours ago

    I feel stupid cus I open this video for foxy from fnaf 😂💔 anyone like me?

  • Jolly Mello
    Jolly Mello   16 hours ago

    Is james a furry? maybe he was in 600 BC