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Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 11:46
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  • Krystal Sanders
    Krystal Sanders   1 hours ago

    Can i please purchase your painting I think it’s spectacular

  • JC Lowry
    JC Lowry   1 hours ago

    Wow, that was so entertaining that I subscribed to your channel. Please try another, or get your husband to make one

  • Adee
    Adee   2 hours ago

    Damn this had me laughing.. btw your painting came out pretty cool.

  • Sheena Q
    Sheena Q   3 hours ago

    That’s soo good omg I wanna do this one day

  • ailasavella
    ailasavella   5 hours ago

    You did a great job for a first attempt!! Especially with the wrong type of brushes, I think you did really well

  • Seth LeBlanc
    Seth LeBlanc   5 hours ago

    I think you did quite well. Better than I would have. Good work.

  • Luna 697
    Luna 697   7 hours ago

    Stole Joanna cedias video

  • Dee Ellie
    Dee Ellie   7 hours ago

    It turned out so good 😂 make this a series!

  • Chris Tina
    Chris Tina   7 hours ago

    You sound like Tina Belcher @4:30 😂😂

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis   8 hours ago

    You repainting is amazing. You would have done better then me. It is a freedom of painting and when you paint it is freedom and having fun.

  • Britanie Roe
    Britanie Roe   8 hours ago

    just watched this and wow it was actually really good my leo ass would mess this up lol

  • Andi-Roo .at. TheWorldForRealz

    You don't know relieved I felt to see someone else with Art Fear. Actual artists have some kind of weird confidence thing where they already know how to do something and so they don't understand the anxiety that comes from being a creative noob. The struggle is very real. Once in high school an art teacher gave me shit for how freaked out I was about trying to paint, and the stress made me hate art until I finally gave it another try in my late 30s. I completely suck at art but I've finally reached an age, and an emotional stability, where I give zero fucks. But you have to know in advance that it's okay to make something ugly, and that the act of making it is more important than the final product itself. Being an artist doesn't mean you make excellent art; it simply means you don't let fear and anxiety hold you back from trying new things. Make art. It ain't gotta be good. (((But yours turned out pretty decent so a part of me is like, Asshole.)))

  • Keith Weller
    Keith Weller   9 hours ago

    you'l never mess upjust make happy mistakes is all :)

  • Jimmy Alford
    Jimmy Alford   12 hours ago

    This video has the best fucking intro I've ever seen.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez   12 hours ago

    But like... He's dead. Who's running that channel!?