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Creating Saturday Night Live: Arcade Fire - SNL

  • Published on: 25 April 2018
  • Win Butler and Richard Reed Parry recount memories from Arcade Fire's five appearances on Saturday Night Live.

    #SNL #SNL43

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  • Runtime : 4:44
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  • AirParrott
    AirParrott   2 months ago

    Wish they’d play clips of them covering the Stones

  • alilacherruse
    alilacherruse   2 months ago

    Does that guy on the far left have a MEDICAL reason to be wearing sunglasses?

  • Roy
    Roy   5 months ago

    These guys are great but why the hell aren’t they showing clips from new episodes anymore? That was like, my whole life

  • Masked Assasin
    Masked Assasin   5 months ago

    snl is like something that was created in the 80s and survived bc they do silly and funny stuff

  • Jade
    Jade   5 months ago

    I’m waiting for a Kanye skit......

  • Legendary Media
    Legendary Media   5 months ago

    The two best characters on SNL right now are Keenan doing Lavar Ball and OMG Cracked out Cathy Anne .... after that , anything Pete Davidson does is straight fire 🔥 WE NEED MORE PETE DAVIDSON !!

  • clifford yawn
    clifford yawn   5 months ago


  • sirprintalot
    sirprintalot   5 months ago

    Having Rainn Wilson and Bill Hader in the first 5 seconds is just asking for trouble!

  • bubble bath
    bubble bath   5 months ago

    really love seeing these guys on SNL 💘

  • Mary C.
    Mary C.   5 months ago

    Can you put the English subtitles please?

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed   5 months ago

    And they still suck. Have you noticed they have been making the rounds on late night and Ellen. And please don't tell me SNL hasn't played to pop culture.

  • Gold Family
    Gold Family   5 months ago

    I fucking love Arcade Fire. Been a fan since 2010. Nice to see that their getting more mainstream now

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed   5 months ago

    With the advent of the Internet it's funny to see how the new promotion of a virtually an unknown band can headline and fake the shit out of everyone thinking we should know this band and sing along with all of their hits. Too bad really but eventually the music will stand on its own like it always will.

  • Andrew Brawner
    Andrew Brawner   5 months ago

    I hate snl new folks😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😉

  • Park Molla
    Park Molla   5 months ago

    I want to see arcade fire snl clip on Youtube.

  • ProbablyLost
    ProbablyLost   5 months ago

    I dig the gold foil vest + polarized sunglasses combo.

  • StarGamerAstral
    StarGamerAstral   5 months ago

    I think a great SNL skit would be something about Barron Trump in school

  • jared ritter
    jared ritter   5 months ago


  • JP CF
    JP CF   5 months ago

    Dude and I can't believe I was in their concert two days ago, they are seriously mindblowners, the best band of the decade!!!

  • carschmn
    carschmn   5 months ago

    Those outfits keep aliens from reading everything but their minds.

  • Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal   5 months ago

    How long they have been in the music industry for? Coz I never heard of them....

  • David Pacheco
    David Pacheco   5 months ago

    Why the hell did you erased the Creature Comfort performance!! We want answers SNL!

  • DestructableMe
    DestructableMe   5 months ago

    Come back to phxxxxxxxxxxx much love to the band