10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Gordon Ramsay Owns

  • Published on: 15 June 2017
  • top 10 Most luxurious items chef Gordon Ramsay from Kitchen Nightmares owns.
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    He’s a world famous chef and a television celebrity. He has restaurants all across the world and is best known for his fiery temper and expletive-laden rants. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Gordon Ramsay. We’ve already shown you some facts you didn’t know about this Scottish-born chef. Now it’s time to show you 10 ridiculously expensive things he owns. Naturally, you’d expect someone of Ramsay’s wealth to own property and we have a bunch of it, all starting with his London home. Of course, inside this home you’d expect to find a fully equipped and expensive kitchen. You won’t be disappointed. Across the pond, Ramsay has planted roots in the US with the purchase of a multi-million dollar LA home. Not one to take public transit, we’ll show you his car collection, beginning with his Ferrari F12. Time for a vacation? There’s always Ramsay’s new Cornwall vacation home which set him back several million dollars. Then there’s the chef’s love of football, or soccer as we know it. He may not own the whole team, but it made headlines in the UK when Ramsay bought shares in his boyhood team, Rangers F.C. There’s also Gordon’s second vacation home in Cornwall which he purchased as a backup while the original vacation home was being fully renovated. Back in the garage, his love of Ferrari is pretty obvious thanks to his ownership of two Ferrari LaFerrari’s, priced at over a million dollars each. Of course, celebrity is nothing without the bling and Ramsay has a few watches to talk about. We’ll keep it classy by looking at the Rolex that made the news. Finally, no discussion of Gordon Ramsay’s expensive things would be complete without going over his restaurant and entertainment empire. Spoiler alert: it’s worth quite a few dollars.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest   1 years ago

    Everyday Things Only The Richest People Can Afford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A--Lp7J7jIg

  • Charlie Levitt
    Charlie Levitt   1 weeks ago

    20,000 $ isn't that much for a Rolex. I saw a 38,000 pound one at the AIRPORT. You can find some for 60k

  • Micah Barker
    Micah Barker   2 weeks ago

    How many houses does this guy need? Some people don’t even own one...

  • Derply Derp
    Derply Derp   3 weeks ago

    Goddammm ur richBut not as rich as this cheesecake I'm eating rn

  • The One and only
    The One and only   3 weeks ago

    The most expensive thing he owns is the L A M B S A U C E

    BAT-TALK!   1 months ago

    His cookware is probably more expensive than my life

  • GolD cloud9
    GolD cloud9   1 months ago

    When Gordon Ramsays stuff is worth more than you

  • shane walsh
    shane walsh   1 months ago

    It is la Ferrari No Ferrari la Ferrari, not la Ferrari Ferrari. The name Enzo wanted was “la ferarri”

  • Big Daddy Rikka
    Big Daddy Rikka   1 months ago

    All those expensive things and he still can’t get some damb lamb sauce

  • Jonah Ellis
    Jonah Ellis   1 months ago

    Where the lamb sauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce you donkey piece of Yankee Doodle dankee sack of

  • Niko Moin
    Niko Moin   2 months ago

    Bro why are u talking about the f12 tdf when he owns a laferrari?

  • Chenen Zhou
    Chenen Zhou   2 months ago

    Gordan in every kitchen nightmares is it frozen??? All ingredients have to be fresh mother fuc*er!..Video:he has freezers in his kitchen... just me ok

  • Liv Prince
    Liv Prince   2 months ago

    I’m so jealous he’s so rich!!!

  • Johnny Enright
    Johnny Enright   2 months ago

    I'm sorry, but did you say 650,000 is a typical home price in LA, blahahahaha, maybe in 2002.Pretty sure it's 650000/800sqft

  • B A
    B A   2 months ago

    One drop of lamb sauce is enough to obliterate my dick

  • Ugly Chicken
    Ugly Chicken   2 months ago

    The car in the picture of the video was a Pagani Zorda

  • Astroz
    Astroz   2 months ago

    i live in cornwall.

  • Crypto Plants
    Crypto Plants   2 months ago

    I’m kinda annoyed at Gordon destroying a historic house

  • Guru Sandirasegaram
    Guru Sandirasegaram   2 months ago

    English man to greedy but it is ok have everything his hard earn money

  • zini najid
    zini najid   2 months ago

    the watch is not expensivemine costs way more

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